6 Celebrities Who Love and Promote Online Gambling

Online gambling is not a safe activity for your spare time, because if you are serious in it, you need to invest some part of your money, so the service can let you enroll the platform, deposit the required amount, and then start playing and winning. As time goes by, these games are becoming more and more popular, especially after some celebrities promote them through their social media profiles.

A lot of people simply love to gamble, no matter if they do that in real casinos, or through some online channels. Celebrities are not an exception, because when they are not on the scene or in front of the camera, they are just ordinary people who love the same things that we love, and online casino games are not an exception. Many of them are really famous in those circles, and people recognize their passion. Sometimes, it can be tricky because underage persons follow them on the social media, so these popular people should be more careful how they promote the gambling, because as we all know, people under 18 or 21 (depending on the country they live in), are not allowed to join even the online tournaments.

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How online gambling became popular?

In the last decade, companies developed a lot of games that simulate casinos and poker tournaments. People were betting with virtual money, winning virtual jackpots and tournaments, and at one moment, someone got the idea to move the real casinos to the cyber world. Today, we have a wide range of games we can play and win money.

They were here all the time, but when the world was hit by the coronavirus pandemic, most of the now-active players saw the chance to make something different. The situation with the virus is still unclear, and many businesses are suffering great losses, in money, but also in staff. Some of the people who needed to stay at home longer than usual, especially those who live alone, decided to take their chances and start betting through platforms like Megaways, choosing the games they think will help them win money.

It’s normal to have questions if you are doing it right, but it’s always nice to stop if you think you are getting addicted, or you are losing too much money. The celebrities who know how to do that are a great example when you need to proceed to play, and when is the right time to stop.

Here are some of them:

1. Ray Romano

Source: Variety

Romano visits online gambling platforms almost every day. He is a popular comedian and screenwriter, but he also enjoys a good hand of cards that bring him poker winning. The Emmy winning actor is a member of the network named PokerStars, and the members of this network often play private tournaments and bet on high stakes. The owners of many casino websites already know him, and he always deposits high amounts, that bring him high prizes at the end.

2. Ben Affleck

Source: Glamour

This actor simply loves to gamble. There are a lot of paparazzi photos of him getting into casinos, and he is usually spotted there no matter where in the world is he. A few years ago he had an honest confession, admitting he is addicted to casinos. According to some tabloids and sources close to him, he maybe doesn’t pay a visit to real casinos, but he often bets online, and poker is still his favorite game.

3. Jennifer Tilly

Source: Married Net Worth

She is considered as a professional gambler and expert in online casino games. He often plays poker on the Internet or at a table with other experienced figures. Another thing she loves is the slots, and also, she is a recognized player in Las Vegas casinos.

4. Charlie Sheen

Source: USA Today

This popular comedian, actor, and sitcom icon also loves these games, especially poker, sports betting, and many other online gamble activities. As we all know, he has a problematic past, and it’s pretty expected that he is a part of this community. People who are close to him hope he gave up on betting, but maybe he is still doing it on the Internet.

5. James Wood

Source: Celebrity Net Worth

The popular actor is almost in love with poker games. He is also visiting real-life casinos every time he has chances for that. But, as every busy person, he is embracing the online options the technology provides, so he is now often playing against other popular people, and of course, he is winning big.

6. Akshay Kumar

Source: Times of India

This Bollywood actor, who is popular in India and Canada, has more than 100 movies and shows behind him. He is earning a lot due to his rich career, but he still has a passion for gambling. He enjoys playing the game named Craps, which includes rolling dice and winning money. If you love this game, you will often find him at the table as your opponent.

Is the promotion controversial?

When the ad doesn’t target the right audience, it can become controversial, because underage people may see it, and even join some of these games. The celebrities who prefer poker, casino, blackjack, and many other gambling games, should be very careful and aware of their audience. Teenagers are more prone to suggestions, and they are willing to try everything their idols advertise. That’s why popular people have a great responsibility, and they should keep in private every controversial action they take.

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Is online gambling legit?

Some platforms are, but some of them aren’t. If you are ready to gamble on the Internet, you need to find a legitimate provider, who won’t only get your money, leaving you without a chance of playing and winning. The risk is always present, but as a smart and educated person, you must check the website’s background, and research it. Dig deeper into the website and find the sections with FAQs and users’ experience. The services that are legal and secure will never hide this information from their sites and social profiles. But, you still need to be careful, and if you see some suspicious action while you play, it’s always better to leave that behind, before you lose too much money, you won’t be able to get back.