6 Pros and Cons of Buying Computers Online VS in Store

Purchasing new technology is always an exciting and a little bit stressful experience. If you are anything like an average techie, you love to own the latest of tech no matter if it is a smartphone, some home appliance that makes life easier, or a new computer. When it comes to PCs and laptops, however, we cannot help but be nervous and anxious about every potential detail. It seems like the more you know about the whole PC component shenanigans, the more worried you get about spending money on it. It is natural of course, as you do not want anything to go wrong with the components you end up getting, or worst of all, buying something that turns out not to be the best fit for you.

In the article before you we are going to explore the issue of buying computers and how best to do it. More accurately, we will help you by comparing the pros and cons of buying them online versus in a tech store. Both have their positives and negatives, and it can actually be argued that all the positives of one are the shortcomings of the other.

Therefore, we will be dividing the list accordingly. If you are looking to purchase some computer components or peripherals on the web, make sure to give DHgate a go as they are a great location for all of your computing needs. Onto the differences between brick and mortar stores and online shops!

Buying Online

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1. Time and Convenience

Whenever you are buying something on the web, the time and convenience involved cannot be matched by anything in the real outside world. You simply do not have to leave your home or even get out of bed. All you have to do is navigate to your favorite tech store’s webpage and pick the products you need or want. No reason to spend time in traffic or in the store when you have all you need a few clicks or touches away.

Ordering is also easy as it can be done without human contact, or you can always call the store or the service to ask questions or confirm the shipment.

2. Reviews and Comments

The online world is great for one more essential reason when it comes to shopping. Whatever you are browsing for, you can find reviews and comments from earlier customers who have bought that same thing before you. This is the best judge of whether the product itself or the retailer selling it are to be trusted and if they are worth your time and money.

Just type the name of the product or the shop in your search engine of choice and look through the ratings and reviews. There is a lot you can learn both from the positive and negative experiences.

3. Easy Payments

Payments on the web are straightforward and without any hassle. Just put in your card info or link your internet payment service and that is it. If you are a frequent customer on a certain page, you can even opt to have them remember your payment info so that you can shop even faster. Just make sure to research the page before doing business with them since there can be faulty and illegitimate shops out there looking to scam you.

On the flip side, online shopping usually comes with better discounts than store shopping as retailers try to encourage more people to do make purchases and order things off the web. The discounts are usually between 5% and 15% just for choosing online instead of conventional methods.

Tech Store Buying

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1. Live View

Many customers refuse to buy valuable and expensive things online simply because they cannot really see them in person, touch them, and get a better feel for them. This is understandable especially when computers are concerned. Many models on display at stores are turned on and you can check the menus and get the hang of things on the spot.

Pictures and videos can never do the trick completely which is why some people dislike online shops and always go to brick and mortar tech stores instead. If you like to touch and feel every PC before making the purchase, we advise you to at least go to the store to check what it looks like and then order it online if you want.

2. Store Assistance

Getting some professional help or advice on the spot from a live shop assistant is irreplaceable for people who do not know much about modern technology. If you are quite educated and experienced in the matter, you have no use for such help. If not, the polite young techie at the store makes a world of difference. Consulting with the IT specialists on the spot and discussing the best options for your needs is why those who prefer real stores never shop on the web.

3. Replacing and Repairing

If you ever need to repair something, have a part replaced, or claim a warranty, heading right to the store where they can inspect the product is much better, easier, and faster than shipping it back to the online store’s location and having to wait for them to send it back. Doing this with couriers and waiting for days without reply can be hell especially if you need rather quick assistance under warranty.

Additional Differences

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1. Working Hours

Shopping on the web can be done 24/7 and no matter where you are as long as you have internet access. Real stores have working hours that usually last anywhere from 8 to 12 hours, making them inconvenient for working people in case they have to hunt for the desired product.

2. Increased Offer

When you browse online, there isn’t really storage that can be emptied in case of high demand. If one store does not have it, they will pull the item from another. On the contrary, visiting a particular store could prove futile if they lack the product you need. They usually offer you the chance to order it, but you could have done that from home online if you think about it.

3. Shipping Costs and Time

In certain situations, the cost of shipping and the time that passes until you get the package can really ruin the experience. You could be waiting longer than necessary for your computer to arrive due to weather conditions, strikes, holidays, or weekends. With real stores, you simply go to one, buy the computer, and bring it home immediately.