4 Things to Look for When Buying a Charger for Your Smartphone

The world of modern technology is a rich and diverse one and each one of us want to have the latest in technology. While we do not have the same preferences nor do we need the same type of gadgets, it can be said that we value our modern goodies as they make our lives easier and more convenient. In terms of smartphones, this cannot be more true. Small enough to fit in every pocket and purse, contemporary mobile phones have long overcome the simple “phone” function and are now practically small portable computers with numerous functions without which our lives would be more difficult.

Charging Troubles

In such a world where every person has at least one phone on them at all times, there is also a need for the market that would tend to the same customers but in a different way. By this we mean the market for phone accessories and supplies. Each phone does come with the basics that vary among the different manufacturers and models, but one thing is obligatory. That would be the charger. Without a charger your phone would only be usable for a day, maybe even half a day if you really have to use it a lot during your business and private lives.

With this being said, it is important for us to have trusty and sufficient chargers for our devices. Sadly though, they are the most expendable type of supplies there is. Even phone cases tend to last longer than an average stock charger you get in the box. The only thing the customers can therefore do is buy a new one. But how do you choose the best one for your phone, and is there even a charger that can be considered the best for your device? Well, the answers to these questions are anything but straightforward so we decided to help.

In the following sections you will find out about the crucial things to look for when buying a new charger for your smartphone. No matter what the reason behind you needing a new one, you will want to factor in the following. To learn more about chargers and browse the most popular variants on the market, make sure to check out Kabelmaatje.nl.

1. Type of USB Connector

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You probably know that all modern devices are charged through the USB port. This has been the standard for years now and it is not going to change for a long time. Since all devices use USBs anyway, it is convenient for the phones to both charge through these slots and to connect to other, larger devices with them. However, there are two types of connectors today’s phones use. The first one and the older of the two is the Micro USB, which is slowly but steadily being replaced. Most new editions of phones have already switched to the USB-C connector which has certain advantages with speed and the fact that it is newer technology. The important thing to remember is that they are not interchangeable despite both being USBs. Therefore, double check which one your smartphone needs before buying. Otherwise you will have a useless charger at home.

2. Examine the Quality

Source: XDA Developers

Since chargers are expendable supplies that often break and need replacing, there are countless fakes and seemingly genuine copies of the good quality chargers out there. Make sure never to buy a poor and low quality charger because you may damage the battery of your phone or even the entire phone. What is more, there have been cases where bad chargers experience short circuits and catch on fire while being plugged into the wall. You do not want this so stick with the brands that know what they are doing. A simple online search can give you more details on the most trustworthy third party smartphone chargers that will even do a better job than the original your phone came with. If you know at least a thing or two about phones, you will be able to tell which charger is poorly made and which is genuine. Pay special to attention to both the cable and the actual adapter.

Speaking of the cable, you will want to get the longest one available because you will probably need to use the phone while it is being charged at some point. Also, short cables can be unsafe since you are limited in terms of leaving your phone safely as it is juicing up on power.

3. Fast and Wireless Charging

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Flagship models and other top smartphones on the market have had fast charging and wireless charging features for more than a few years. Both of these are quite useful since you can charge thousands of mAH in less than an hour. Fast charging is quickly becoming a standard but not all chargers allow it. If your phone supports it, you will have to get the appropriate model in order to make use of it. The same goes for the wireless variety. If you get a wireless charger for a phone that cannot be juiced up like that, your will have no use for it until you get a more modern device. Triple check the features of your phone so that you do not make such a mistake that is much more common that it should be.

4. Current, Voltage, Format

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As you probably know, different countries of the world use different types of plugs, currents, and voltages. Make sure to buy the variant that supports the maximum voltage (V) and current (A) of your phone to ensure the fastest and best quality charging. In addition to this, if you are fail to pay enough attention, you may end up buying a plug that is not meant for the sockets in the country you live. If this happens you will need an additional adapter that needs to go into the wall before you can plug in the charger. This can be a lot of hassle and you may not have enough space around your wall socket for the additional adapter. To prevent mistakes like this, all it takes is a few extra minutes of attention while you evaluate the exact type of phone you have and the right kind of charger it needs.