Complete Buyer’s Guide to Loft Beds

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Loft beds resemble bunk beds and play a similar role in saving you space in your room or your children. Loft beds are designed with a mattress only on the upper level while the lower level is spacious to grant room for your study or child’s playground. As you seek to get one for yourself or kids, you may need this information for successful purchases. This article highlights the basic information you need before you buy the best loft bed for your needs.

You need a Loft Bed if you are a person who:

  • Needs to save space in their room
  • Wants to keep their working environment optimized for productivity without sacrificing a lot of space for no good reason
  • Doesn’t mind sleeping one level higher off the ground
  • Loves practicality and appreciates great designs that allow people to save a lot of room, using their free space for what matters the most.

Types of Loft Beds

Most loft beds fall under categories highlighted below;

• Loft beds for Children are built with playful elements like playhouses, slides, treehouse designs, or nooks.

  • Traditional/Classic loft beds are of the most straightforward design featuring a wood or metal frame. It has guardrails, a ladder, and an open area that is easily customized below your bed.
  • Loft beds with built-in storage feature drawers or shelves to store books, toys, clothing, and other essentials.
  • Loft beds with built-in desks include a spacious workstation featuring shelves and keyboard storage. Space underneath is taller to let you work comfortably at day or night.
  • Twin over full loft bed features a full-sized bed facing forward. You may remove the mattress or insert it at your convenience.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Loft Bed

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These factors are essential for your first or subsequent purchases of a loft bed.

  • Safety features. Loft beds for adults may not need guard rails, but one for your child should have a set on both sides. Nightlight should be available to illuminate your guardrail that’s fitted firmly to the upper bunk to reduce your risk of falling in the dark. It’s especially important to pay attention to safety features if you have children.
  • Materials and durability. Loft beds are made of plastic, wood, metal, or a cocktail. Metal frames are safe and sturdy but are prone to loosening bending while wood frames are durable, steady, and easy to maintain. Wood always looks classier and doesn’t give that feeling of being in a military base, compared to metal for example. But, it’s not as durable as metal. This is the question of balance that you have to answer before making such a purchase. Do you prefer looks and easy maintenance over durability and a bit less aesthetics? The great thing is, you can find loft bed models made out of many different materials, so choosing shouldn’t be an issue, at least not from this aspect.

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  • Style. Loft beds are designed for clients of different tastes, fashions, and preferences. Consider the various designs, color, material, shape, and other custom features. DIY skills may come in handy if you have the materials required to build a loft bed from scratch.

When it comes to styles, loft beds are designed with a purpose to look good and serve you well. Some come with a built-in drawer for all of your clothes, other include an entire area below the sleeping area for a workplace, a desk, or anything that you need for your productive hours. You should choose the style based on your needs.

  • Size. Your bed should be a perfect fit in your room to avoid complications. Consider the size of your room when choosing a loft bed. You may also need to consider your height and weight to avoid breaking a bed when you could have acquired a firmer loft bed. In almost any case, purchasing a loft bed means a lot more free room in your place. But, if you really want to be sure, just google the dimensions of the loft model you want to purchase, and then compare that with multiple elements in your room. You cannot really fit a working desk below a regular bed, so that automatically is enough proof that you are saving space by putting the desk under the loft model instead. Just a modern and convenient way to think about it.
  • Price of loft beds. Consider your budgetary allocation to avoid disappointments in the market. Check through the various loft beds from different manufacturers in your checklist. Get the best bed that your money can buy without hesitation. Loft beds come in many different prices, and that’s a great thing because everyone who needs one will be able to find the right model for them. The price will mostly vary depending on the material that it’s built from, but also on the functionality that it has to offer. For example, those models that have a drawer built in them, will obviously cost more money because more materials were used to build them.
  • Special features. A Loft bed saves space by delivering additional space for your clothes, books, toys, and other personal effects. Based on your needs, you may get a bed with shelves, a workstation, desk, slides, and other custom made features. There are loft bed models made for children, but there are some made for adults as well. Instead of featuring a place to store all toys and things of that nature, you can get one with a bookshelf or a place to store your laptop and other working equipment, gadgets, tablets and everything else.

Take Away

A loft bed is designed for children and adults of all ages available in different shapes, colors, and designs. Besides saving space, a loft bed lets you enjoy working or enjoy private games time with your child. Alternatives to a loft bed include bunk beds, sleeper sofas, murphy beds, and trundles beds designed to deliver comfort on a creative and economic level.