Child-Friendly Home Renovation Ideas – 2024 Guide

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Many people have this misconception that owning a dream home goes out of the window once you have children. Luckily, that isn’t true at all! There are plenty of innovative solutions for designing and renovating your dream home while maintaining the family-friendly feeling of the space. You don’t need to sacrifice your vision of a dream home you’ve been imagining for years.

There’s no need to kiss organization and cleanliness goodbye once you have kids in the house, says Level PM Team. With our helpful tips and ideas, you can create a picture-perfect home that’s also kid-friendly.

Keep reading to find out more about our renovation ideas that will help you achieve this ideal two-in-one deal.

Select Specific Fabrics

Although it’s better to avoid some fabrics altogether once you have children, your options are still open. Whether you’re selecting a material for your curtains, pillows, or duvets, stick to machine-washable fabrics. Luckily, there’s an abundance of such fabrics to choose from as more people have started opting for those materials.

This advice might come as a surprise, but we believe it’s best to stick to lighter colors. We know that it’s easier to get them dirty and stains are definitely more noticeable, but lighter colors are also easier to clean. With lighter fabrics, especially white, you can use bleach to get even the most persistent stains out without having to worry about the color fading.

When talking about furniture, some of the safest options are synthetic fibers and wipeable leather. These materials are easy to clean and maintain with kids around. Similarly, some materials, like wool, are better for carpets. Pick darker wool colors for your floors as wool is naturally resistant to stains.

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Floors Are Important

If you’re planning on renovating your house before having kids, there are a few things you should consider, including floors. Why are floors important? Not many people are aware that cold air is transferred through floors and that floors are susceptible to bacteria. That could turn out to be a headache once your baby starts crawling.

But there’s no need to worry – you can view magnesium oxide boards at website. These are highly resistant to bacteria, mold, fungus, and other natural elements. Furthermore, these boards are completely toxic-free so they are safe for your children.

Aside from being environmentally friendly, they are water-resistant so you won’t need to worry when your child spills something. Even if it happens daily! In combination with wool carpets, these floorboards are perfect for children since they can play in a safe and warm environment.

Storage Is Key

If you ask anyone with kids, they’ll tell you that the clutter is inevitable! Luckily, that doesn’t mean clutter should take over your life and home. Even if you don’t have time for big renovation projects, there are plenty of things you can do to save space.

If you want a more organized life, take a look at the following tips:

  • If you can, incorporate built-in storage into your family or playroom with slots or cubbies for toys.
  • Design a drop-zone for your diaper bag in the hallway or close to the front door so you can drop it there on your way in and pick it up on your way out.
  • Purchase multi-purpose furniture. A coffee table with drawers or baskets is a perfect example.
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Bathroom Renovation

Your bathroom is one of the rooms in the house your kids will use the most, which is why you should design a child-friendly bathroom.

If you have a smaller bathroom, minimize products that are on display and opt for multifunctional storage spaces. A great piece of advice is to install towel hooks instead of bars. Your children can hang their own towels on the hooks and you won’t need to worry about adjusting the towels constantly. You will also save on space with hooks.

If you can, expand the bathroom space. If you can’t make the space bigger by expanding it, there are other options. For example, as your children grow older, you can save on space by removing the bathtub and adding a shower.

Furthermore, you can assign each child their own area where they will leave their clothes, towels, and products. This will help them become neat and learn about responsibility. The best thing is that you won’t need to pick up after them.

Play Areas

Most people don’t want their children’s rooms or public spaces of the overruns with toys. If possible, create a playroom not too far away from the action where little ones can be Happy and where built in storage creates a place for everything to be put away.

Such a room can be converted in later years to a homework space, music room or hangout for teens. Whimsical spaces can be fun to design. Such as an attic playroom hidden behind a swinging bookcase.

Incorporate into your plan child-proof materials such as smudge-less stainless steel appliances, scrub able paint on walls and cabinets, cleanable hard-surface floors, and washable upholstery fabrics.

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Coat Hooks

Children love coat hooks and are especially good at hanging up their coats when the hooks are mounted at a height they reach. When creating a space for coats, don’t forget about creating a space for their backpacks and boots too.

Fixed-Cushion Sofas

Child feel friendly pulling cushion of the sofa. One of the best thing that I can recommend so that your formal living space look orderly, even with little ones jumping on your furniture, is to buy sofa with fixed cushions.

Semi-gloss Paint

I f your home renovation includes a new coat of paint, we recommend using semi-gloss paint. It’s pretty straightforward – Childs are messy and semi-gloss paint is easy to clean!

So whether its paste sauce or dirty hand prints it can all be wiped off your walls with just a little bit of soap and water.

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Outdoor Area

Young children need outdoor room to run and explore, and a home design should take that into account. With the trend toward outdoor living spaces, parents who are cooking, entertaining, or just chilling on a nice day will be able to keep an eye on the young ones.

For older children, outdoor spaces should allow for sports practice. A multi-use court for basketball and other games is a possibility, with landscaping to keep bounding balls away from the neighbors’ flowers and windows.