5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Rug To Complete Your Space

Source: housebeautiful.com

Carpets are an indispensable element of interior decoration and represent the final word in decorating a house or apartment. Even though some homes don’t have a rug or carpet, it sometimes makes a huge difference between the room looking sterile, or cozy and comfortable.

The pleasantness of the environment depends on the harmony of all the details in the interior. There are several ways to create such an environment. One of them is the choice of rugs and carpets that will make the space complete, warm, and pleasant to stay in.

Choosing the right carpet is more difficult than it seems at first glance. The ideal rug can bring a room to perfection, while the wrong one can spoil the final look and leave the interior unfinished. Considering the price that individual pieces reach, you certainly don’t want to make a mistake when choosing a carpet or rug.

In order to make the best choice of rug for the living room, we suggest a few interesting and creative tips that will help you make your home original but equally warm and attractive.

Source: housebeautiful.com

1. Choose between modern or classical rugs and carpets

Modern rugs fit into contemporary interiors. Carpets of modern design have simplified color schemes, and simple geometric shapes and fit perfectly into reduced and minimalist interiors. Often, white, black, and beige colors dominate, with possible combinations with some more intense colors like purple, turquoise, or dark green.

Classic carpets are primarily compatible with traditional environments, and they fit perfectly into any space. Sometimes it can make a nice interior part within modern rooms. Classic carpet designs and their modern interpretations can be easily recognized by the patterns and different motifs, most often floral and oriental. Fit these rugs into your interior with much care, so that they do not deviate too much from everything in it.

The choice gets more challenging when you shop online. Yet, you can find trustworthy sellers like carpet runners, and ensure you’ve chosen your favorite rug properly.

2. Which rug color to choose?

With such a choice of colors and shades, choosing the rug color is perhaps the most difficult. Narrow down the options by choosing shades that match the overall interior.

Cooler colors like dark blue or green generally have a calming effect and create a relaxed atmosphere. Warmer and brighter colors, such as red or gold, can make a room appear larger and more open.

Before choosing a shade, decide whether you want your carpet to be the central object in the room, or to blend seamlessly into the background. Choose neutral shades if your walls, furniture, or piece of art serves as the central object in the room.

If you have a lot of different color schemes in your home, maybe a solid color rug would look better.

Don’t bother with the recommendations of “experts”. If you like the color, it’s the right choice. After all, you will spend the most time in that room, not some experts there.

Source: housebeautiful.com

3. Comfortable and durable rugs

When decorating a living room, you should pay attention to carpets and rugs. They can create a comfortable atmosphere, but it is also important to choose durable ones too.

The modern rugs help you to achieve a harmonious and comfortable impression. Medium-size rugs are great for smaller rooms.

When choosing a carpet, it is good to make sure that it fits with your sofa and other furniture.

4. Choose different rug shapes

The shape of the rug affects the overall impression of the room. When you choose a rug or carpet that suits your space, you have to keep in mind the furniture in it. Under a rectangular dining table, you should place a rectangular carpet, while circular carpets are more for spaces that already have some circular elements in them.

Or you can follow some of these tips:

Round rugs give rectangular rooms a “softer” look and add warmth. They also fit perfectly in dining rooms with round tables, or lobbies, if we want to set aside a mini sitting area in the living room, etc.

Oval carpets and rugs are a good choice for dining rooms, as well as living rooms for areas in front of the fireplace.

Rectangular and square carpets are the most common forms today because they easily fit into all types of interiors and allow you to functionally organize the space.

Source: housebeautiful.com

5. Consider maintenance as an important factor

Many people are too focused on shapes, patterns, and colors, and they forget to be careful about materials and the way they can clean the rug when needed.

One of the best ways to ensure you’re happy with your new carpet is to choose one that’s easy to clean and maintain. If you have pets or children, it is better to avoid carpets that are difficult to clean or luxurious and expensive ones.

Probably you are aware of your usual habits.

Before buying, determine how often you need to clean the carpet. You don’t want to buy a rug or carpet that looks cheap and spend twice the price on maintenance.

It’s important for the rug to be easy to wash and vacuum, without spending hours on complex maintenance.


Carpets can add depth and dimension to a space, make it cozy or completely destroy it. There are no universal rules on how to correctly choose a carpet. In fact, you need to consider many factors, including the ones we have listed in this article.

It is a long-term commitment, especially due to the fact that carpets are not cheap these days. If you are looking for quality, warranty, and durability, you must be prepared to invest more money.

Of course, cheap models will work, but it can easily happen that you can’t wash them properly or they get ruined after a short time. That’s why it’s good to find a balance between quality, price, and, of course, functionality. We hope we have helped you with at least some of that.