Businesses That Actually Grew During Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has been called the downfall era of the 21st century. Even now, its 2nd and 3rd waves are in full swing and causing maximum damage both to human life and the economy. In short, it won’t be meaningless to say that Covid-19 has plunged the whole economy.

Businesses, daily jobholders, contract workers, and people from all walks of life suffered the wrath of Covid-19 financially and physically. Nevertheless, the interesting thing is that some businesses soared higher than ever due to the Covid-19 outbreak. These businesses are the dark horses of this pandemic time. Following are the businesses that have grown during Covid-19.


E-Commerce Businesses

E-Commerce is the only commerce flourishing in the Covid-19 era. Firstly, when the whole world chose to go into lockdown to contain the spread of Covid-19, the only way to get the daily necessities was from online shopping, causing a massive increase in the sales and growth of e-commerce businesses throughout the world.

For instance, if someone wants to buy the best AR-15 upper receivers, they can no longer go to physical stores. Click here if you are looking to buy your own upper receiver. They will have to use an online website to make the purchase. Therefore, e-commerce stores are all the rage right now and popular during the lockdown.

Online Conferencing Tools

Before the Covid-19, nobody was familiar with apps like Zoom or Google meetings. Only a few hundred or thousand used them daily. However, as soon as work-from-home policies came into effect all over the globe, people eventually had to shift to these and several similar apps.

The users for Zoom soared to millions in a matter of days, and its market value increased as it was a rare piece of an ancient time. Similarly, Google Meeting also got a heavy market share due to its online presence. Still, in this time of year, the growth of these apps is significantly increasing since most of the regions have still enforced complete lockdown, and very few have a partial lockdown.


Online Food Delivery Platforms

Food is the basic necessity required, whether it is a world war or any virus outbreak. Covid-19 confined the consumers to their houses, so they had to rely on online food delivery platforms like Foodpanda, Walmart, etc. Ultimately, the high influx of customers due to lockdown increased these businesses. They are still propagating simultaneously because people are getting used to living by the norms of living in a lockdown-based model.

Online CAB Services

Public transport is present in almost all the world’s countries and is the cheapest since it is government-owned and controlled. So, such transport options are full of people, and that was not possible to manage or contain Covid-19 in this situation because the primary factor involved in the stoppage of Covid-19 spread was the social distancing that is closer to zero in public transport.

Consequently, public transport was banned by the government, and people were left with opting for cab services like Uber, Careem, etc. These businesses changed their business development plan and revised it, keeping the new plan at par with Covid-19 scenarios.


Call Centers and BPO Industry

The growth of the BPO industry is directly related to the growth of other online businesses. The online e-commerce, food delivery, and cab services all had one thing in common, and that was customer service. So, the increase in their business size made the BPO industry bigger than ever because they were allowed and exempted to operate in the Covid-19 outbreak. Their workload increased significantly over a very short period.

Delivery Companies

When online businesses grew, they needed third-party courier services to ensure their operations were correctly performed. This opened new horizons for delivery and courier companies because they were about to get work more than ever.



Being confined to our houses and staying inside to put a deadlock on the spread of Covid-19 was perhaps the most difficult time for everyone. Those who are regularly employed find it almost impossible to manage to stay at home all day.

So, gaming came as a rescue to those persons, and they had to move in the direction of gaming, giving more business to the gaming industry. The gaming spread so much that Playstation 5 was booked months earlier in the USA, becoming unavailable ASAP. This example is good enough to justify the increase in business of the gaming sector during Covid-19.

Social Media

Social media giants also saw this opportunity big enough to spear through the market and earn extra money as the gaming sector.


Online Banking

When everything had to be done online, each purchase or bank transaction was done the same way. This was the testing time for the banking sector as to which one of them could be the most feasible according to the pandemic times. Customers raised the digital banking standards by being more dependent on them.

Pharmaceutical Companies

If we were to scale the profit of these companies during the outbreak, it would be difficult to do so because their numbers were increasing as the patients were growing day by day.

Moreover, the development of the Covid-19 vaccine took these businesses from toe to the top of Mount Everest because the whole world needs these vaccines, and every country is trying to make sure that all its citizens get immune with the Covid-19 vaccine.


Mask Manufacturers

Likewise, mask manufacturing companies were the ones that rose to new heights since masks were mandatory for everyone to use. Covid-19 was spreading through the air, so the authorities included masks in the standard operating procedure to ensure everyone had a mask on their face. Nevertheless, mask manufacturers cashed in on this opportunity well and are turning out to be the leading companies in this pandemic.

While many businesses suffered during this pandemic. Many others have found ways to continue thriving and have taken on new roles.