Is It Cheaper to Buy or Build Your Own Garage Shed?


Having a shed is one of the best things you can add to your household. For that reason, it is no surprise that many people have this on top of their list of priorities. That way you can keep a lot of items in a place where there will be protected from any weather conditions that can damage them. Not to mention that organizing these items in one place will help you find them much easier when you need them.

The possibilities regarding these are practically limitless. If you’re lucky enough not to have any sort of limitations, especially about the size, you can do wonders. Besides that, you can either purchase a complete shed or you can build it on your own. If you’re looking to buy one of these, Wholesales Direct is the place to be. However, many people are uncertain about which one of these options is cheaper.

Let’s talk about it.

Buying a Shed


As you can presume, purchasing a pre-built shed is a simpler option. Meaning, you will not need to invest hours into hard work. Instead, you take a look at the offer and you order it. It is as simple as that. Naturally, it is important to take a look at many different specifications regarding a certain piece. That way, you will see whether it meets your needs and preferences.

For instance, take a look at the size. To determine the right size, you should know what are items you want to store inside it, and how many of them are there. Only by doing that you will know whether it will serve the purpose or not. The only thing you’ll need is some sort of foundation that will make the whole building steady. Of course, the foundation needs to fit the size of the shed perfectly.

What are the Advantages?

Before making this decision, it is vital to take a look at potential advantages.

1. Warranty

Since you’re purchasing a product from a certain company, these sheds will come with a warranty. In most cases, this warranty will last between two and four years. However, when you find a company that fulfills all the standards and requirements, chances are that you will not need to use the warranty.

2. Time-Saving

The most obvious benefit of purchasing a shed is not investing any time. It is already built and you can start using it immediately. As we’ve said, the only other requirement you need to fulfill is making a foundation that will keep it solid. Depending on the company, you can receive one of these in a couple of days, or you can wait for a week or two before it arrives.

3. Preserving Tools


You will receive a pre-built shed, which means that you will not need to use your tools to make it. Understanding this is important because tools can be damaged if you use them too much. If they are of the utmost quality, they can be valuable, which means that repairing them can be a hefty investment. So, you can avoid spending money on something that can be easily avoided, right?

Building a Shed

Constructing a shed from scratch requires a lot of knowledge and a wide array of different skills. Not only that, but you will also need to purchase enough material to cover the whole project. Plus, there is a chance that you do not own all the essential tools. In that case, finding the ones you need, and them being of the right quality, will certainly take a significant amount of time.

Before you even start, it is crucial to have some sort of blueprint. Naturally, if you don’t have enough knowledge on this topic, hiring someone to do it instead of you is an absolute must. Above all, you will spend dozens of hours building it from scratch. While this is more complex than purchasing a pre-built one, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have its own set of advantages.

What are the Advantages?

Let’s take at most important advantages of making a shed on your own.

1. The Satisfaction


There is practically no individual in the world who doesn’t enjoy being creative. It doesn’t really matter what you’re making, but when you see the outcome, you will be filled with joy. There is no reason why it should be any different from building a shed. Even if you do not have enough knowledge on this topic, you can easily find instructions online. Without any doubt, these will provide crucial insight, and will pave the way where you should go with the project.

2. Quality

By purchasing a pre-built shed you will not have a lot of options in front of you. Therefore, you will not have a proper insight into the quality. When you make it on your own, you will know the quality of the materials. Having a better quality means that it will be much more durable in the long term. We would say that this is the most helpful when we’re talking about the roof. If the roof is not of proper quality, leaks will damage other parts of the building.

3. Control


The final advantage of building a shed we want to discuss is having complete control over how it will look. Sure, having complete control comes with responsibility. Not having sufficient knowledge about the topic can be a disadvantage. Still, the control will help you decide on the size, interior, exterior, and materials that will be used. So, you can see why many opt for this approach.

The Verdict

As you can see, constructing your shed or purchasing a pre-built one are two completely different approaches. They come with two different sets of advantages you can expect. But when it comes to costs, it needs to be said that purchasing a pre-built one is much cheaper. You will not need to purchase materials and you will not need to pay salaries to those who work with you. For all of these reasons, the verdict is pretty obvious.