How to Choose the Right Fabric for Your Church Furniture


Whenever the act of picking our fabrics for a project comes up we are faced with a lot of concerns. Especially those of fabric’s quality and type. It’s no different when we are picking out church fabrics either. The myriad of concerns that spring forth can distract from the purchase and have us deliberate too long on purchasing textiles for church. That’s why we’ve compiled an article with all the information you need when buying these fabrics.



No matter where you are, the size of your church, or your budget the durability of church fabrics should be a major factor in your purchase.

While you may aim for fancier clothes that give off a much better fit for the whole church, those could end up being a lot easier to tear. If the fabric isn’t tough enough we could end up in a situation where we have to constantly replace it due to frequent tears. The church fabrics we get should be able to endure rougher conditions and potential piercing.

When these fabrics are put on church pew upholstery, they should be able to resist rubbing. The clothes and items pressed against it could be rough and potentially damage the cloth if it isn’t resistant enough. Sudden snags and pulls could also endanger the cloth and aren’t infrequent considering their position. Of course, accidental spills are a possibility too. When faced with this situation cloth should be easy to clean or even partially spill resistant.

When all is said and done, your durable piece of church fabrics should be able to resist all of these and still stay undamaged. Your congregation will also feel a lot safer with upholstery that doesn’t have the risk of slipping, which is another durability concern to consider, so check out valuable textiles for church right now. You can even check some high-quality ones if you click here.


Consider the style

Not every church is built the same. The layout of each will vary as well as its dominant materials. Some churches lean more towards a wooden aesthetic where pews aren’t even the primary source of this material. Wooden balconies, wooden guard rails, and other such items adorn these churches.

We also have churches where statues and other artistic expressions of faith are found. With portrayals of various saints and important religious figures.

You also have the more humble churches with simple layouts and scant decorations. Not that this makes them any less deserving of proper fabrics or their congregation any less devout, although as with previous examples it affects the concern of style.

Of course, if we were to list every style and type of church we’d be here for a while. What you really need to know from these examples is that the choice of textiles for the church should be in no small part based on the current style it possesses. A good choice can make even the humbler churches look a lot more elaborate through proper choice of fabrics for upholstery or even additional tapestries that’ll make the place feel a lot more stylish.

The plentiful choices we can make are rather impactful. Just imagine how many fabrics there are around a regular church. Not to mention that there could always be additions to the current design. Hanging tapestries off of balconies or laying down a new carpet can really freshen up the place. That is also dictated by the actual fabrics we pick. You want high-quality fabrics with a consistent style. Make it fit both current and new church fabrics for the ultimate blend of styles that will make the church appear even more impressive.


Make sure it cleans easy

Even though we’ve mentioned spill resistance before we should note that ease of cleaning is a huge factor in picking your church fabrics as well. If we had to frequently clean each and every cloth or if our clothes were easily dirtied, we could have uncomfortable situations where they look unkempt despite us being consistent with the cleaning. The dirt and dust could accumulate over the course of a few hours sometimes, making it difficult to keep them looking fresh.

This goes double for upholstery as that’s the fabric our congregation will be in direct contact with. Don’t worry though, as long as you take your time to search for more resistant fabrics you’ll be good. Sure, they will still require maintenance at the end of the day but there’s barely any chance you’ll find yourself in a constant cycle of cleaning the fabrics and them getting dirty quickly.

On the note of cleanability we should note that fabrics should be easily cleanable with simple cleaning materials. The fabrics that can be wiped with a simple water-based shampoo or foam-based cleaning products are a great pick for the church. Not only will they not require too frequent of a washing process, they will also be easier to clean when you do get to them.



While these aren’t the only concerns one should have when purchasing textiles for church,  they are by far the most important. The choice of color, price, and other concerns are there as well but it’s something that will pop up as you deliberate on the fabrics that fulfill the above concerns. That’s why you should follow through with the few we gave out above and once you’ve selected the church fabrics that fulfill them use other factors to pick out the best among them. You should put in some of your personal taste into these as well, giving more personality to the chosen fabrics is the best way to make them stick out more when replaced and provide a much more radiant impact to the whole church. See what fits around the church and what could be added, a bit of new fabrics and items can’t hurt as long as they fit with the current theme of the church.

We hope the laid-out information will help when picking these clothes and that your congregation will find the newly dressed-up church a welcome change.