How Far in Advance Should You Buy Children’s Clothing


Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful periods of every couple’s life. They are days filled with joy and anticipation to meet your child for the first time. This is a period where you are obsessed with being a parent, and you are using your time to inform yourself as much as you can about that topic.

While having the baby fever, you are constantly visiting sites and pages about babies. With many cute clothing ideas, you don’t know where to begin with. By purchasing children’s clothing in advance, you are preparing yourself for the times when your child gets born.

There are some things you need to know before you get to purchasing. For that purpose, we have made this article with a couple of tips on buying children’s clothing. In addition, we will go through the popular question about how far in advance you should be purchasing the first pieces.

When should you get to buying


Although there is not an existing rule about when should you get your first clothing pieces for your baby, you should wait until you know some things.

Firstly, knowing the gender of your child can help you to get appropriate clothing. Sure, this is not that important since you can always stick to neutral pieces, however, many parents usually wait for this information.

Since not all babies are the same size, you should be careful when choosing the clothing in advance to fit the child nicely without causing discomfort.

With that being said, you can begin with shopping adventures three months before their birth. This is enough time to get everything you need, so you can look at various stores to get the things you like the most.

Additionally, buying in advance and in wholesale can help save your wallet. So, if you check out websites like, make sure to buy in bulk for cheaper clothes.

Prioritize the comfort

The most important thing in the first years of your child’s development is the comfort of their clothes. They need to move freely, without any obstructions, so make sure you get clothes that are not tight.

Besides the fit, you need to be careful when choosing the materials. Your child is still sensitive, so pairing that with hard material like synthetics can irritate. To prevent situations like these, go for softer materials like cotton for example.

Get the clothes from established places


This usually happens by default, since parents are excited and they visit more established stores. This is good because their clothes are regulated nicely so they are less likely to become irritated. In addition, they have a larger selection of models, so you will have more fun choosing the perfect pieces for your youngster.

Get simplistic pieces

Although everyone enjoys having their child dressed in cute pieces, you should be careful about what you put on your baby. If the clothes have buttons and zippers, they can irritate your child and be a reason for injury. In addition, you should remove the etiquettes to prevent unwanted contact with the skin.

All of these things can be prevented by purchasing simplistic clothing pieces. The design will only satisfy the adults, which is not important for the child’s development. You can still dress your youngster nicely since various simple designs can be combined for a cute outfit.

Consider the climate


The climate is an important factor that you need to consider when planning on purchasing children’s clothing in advance. If your child is being born in winter, you should consider warmer clothes. In case you are expecting in summer, light cotton pieces are a more suitable option. You can always combine pieces by creating layers, so you can adapt the clothing to the outdoor conditions.

Understand the sizing options

If you are looking for a present, ensure yourself about the size of the baby. Getting something smaller can cause an uncomfortable situation, so you should be more cautious about it.

In case you are not being sure about the size of the baby clothes, you can always get something larger than you have initially thought. That way, the child can wear that when they grow up a little, which will surely be helpful for the parents.

Purchase clothing that will fit them longer


Children are under constant development and they grow pretty fast. By purchasing too many clothes of the same number, you can drain your budget for clothes they will not be able to wear after a while.

For that reason, you should only get a couple of pieces at the moment, and wait until they grow up a little. Something that many parents do is get clothes that are larger at the moment. That way, they can use them for a long time without causing discomfort for the child.

Consider online purchases

Since all of the stores have adapted and offer online shopping options, you should use that feature in your favor. Besides doing this from the comfortability of your home, you can see clothes that are not displayed in the physical store. All the options are being listed, and you can go through various filters of materials. Just make sure to read the descriptions carefully, so you don’t miss something important.

In addition, online stores often have specials and sales that you can use to save something or use that to purchase something extra.

Saving tips


These children’s clothing shopping adventures can become hard on your pockets. For that reason, you should look for ways to save your finances, while still being able to get everything you wanted.

The best time to get in purchasing is the holidays or at the end of every season. Since you will be getting the clothes in advance, you should be looking for periods where sales are common. For example, if you are looking for summer clothes, you should be getting them in autumn, or winter clothes in spring.

By following the tips above, you will ease the purchasing process, while having maximum fun at the same time.