Where to Buy Legal CBD Flower?

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If you love to enjoy occasional smoke here and there, or even if you are a frequent consumer by now, you probably asked yourself where to buy legal CBD Flower? Here are many places around the States where you can do this, and we are going to introduce you to those that offer the best all-around service.

CBD Flower USA

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We’ll start with as they’re deemed as one of the fines companies working with this substance. It’s not easy to find a brand that’s suits you perfectly, but this one deserves to give it a try.

They’re known for choosing the best flowers, which undergo quality testings at a certified laboratory. Here you’ll find a variety of hemp flower products delivered to you by a company that puts a lot of work into customer service. The long-term connection between the company and customer is practically ensured by the quality of CBD Flower this company delivers. The freshness of the CBD flower this company tends to deliver is always top-notch, as much work is dedicated to it by the family that’s behind the entire project. This company is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, and its product is guaranteed to have under 0.3% of THC. In their offer, you can find various types of CBD, including Purple Gas Strain and Sour Diesel Greenhouse. Daniel Craig’s character in Layer Cake would approve this company in his opening monologue for sure.

Berkshire CBD

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This company is another US brand. They take pride in the fact that most of their hemp was produced in New England. Before exiting their farm, each piece of the product undergoes a complete control, both technically and visually, before being packed in a package attractive to customers. Because of the package that suits the eye. Many people find this brand of CBD Flower ideal for gifts.

Berkshire CBD is praised for its enjoyable taste that doesn’t lack in color, moisture, and texture. Most people who tried it found really nothing of meaning to complain about. You can check their entire offer if you are looking for a particular taste as they offer a bit for everyone’s soul. This one is a type that would find it’s way to Eric’s basement in That 70’s Show.

Brother’s Apothecary

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The Brother’s Apothecary is a brand known for its holistic approach to breeding high-quality hemp. They’re famed for their success in blending the CBD flower with other herbs that better specify their products for usage. In their assortment, you can find hemp mixed with lavender and similar flower to create products that aid in relieving stress or sleeping better. Because of these traits, this company is in the top part of our ladder.

In what they offer, anyone can find what they like as they have Kush hemp flower,  CBG flower, and these CBD Hemp Smoking Blends on their shelves. What brought them enough fame to star on our list is the decision to blend together organic hemp with medicinal herbs. Ice Cube and Chris Tucker would love to have this in heir 1995 film realization named Friday.

Kat’s Naturals

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This one is going to make our list despite not endeavoring in manufacturing hemp flower, but instead a particular product out of it. We are talking about Activated Hemp, which is not intended to be smoked or vaped. It is made out of organic hemp, but it is soaked in coconut oil before packing, which helps it in maintaining its properties but also making it edible in the process. Yes, you heard it well, you can eat this product.

Because of this, you can use this hemp in your kitchen to make various dishes. The best part is that for consuming it to the fullest, it doesn’t need to be baked or cooked. You’ll get this product pre-decarboxylated, which means that once you open your bag, it can go straight to your mouth. This is the precise reason why this product quickly entered our list. You won’t find anything similar anywhere else. The one downside we can see is regarding those who insist on smoking. Because being drenched in coconut oil, this product isn’t intended for smoking at all. Did anyone get those Eurotip vibes with this one?

Industrial Hemp Farms

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A hemp farm and a processing company all in one. Industrial Hemp Farms put a lot of work into developing their products with a focus on genetics and cultivation. The final step in their work is, of course, the extraction, which with the process behind it, guarantees a quality product. They even took a step into the artisanal market by producing creams and pain rubs rich in CBD. But, they didn’t stray away from the right path, and their main product is raw hemp flower.

They made it desirable for everyone by grading it into three shelves – bottom, middle, and top-shelf. Depending on your taste, you can pick your CBD based on its color, potency, and flavor. As it is logical, the top-shelf buds are the most expensive as they offer the best appearance and highest presence of CBD. Their production of hemp flowers is on a high level, and because of this, all shelves are filled with various quality and look strains. How did Charlie Hunnam and Matthew McConaughey not think of this in Gentleman?

Blue Ridge Hemp

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This company is based in North Carolina, but you can get their products all over states. If you choose them as your supplier, you get to choose from a variety of CBD products, where their lineup of hemp flowers stands out. The CBD value in their products is over 15%, while the presence of THC is below 3% where it should be. They take pride in the potency and flavor of their product, with an accent of delivering a product that isn’t too dry. Their lineup isn’t as rich as some of the other competitors on this list, but you’ll find what you like from their offering, which includes Elektra, Pineberry, and Special Sauce. This company is something even guys from Dude Where’s My Car would approve of.


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In 2017, Dr. Ganja had a passion to help people with CBD and created a reputable, knowledgeable, and exciting online hemp-based marketplace, where people can purchase CBD products that suit their needs with complete transparency with lab-testing and care. They continually vet new and innovative products such as edibles, flowers, cartridges, tinctures, and more.
They are always available to answer any questions and they care.Dr. Ganja also curates their own in house products, such as CBD flower and extracts, with isolate powder, wax, and crumble, that are tested for Cannabinoids, Terpenes, Pesticides, Microbials, Mycotoxins, and Heavy Metals. With fast, free, and discreet shipping, they have made an exciting and trustworthy online hemp-derived resource!