5 Famous Celebs Who Did Adult Films Before They Were Famous

This is one of the first questions people get asked as a conversation starter. It is also a great way to find out something about a new person you meet.

Everyone has their own favourite actor, singer, reality star or any other celebrity. There could be many reasons why someone is your favourite: it could be a special skill they have, it can be some of their personal traits that you resonate with, their achievements or you can simply like someone because they’re funny or smart. Either way, there is always a reason why someone has become successful or famous.

But was it an easy journey? If you ask any celebrity, they will most certainly tell you that it wasn’t. What does that mean in reality? Does it mean that it’s simple to get famous? Well, it depends on many factors.

Celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie or Nicki Minaj worked at restaurants as waitresses or floor sweepers before they became famous. We’ve all heard about Cardi B’s story and her hustle during the times when she was a stripper. Now she’s a global star. Why are we mentioning this? Celebrities were just normal, regular people before they got famous and they did all sorts of things and had worked a plethora of different jobs or shall we say jobs of all kinds, in order to make a living. But could you ever imagine that some of your favourite celebrities have worked in the adult movies industry? Yes you’ve heard that right. Some of them have.

Source: Voice of America

Thanks to the rise of modern technologies, we are constantly online, keeping track of our favorite celebrities’ moves and following everything they are posting, watching every step they make. In a world of paparazzi, it has become more interesting to discover as much as you can about someone’s personal life, than it will be to do almost anything else. In a society that is obsessed with social media, everything is normal – even posting nuded and doing all sorts of stuff just to draw people’s attention. Still, 5, 10 or 15 years ago, we didn’t know about social media and the only thing we could do is to regularly check paparazzi photos. Or videos. Private videos.

This is exactly the moment when (either intentionally or unintentionally) some future stars realised that if they leak a private video or if their private video gets leaked, it will cause a storm of attention and publicity, and I will probably help their careers tremendously and make them famous. That being said, celebs such as Kim Kardashian, Cameron Diaz or Jon Hamm have all been there. And look where they are now!

According to ThePornMap.com, there is definitely something about human psychology that can be defined as – everybody wants to peek into someone else’s personal life, and the most intimate moments, for various reasons: to have fun, get some kind of personal validation or skip their boring reality.

Whether these Hollywood stars had indulged in the adult films industry for a longer period of time, or it was only once, one thing is certain – they made it to the starry sky, even if they didn’t want it to happen that way.

Considering the fact that it’s so hard to become famous in Hollywood, there has to be something that could allow them to achieve their goals and reach their dreams, or in other words, a shortcut. If we leave out the celebs that didn’t consensually make adult films, it seems like the world of adult entertainment is a neverending source of money, publicity and fame, that also provides the actors with enormous opportunities to transfer to the world of the mainstream movie industry more easily than they would if they tried the conventional way first.

But do you have any idea about who these people are? Let’s dig into that.

1. Jackie Chan

Source: Mental Floss

When someone mentions the name of Jackie Chan, the first thing that comes to your mind are his fantastic fighting skills, and a huge variety of movies he filmed during his life, both comedies, dramas and thrillers. But did you know how it all started for this world wide famous actor? Believe it or not, it all started on a porn movie. However, this was a comedy porn movie, so it’s not really as hard core as you might think it would be. If you’re interested in watching it, it’s still possible because it’s floating around the Internet.

2. Kim Kardashian

Source: hellomagazine

We all know about Kim and her early works. Admit it or not, but her reportedly leaked sex tape really made her famous and was a stepping stone to all that she is today, and that is – a millionaire and a global star that has made it’s way in numerous industries, whether it is fashion, make up, TV industry or social media. Who could tell that things would go this way? From just another contestant in her friend’s reality show (Paris Hilton chose her to he her best friend in the show) she has made her way through all the challenges and finally made it. What can we expect next?

3. Helen Miren

Source: AARP

Helen Miren, or how many people call her – the queen of the global movie industry, has made a controversial movie in the beginning of her career. Although it is not considered porn in a traditional way, it still is controversial enough for us to call it NSFW.

4. Matt LeBlanc

Source: Celebrity Net Worth

We all know him as one of our favorite characters from Friends, but how did he get there in the first place? Maybe we could say that one of his first shows that he made, really made an impact on who he is today. And that show was nothing else but a softcore porn series, where he featured in one of the episodes. Although he has never mentioned this gig in public, there still are some traces of his work, even if the show is from the nineties.

5. Cameron Diaz

Source: Stylist

And finally, the before mentioned Cameron, made her debut in a movie called The Mask, but right after she became famous, she made sure that she bought all the rights so she can protect her privacy. This was also a softporn role.