4 Tips for Choosing the Best Crib for Your Baby – 2024 Guide

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One of the most important things, when a baby is on the way, is to choose a proper crib that will provide her with comfort. Also, it has to be safe and well-designed because a baby will spend most of the time in it during the first few months. A proper crib should represent a combination of safety and colorful design, and you should never rush your decision about which one to choose. There are different types of cribs, and you can find various manufacturers online. Some of the most popular models are Bebyletto, Karla DuBois, Da Vinci, Graco Solano, Athena, and many more. Also, if you are looking for a crib with the storage underneath, check Parenthood.Guide.

Choosing the right crib can be a long and difficult process because there are so many of these products available on the market. On the other hand, you can ask some of your friends who have kids for advice or check online comments about various products. Moreover, we have selected some of the most important tips that parents should know about cribs and how to choose the best one.

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1. Learn The Basics

In case you are going to become a parent for the first time, you probably don’t know so much about the essential equipment. When it comes to cribs, you can find them in different sizes, quality, and design. Your main focus should be on quality and safety because a baby is going to sleep in the crib for at least two years. When you are choosing a bed, it needs to have barriers on each side that prevents a baby from falling.

2. Safety Guidelines

You should know that there are regulations related to the features of baby cribs in most countries, which is a big advantage and could prevent people from buying a product which is not so comfortable or safe. For example, since 2011, the United States proclaimed special regulations focused especially on the safety measures of a crib related to design, materials, and quality. When it comes to the sidebars, you should pay attention to the width and choose a crib where there is no chance for a baby stuck its hands or legs in the bars.

Also, you must know that it is not healthy for a baby to place toys, pillows, and other things in the bed with them. A crib should only have clean sheets and a waterproof mattress. Also, it will be much easier to wash the bed regularly. Moreover, keep the bed clean from the dust and keep any pets away from it before they could spread their fur and dust over the room. Nevertheless, place the bed in the right position where a baby won’t be able to reach anything outside of the crib like windows, shelves, decorations, and more.

Furthermore, while there is a tradition where people with kids would give their crib to new parents, you should know that a used one can never be as good as new. Also, you are risking to get one that is not created according to the most recent standards, which means that there is a chance for your baby to be uncomfortable in it. In that matter, if you are interested in used cribs, check their quality first.

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3. Choose a Right Mattress

While you could buy a used crib, getting a new mattress is essential for the health of the baby. You should learn about the main factors of a quality mattress, like shape, soft level, materials, and more. You should avoid getting a mattress that is too soft because it may adversely affect the development of the baby. There are two main types of mattresses, innerspring and foam, and while they are both of high quality and stability, the big difference is in the weight since foam is much lighter. You should avoid trying to save money by getting a cheaper one because most of them with a price of under $100 are either too soft or has poor-quality material that won’t last for a long time. Therefore, choose a model with a price of at least $200 to be sure about its quality.

4. Buy The Right Model

When you start looking for a baby bed, you will notice that there are many types of cribs available, which means that it will not be so easy for you to decide which one to buy. We have selected some of the most popular models for 2024.

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Convertible Cribs

The main reason why this model is so popular is that it can last for much longer than two years since you can convert it and make it suitable for a kid when it reaches a certain age and a standard crib become too small for it. After you convert it, a kid could use it for another 4 or 5 years. The advantage of this model is for people who are looking for a long-term solution, or if they are not planning more kids.

Travel Cribs

In case that you are traveling a lot because of your work, the best choice is to get a travel crib since you can take it with you in the place, and it is convenient in terms of folding and unfolding. Also, these cribs are lightweight, and you can prepare it for a baby in less than a minute. However, you should not use this model as a long-term solution because it can lose its quality under constant folding.

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Standard Cribs

The standard model of beds for a baby represents the most common solution because it guarantees high safety measures and quality. It is especially beneficial for parents who are planning to have more kids. You can find numerous models of standard cribs, but always pay attention to the standards.


A bassinet is a great solution for people who are living in smaller apartments. However, you should know that it is only a short-term solution since a baby can sleep in it only in the first few months. In that matter, you can buy a bassinet until you find a bigger crib that a baby will require after a few months. Besides bassinets, you can also buy a mini-crib, which is also great for smaller apartments.