6 Most Common Casino Slot Machine Myths Debunked

Online and offline slot machines are pretty much like many other things in the sense that there are certain myths surrounding their existence and operation. Of course, in most cases, that’s precisely all they’ll remain – as myths that can be easily debunked. So, that’s what we’re here to do today. Therefore, if you have any misconceptions over slot games, take a look at this list and see what the truth behind the myth is.

1. You Can Win More at Certain Times of the Day

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Believe it or not, there are some people who believe that if you access a slot machine at 10 pm, you’re more likely to win than you are if you play one at 1 pm. This simply is not true. It’s not possible for the casino to program the pay-out percentages on an online slot game that easily or to those specifications. The same is true of those sites that claim you will win more on a Wednesday night as opposed to a Saturday.

To put it quite bluntly, the day or the time of day that you choose to play a slot game is immaterial. You’ll always be given a completely random outcome of each of your spins, thanks to the inbuilt random number generator (RNG). This is not something that is tailored to suit some days more so than others.

2. Casino Employees Are Able to Give You Hints on the Loose Slots

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This is quite a bizarre tale, but there have been reports of people asking the lower grade casino employees which machines stand out as being the looser ones. In exchange for the employee providing this supposed top-quality knowledge, the player should offer them a share of their winnings from playing those machines. Of course, casino floor employees (including waitresses and barmen) have very little information on the games being played overall. And even if they did, it’s not something they can inform you on.

While some slots may be looser than others in general with regard to their pay-out frequency, this is just a common scenario. It does not mean that you will win more on these games, as often the games that pay out more frequently have lower winnings. The same is true in a reverse situation. When it comes to playing slot machines, you should simply enter into them with the mindset of having fun – and you should be prepared to lose some spins, too. You can never guarantee that you’ll come away from a machine with more funds than you started out with.

3. Pulling a Slot Lever Is More Likely to Generate a Win

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This one relates specifically to land-based casinos, which feature games with levers and games with buttons for spinning the reels. While pulling a lever may be the cause of slowing down your overall gameplay in comparison to hitting a button, this does not mean that your chances of winning are increased. Because of the slower gameplay, it may be responsible for decreasing your net losses, but it cannot be said that a lever generates wins more so than a button.

4. Once a Jackpot Has Been Won, It Won’t Pay Out Again for a Long Time

Source: Station Casinos Blog

This thought process isn’t a good one when it comes to jackpots. It’s quite an understandable one, though. After all, if a €1 million progressive jackpot has just paid out to someone, why would it do the same thing for someone else within such a short timescale? Well, the truth of the matter is that even in jackpot games, each spin of the reels is an independent occurrence. So, regardless of if a huge jackpot has just been won, the proceeding spin has very little connection to the former one.

Slot machines don’t specifically become due to provide a huge winning pay-out if they haven’t had one in a while. They also don’t become “hot”, as some people put it, and start paying out more at certain times. Essentially, the RNG determines the outcome of each and every spin. So, because of this, in theory, a jackpot of €50,000 could be paid out at 12pm and then a jackpot of €10,000 at 12:01pm. It’s completely the luck of the spin.

5. You Won’t Be Able to Improve Your Chances of Winning

Source: Casino Journal

This isn’t strictly true, despite it being quite the alternative to what the other myth debunks here have been explaining. While slots are completely random, you can select which type of slot game to play. It all depends upon the RTP and volatility levels, so if you can garner this knowledge on the different slots, you may be able to provide yourself with a bit of an advantage.

Let’s say that you find a pair of megaclusters slots, and you’re not sure which one to play. You want to try and improve your chances of winning so that you walk away with even a little bit of something. So, checking into their RTP rates, you see that the average RTP for the first is 97.2% and for the second, it’s 97.5%. That’s only a slight difference, but for the moment, the latter slot looks marginally better to access.

If you then turn your attention to the volatility level of the games, you see that the first has a high volatility level and the second a medium level. In this instance, the first megaclusters slot will pay out higher rewards but on a less-frequent basis. The second will provide average rewards in decent interludes. Knowing the details of a slot’s setup can provide you with a bit of an advantage, allowing you to potentially improve your chances of winning.

6. Coin Temperature Matters

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It’s absolutely absurd to think that the temperature of a coin being inserted into a slot machine will have so much of an impact on it that you will win because of it. It makes no difference if the coin you’re using is hot or cold, the RNG will still provide you with a totally random outcome. So, don’t enter into a casino and start warming up the money in your pocket!