How to Choose and Hire a Moving Truck

Moving is one unique experience that can, however, prove to be very difficult to manage and execute, especially without professional help. There’s a lot to consider and balance, such as new schools for the kids, new neighbors, friends, and the issue of safety in a new community. You might also wonder whether all your furniture and appliances will fit in the new home. Speaking of which, how are you even going to move all those huge couches across the country? On that, at least, you can afford to relax and hire the best movers in NYC to deal with the haul!

Moving trucks lessen the burden of transporting big furniture and large appliances. However, every household has a lot of other sensitive or fragile luggage that needs transporting when relocating. All of these and other factors play a crucial role in how you choose and hire best movers in NYC. We have put together some considerations that can help you to sail through the process and find the best moving truck that suits all your needs.


What are you moving to?

This is a great place to start. It is important to know the nature and characteristics of the goods, appliances, furniture, etc., that you are going to move. Are you packing most of the things in the cardboard boxes? Cardboard is made of paper, and not all moving trucks are covered. The nature of the property being moved determines the type of truck. Some huge disassembled items like that 2-room pre-assembled cabin you use as a home office might need an open or flatbed truck. Some appliances are sensitive to elements hence they are best moved in a covered truck.

What is your budget?

Nothing is ever a freebie, right? Moving can be very costly over long distances, requiring serious budgeting to meet the expense. Other moving services charge for the items that need to be moved. Your financial budget will help determine two important things: the type of truck and the items to be moved. If you are operating on a tight budget, you might want to consider moving with the essentials first, only to cut costs. You can also lessen your load by selling or pawning some stuff you will not need or can easily replace. This will have a good impact on your moving quotes.

Remember that load of clothes in the attic? You can donate it away to local charity places, such as churches, homeless shelters, and anonymous drop-offs. Make sure you only carry what you essentially need. If you are moving cross country, from NYC to LA, for instance, you might want to buy some stuff in LA instead of hauling everything all the way.

Ask friends and peers for recommendations

You probably know someone who recently moved in or out of your community. Ask them about their experience with the mover they contracted. What are their joys and sorrows about a certain service provider? What about customer service delivery? Word of mouth is one of the most significant influences when it comes to property movement or any service, for that matter. Their recommendations will help you decide which truck services to hire and which ones to avoid.


Google It

‘Almost everything you want is available on Google,’ goes the saying. If you don’t have people you know to ask, simply make use of the internet to search for moving trucks for hire in your area. In some communities, there are 24-hour moving truck service providers. When you see a company you like or one that has a friendly price, read through the recommendations of their service and check for user reviews on sites such as Yelp.

There are often different types of moving services ranging from pickup trucks, vans, trailer rentals, and even low-budget rental trucks. Another advantage of online research is that you can reserve your booking online and make all necessary confirmations, perhaps even pay your deposit online.

Reputation and Track Record

A good reputation invokes a sense of security. Choose a service provider who is consistent and good in time adherence, fair rates, and proper goods handling. Clearly, a service provider with many breakage or damage complaints is not a good choice. A lower price can be an indicator of a starting or small company. However, a high price is not necessarily an indicator of good service provision. Reputable companies have a name synonymous with the service they provide. Factor in other issues before you make your choice.

Insurance, Licenses, and Fraudsters

Property is often costly to replace in the event of damage or loss. Even if you own home insurance that covers your valuable items, that insurance might, however, not cover the items whilst in transit. Consider hiring a company that has a straightforward insurance policy for damages experienced during transit.

Check also if the company is licensed to carry out such activities. You certainly don’t want to risk your property in the hands of a company that is operating illegally, regardless of how cheap their fares may be. The world is littered with fraudsters, and indeed, not all movers are legitimate.


Seasons and Weather Forecast

You can plan for everything, but the one thing you don’t have control over can mess it all up: lousy weather! As you plan your move, also consider the season and its weather characteristics. Bad weather can delay your movement and also damage your property during transit. Covered or enclosed trucks are preferable over an open box or flatbed. A covered truck shields your property from rain, snow, and wind. It is, therefore, a well-chosen moving truck that can protect your goods in any adverse weather condition.

Who is driving?

Lastly, consider who the driver is going to be. If you choose to hire a self-drive truck or a trailer, carefully consider who will drive it. Does the person have the required license to be driving the type of hired vehicle? Remember the driver has the added responsibility for both your property and the hired transportation. Most moving companies provide both the vehicle and the driver, so you won’t have to worry much about this. Have a safe trip!