9 Christian Bale’s Most Underrated Movies

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Christian Bale is undoubtedly one of the best actors working today. He has experienced it all during his career as an actor. No weight loss or increase can stop an acting chameleon from playing any character.

Christian Bale rarely misses the target in his films, though not everyone does. He is also one of the few performers who can make a bad movie tolerable; sometimes audience watches only for him. If you want to learn more about his movies, you are at the right place. This post will list Christian Bale’s most underrated movies.

1. Hostiles

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Christian Bale appears in several smaller films between every huge feature he tends to do. Even if Hostiles wasn’t entirely produced on a shoestring budget, and neither was it a box office success nor an Oscar nominee, it’s still worth watching.

Captain Joseph J. Blocker, a military veteran who must accompany a Cheyenne chief and his family through a perilous territory, is the main character played by Christian Bale. Rosamund Pike steals the show in this movie, although this one received positive reviews, so Bale’s performance shouldn’t be disregarded.

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2. The Flowers of War

Yimou Zhang manages to perfectly cast a western actor while capturing a horrific chapter in contemporary Chinese history. The movie still manages to be lovely despite all the brutality.

Christian Bale, who plays an American mortician named John Miller who shows up in Nanjing as Japanese soldiers tighten their hold on the helpless city—then the capital of Chiang Kai-Chinese shek’s republic—has been brought in by Zhang to play the major role.

A deceased priest’s body is left in his care, but the morally dubious Miller soon finds himself in the priest’s shoes, drinking his wine, donning his robes, and having to defend a group of convent schoolgirls from marauding Japanese soldiers who try a mass rape.

3. Rescue Dawn

Christian Bale, a British actor, lends a commanding presence and intense focus to the role of Dengler.

The protagonist of Werner Herzog’s Vietnam-era POW escape film “Rescue Dawn,” Navy airman Dieter Dengler, initially appears to be a typical action-movie hero: good-looking, resourceful, bold, and upbeat. He does, however, show more idiosyncrasies the more time that is spent with him. He laughs nerdily.

His sunny-side-up speechmaking makes him sound like a Vince Lombardi-obsessed gym teacher from an elementary school. He appears ordinary.

4. Harsh Times

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Christian Bale rarely serves as a producer for a movie, although he did so for 2005’s Harsh Times. The film, directed by David Ayer, is about two friends from south Los Angeles who experience difficult times because of violence.

The reviews of the movie were generally mixed, which might cause some viewers to steer clear. The reviewers’ consensus on Rotten Tomatoes, however, emphasizes that Christian Bale’s portrayal of Jim Davis is the film’s standout performance. Fans of Bale should see it.

5. The Promise

A flawed yet incredibly intriguing historical drama about the Armenian Genocide, The Promise. The subject matter is heartbreaking; it is a horrific description of a crime that is rarely spoken about. Terry George, who also wrote and directed the chilling Hotel Rwanda, previously addressed the issue of officially sanctioned murder.

It seems unlikely that any film starring Christian Bale will be forgotten now that he has established himself as a box office sensation and household figure thanks to The Dark Knight. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened with The Promise, which had a $90 million budget but only made $12.4 million in revenue.

6. Out of the Furnace

Christian Bale appears like one of those performers who will accept a large-budget job and then pursue a few more modest independent films. Out of the Furnace, which cost $22 million to produce and had its initial theatrical release in 2013, is located in the middle.

Bale played Russell Baze, the main character in the Scott Cooper-directed criminal drama. He works in a steel plant and sets out to learn the truth about what happened to his war veteran brother after having some encounters with vicious crime lords over gambling. Although the movie received mixed reviews, the cast—especially Bale—was praised.

7. The Big Short

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The Big Short is Adam McKay’s first dramatic film. It follows four groups of traders who learn that the housing loans that supported the majority of the economy were founded on a number of repackaged, unregulated, terrible loans that raised the possibility of the collapse of the global economy.

Michael Burry, a reserved and challenging fund manager, is well-played by Christian Bale. He predicts that the subprime market is about to collapse and convinces his employer to risk the entire company’s money on financial instruments that would gain in value when the market crashes.

8. Public Enemies

By 2009, Christian Bale and Johnny Depp are two of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Public Enemies flourished because it combined them as competing forces in a single film, which was a winning formula.

Depp is most known for playing the real-life criminal and bank robber John Dillinger. But very little is spoken about Bale’s performance as FBI agent Melvin Purvis, who is tasked with capturing Dillinger. Bale gives a quiet portrayal as a decent man who was just doing his job without having to exude the magnetism that Depp did.

9. Equilibrium

Kurt Wimmer, who also wrote and directed Equilibrium, showed signs of being ahead of his time at times, especially when viewing it again many years later.

The movie is set in a future where medications are used to stifle most emotions and artistic expression. In his role as John Preston, played by Bale, the law enforcement officer decides to join a resistance movement after forgetting to take his medication one day. Bale does admirably in action, which is ludicrous in the nicest sense.


Christian is a huge name on the screen and off the screen. If you haven’t watched his movies, you have missed a lot of good content.