10 Tips You Should Follow When Choosing a Wedding Theme

Sometimes planning a wedding is not as easy as you might have first imagined. Seemingly simple tasks like how to choose a wedding theme can have you scanning wedding theme ideas from all across the globe. This is why we have decided to make it easy for brides to be, by creating this unique guide on selecting the perfect theme for your big day.

From vintage to rustic, classic, nautical, dessert or even garden weddings. There are so many to choose from. But there is actually just one that is the perfect fit for the bride that you are. We are here to keep you up to date on trending wedding themes that take even the tiniest details of such an event into account. As you envision the type of wedding that you want, take some time to go through our tips and tricks on choosing a wedding theme for you and your partner.

10 Tips You Should Follow When Choosing a Wedding Theme

1. Your Favorite Colors

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If you are one of those who think that they don’t have favorite colors, think again. Go through your wardrobe, check the colors that most occur with your clothes, shoes and even bags, you are sure to get a clue for picking a wedding theme. And if you do have a few favorite colors, then perhaps this could be the starting point for finding your wedding theme. You could also consult with your partner for ideas or professionals such as Wedding Forward; as this occasion concerns you both. As colors are important in designing a central theme, then it should be something that you agree on together. 

2. Your Budget

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Your budget will decide a lot of things in your wedding planning. No matter the ideas for wedding themes that you have, if they do not fit with your budget, then they are definitely not right for you. So, while considering the theme for your wedding, be sure that you have your budget down, and that all you need can be well allocated within it. 

3. The Venue

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The type of venue you will be using for your wedding is also a determining factor in choosing your theme. If you’re considering bright wedding themes or outdoor wedding themes, you should be sure that your venue is a place that gets a lot of natural light or is outdoors.

4. Time

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The amount of time available to you is also something you might consider when wondering how to pick a wedding theme. If you have ample time, then you can choose whichever theme you desire. However, if you do not have so much time, you might want to decide on a theme that wouldn’t need a lot from you to achieve. 

5. Consider the Details

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Deciding on the overall theme is not sufficient. It is necessary to make decisions on the details. Delve a little deeper into your theme of choice to know what it will entail. If you would like a song or movie theme, you would have to choose the era, the artist, and the specific song or movie. CV linens for instance, suggest that you should invest a quality linen and tablecloths which you could use even after the wedding. For a garden theme, it would be great to know what type of garden. If you would rather go with traditional wedding themes, which tradition in particular

According to Wedding Hashers, even something as small as how to incorporate your wedding hashtag will be affected by your wedding theme, so you need to consider it all!

6. The Season

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Sometimes the season for the wedding can be a good guide in choosing the theme. You could have wedding themes ideas for summer, winter, or whichever season your dates fall within. An autumn wedding could do with beautiful autumn pastel colors, a spring wedding would benefit from colors that imitate nature and perhaps an indoor venue. These factors are each vital in choosing the theme that will work best for you.

7. Family Heritage

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Your heritage could also be a good guide in choosing the theme for your big day. This could help you decide on having a traditional country wedding, Irish wedding, African or Cherokee, with a befitting wedding ceremony theme. Each tradition or heritage, with the colors that best represent your roots on your special day. 

8. Ambiance

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The type of ambiance you hope to create at your wedding is also a good indicator. Do you want a formal affair, or a chill and laid-back wedding, or something more in-between? Would you prefer something grandiose and black tie or a simple party at the beach?

9. Your Personalities

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It is also important to be true to yourself when choosing a wedding theme. What is natural for both your personalities? Sticking with what feels right for you both in terms of themes for weddings will certainly take an edge off all of the stress usually associated with wedding planning. 

10. Wedding Styles

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Another element that could help when picking types of weddings themes, is to take a look at the wedding style options available. From classic to vintage, rustic, destination weddings, tropical, nautical and more. A closer look at these could help you decide on which would be best for you and yours.

There is absolutely no need to fret over how to choose a wedding theme. With our simple and easy to follow the guide, you can come up with wedding theme ideas that would be perfect for your special day. With the right type of inspiration, you will be surprised just how much you can achieve. From simple wedding themes to more complex creations that will wow your guests, the choice is yours.