How to Buy Sex Toys Safely and DIscreetly Online in 2024

Sex toys are no longer a taboo subject among ladies. It is not a secret that they are using them whenever they feel lonely or simply want to make their free time more entertaining. Plus, enjoying sex toys is also an excellent way to relax and reduce the amount of stress they feel.

Speaking of men, things are a bit different than that. Indeed, they are also using them, especially when they are single. However, men will not always talk about it because the usage of sex toys makes them look incapable of finding a girlfriend. Of course, this is far away from the truth, but we need to highlight the main reason why they are not talking about it loudly.

As you see, the approaches men and women have are different. However, there is something we all have in common – we want to ensure that our purchases are safe and discrete. Well, the best possible way to make a discrete purchase is to buy sex toys online. The good news is that there are many online stores such as where people can find a wide range of toys that will potentially meet their requirements and expectations.

You probably believe now that the rest of the job is completely easy. All you have to do is to make a couple of clicks and wait for a couple of days for the delivery service to bring it to your home address. Well, everything we just said is correct, but there is one thing you need to pay attention to.

Not all online sex shops are reliable and equally good. Some of them will offer you sex toys that lack quality while others will try to scam you in different ways. Well, that is the reason why we would like to share some tips with you and help you protect yourself from any potential issue. Let’s find out those tips together!

Before Everything – Find a Reliable Store!


There are multiple stores online (we already mentioned one in the previous part) where you can find a wide range of sex toys. However, as mentioned, not all of them are equally good. There are a couple of methods you can use to identify bad sex shops on the Internet.

First of all, you should check out the number of different toys the shop offers. The most professional ones will think about everyone’s needs. Because of that, you should focus on those shops that will offer a big number of things. It is okay if you see that some shops sell only, for instance, vibrators or sex dolls. However, there has to be a log of different models people can try out on their website.

Another thing you should do is read reviews! Keep in mind that all the people will manage to leave reviews on Google or the website itself and share their experience with the toys they bought. It may happen that the delivery was too slow or that the item they got was damaged for some reason.

In case you see the most of the reviews are negative, then why would spend your precious time on a shop that does not deserve your attention? On the other hand, if the biggest part of reviews is positive, then you can be sure everything is going to be fine.

Finally, the third thing you should look for is the contact information. Customer support of the most professional shops needs to be at the highest level. If they decided to sell their products online, that means their customers can potentially be in all parts of the world. They should have at least 2 or 3 communication channels where people can contact them in case they have any questions and concerns.

Carefully Analyze the Features of the Sex Toy


Speaking of safety, you need to be sure that everything around the toys is 100% safe! This especially counts when we talk about materials they are made of. For instance, some sex stores will try to impress people with low prices. However, in that way, they are trying to hide some gaps that their products have. In most cases, toys are made of toxic materials that can harm the overall health of the user.

Unfortunately, there is no law that regulates the current issue. Something we know so far is that people should avoid purchasing all the toys that contain phthalates. This material can be extremely bad for a person, especially if he or she is using it for a longer period.

Materials that you should focus on are metal, glass, and silicone. Indeed, there are certain plastics that can be non-toxic, but if you are not an expert for this type of material, you may get scammed. The materials we just mentioned are often more expensive, and that is the reason why low prices should not impress you in any way.

Another way to check out whether your toys are safe is their smell. Doing this when buying toys online is impossible, so you will have to do that immediately after they reach your home address. If you feel a chemical smell (it is hard to describe it, but you know what we are talking about), then you should put the toy back in the package and send it back to the seller.

Read the Discreet Shipping Policy


It doesn’t matter whether you feel comfortable or uncomfortable buying sex toys. We are pretty sure you would not want to get a package with an image of a sex doll, dildo, or anything else on it. Most professional sex shops are aware of that, and that is the reason why they would invest a lot of effort to deliver the item you order in an appropriate package.

However, not all sex shops will manage to provide you with this type of service. That is the reason why you primarily need to read the policy and ensure everything is going to be discreet from the moment you order the product to the moment when it comes to your home address. It is the only way to be sure everything will be fine.