What is the Cheapest Cable You Can Get?

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The best options for anything normally has the best possible quality in decent pricing. If you have the same ideology, you are in the right place. We bring you the best options for cheap TV cable for which you don’t have to compromise on quality. Though choosing a TV Cable can be a tiring experience, we have laid down the best cost-effective options to make it super easy. These options have additional features that can add a lot to your experience. We would also introduce some more alternative options to Cable TV so that you have everything laid down in front of you.

Cheap Cable TV

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Cox TV

Cox TV offers two packages- the Starter package starts at 25$ per month along with 75+ channels and the Contour TV Package starts at 69.99$ per month along with 140+ channels. The best part about it is that it allows channel customization, which allows you to choose among six distinct channel lineups, which have diverse combinations of various channels.

This promises you a value for the money due to this feature. With this, it has a DVR which enables you to record six shows at once at 19.99$ in good quality (340 HD or 1000 SD hours). You can choose to use this cable, then keep in mind that you can withdraw from its contract only in the first 30 days for free. If you choose to get out after this period of 30 days, then you will be charged a fee of 240$ to cancel or watch Cox TV for the next two years.

Spectrum TV

This provides three packages of TV Select, TV Silver and TV Gold, which start at 44.99$, 69.99$ and 89.99$ per month respectively. The Select package offers you the most popular channels for cheap, but if you are a sports fan, you might miss out on some of them. The best package among the three is the Silver package which has good pricing and also the best channels to watch, including sports. With this, you don’t have to enter into a contract, and you are free to change your service contract at any point of time you deem fit. This makes its pricing pretty decent for any customer. Its DVR can record two things at once, and the equipment depends upon where you live.

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Xfinity TV

It might not be as cheap as the other options but provides fair quality and facilities for its price. Here you get three packs starting at 49.99$, 59.99$ and 104.99$ per month, namely, Digital Starter, Digital Preferred, and Digital Premium respectively for the first 12 months. The Starter Pack and the Preferred Pack are the best cost-effective options as the former provides you with 140+ channels and the latter with 220+ channels.

Its Starter Plan itself contains the top 25 cable networks like ESPN, CW, Discovery, TNT etc. other than Univision. It also comes without a contract, but 10$ is added to your per month price, giving you the option to withdraw anytime. It has a great DVR that comes with Netflix and Prime Video integration and allows you to record 60 hours of HD and 300 hours of SD quality. It also allows you to record six shows at once.

The only problem is that it expects you to pay extra fees for add-on packages which is the case with all TV providers. It is also named the best TV provider of 2024.

Cable TV and Internet Bundling Packages

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There are a lot of companies that offer cheap Cable TV packages for cheap when added to the internet. These have basic channel lineups along with affordable pricing for both TV and the internet. This is a great way to save while getting two services at the price of one. To learn more about these packages, visit ispfamily.com.

Suddenlink By Altice gives you Value TV and Internet for 54.99$ per month with taxes, fees for the first 12 months. This service has won awards for customer satisfaction and is reliable and secure. You get 225+ channels where the internet cable speeds up to 100 Mpbs. It has 1 Gig Internet available for the same.

RCN has a starting package of 29.99$ per month for the first 12 months for a TV and Internet combination. This gives you 61+ channels and a cable speed of 50 Mbps. If you want to go for the Signature package, you will get it for 79.99$ per month for the first 12 months. This promises 295+ channels with 50 Mbps internet speed and home phone with unlimited nationwide calling. It also offers an only signature TV package with 295+ channels and premium packages.

OTA (Over-The-Air) TV or Broadcast TV

If you just want to watch some basic local channels, this is the best and the cheapest available option for you. With this, you will be able to select 30 to 50 channels as it broadcasts your local channels for free. You would have to install an HDTV Antenna for this. After installing the antenna, you can have a cable connection for free. A lot of professionals would help you to find the range of the antenna you need to watch these channels. The only problem with this connection is that you won’t be able to watch your favorites but only what is being broadcasted by local stations in your area.


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Live-Streaming TV: This is one of the alternative options for cable TV. Today you can buy cheap live-streaming TV which offers cheap options to stream movies and TV at the same time as Cable TV. Two of the best cost-effective options, in this case, are Hulu Live TV and Sling.

Hulu Live TV comes with 60+ channels at 54.99$, and if you want to remove ads from this package, you will get it for 60.99$.

Sling is a better option for sports. Sling Orange offers 30+ channels for 20$ per month while Sling Blue offers 45+ channels for 20$ per month. Sling Blue and Orange offer 50+ channels for 35$ per month.

Both of these have a 7-day trial period, so if you are not sure about the live streaming option, you can give it a try and then decide.

We hope that you have got an idea about the available options in the market and what you can get for different prices. These include all kinds of cheap TV options from Cable TV to Bundling to Broadcast to Live Streaming Options for a better overall understanding of pricing and facilities provided with each and which would suit you better. Choose wisely and save a lot with these!