Get The Best Of Car Insurance With These Add-Ons


As the owner of a car, you are probably well aware of the significance of car insurance. While third-party car insurance is a must for every vehicle owner, as mandated under the Motors Vehicle Act, it is never enough.

A third-party car insurance plan protects you from financial and legal liabilities associated with a third party. It does not cover the cost of damage to your own car. Nor does it provide any medical cover in case you get injured in an accident, which is why it is best recommended to invest in a comprehensive car insurance plan.

But one should be aware that even comprehensive car insurance is not a one-stop solution to cover all possible risks and losses related to your car. The comprehensive plans also have a detailed exclusion list.

However, depending upon driving behavior and usage frequency, you can buy add-on covers, also called riders to enhance your car insurance coverage. You can customize your car insurance policies by including some add-ons by paying a nominal additional premium. Some of the most sought after add-on covers are discussed below:

Roadside assistance cover


Under the roadside assistance add-on cover, the car insurance provider will provide you rapid aid if your car breaks down unexpectedly, especially in the middle of the road, by offering services like on-the-spot repair, flat tyre, spare key recovery, jumpstart battery, fuel support, car towing, etc. This assistance like towing service is available 24×7.

Zero depreciation cover

Depreciation is the reduction in the value of a car due to wear and tear over time. Whenever you raise a claim against your comprehensive car insurance, a certain percentage is deducted from the insured reimbursement sum as depreciation charges. With a depreciation cover, the insurer won’t deduct any depreciation charges from the reimbursement bill.

Car engine protection cover


The engine protection cover, also known as the machinery breakdown cover, covers the cost of engine repairs other than those incurred due to an accident. The benefit of buying this car insurance add-on is that it covers engine repairs, which can be very expensive.

Additionally, it is helpful for residents of waterlogged places. In areas of high rainfall or rough monsoons, engine damage is a common issue. It should be noted that this add-on insurance cover does not protect against losses brought on by normal wear and tear or owner fault.

NCB protection cover

If you do not raise any claim against your car insurance policy, the insurance provider rewards you with a No Claim Bonu (NCB). The NCB is usually awarded as a discount in the premium amount for the succeeding year at the time of renewal. Sometimes the reward is also given out as an addition to the sum insured.

This discount on premium can go up to 50%. However, whenever you raise a claim, you lose your NCB. With a NCB protection cover, you can customize your car insurance policy so that you can raise a claim and get it settled without losing your accumulated NCB.

Return to invoice cover


You can add this cover to your comprehensive car insurance plan to safeguard yourself against vehicle theft. A policyholder who is covered by this add-on plan may be eligible to receive the car’s original worth, which includes registration fees and road tax.

Without this add-on, you would simply get the car’s insured declared value (IDV), which is the current market value of the car, and it is usually a depreciated market value. An advantage of adding this coverage is that the insurer will take the initial price into account when determining the claim settlement.

Consumables cover

A general comprehensive car insurance policy does not cover the costs of consumables. However, one you cannot do without consumables. For proper maintenance and smooth function of the car, every now and then you will have to shell out money for consumables like screen washers, engine oil, lubricant oil, AC refrigerants, ball bearings, nuts, bolts etc.

If you were to calculate and take into consideration the aggregate expense for these consumables, you will realise the cumulative annual expenditure on these are quite high. You can stay protected against these regular expenses by paying a nominal additional premium for a consumables cover.

Key replacement cover


In case your car keys get misplaced or stolen, one, you will have to spend money from your pocket. If the key is a technologically advanced one, then the replacement of the same can become a costly affair.

Two, you may not know the correct places to get your key remade and replaced. This can be quite an issue if you have recently shifted to a new place. With a key replacement cover, you can easily get a replacement for your misplaced or stolen car keys without any hassle.

Tire protect cover

Usually a comprehensive car insurance policy does not cover the cost of any such loss or damage to tires arising from any reason other than an accident. If there is a need of repair and/or replacement of the tire the cost of the same has to be borne from your pocket and it could be quite an expense. With a tire protection cover, any expenses towards the repair or replacement of tire will be covered by the car insurance provider.

Passenger accident cover


A comprehensive car insurance will cover the cost of your treatment in case of an unanticipated mishap like an accident. What if you near and dear ones also sustain injuries? With a passenger accident cover, you can rest assured of the medical cover of other passengers in your car. It covers expenses like hospitalization, treatment, ambulance cover, etc.

So, depending on your usage and other additional factors, like – like how often you use your car, does your family frequently travels with you, if you stay put in a area that easily gets waterlogged or if the monsoons are harsh in your place, and likewise; you should extend the coverage of your car insurance policy. Customize your car insurance, by buying add-ons and enjoy 360° protection.


The above information is for illustrative purposes only. For more details, please refer to the policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales