Everything You Should Know about Clash of Clans Heroes (+Photos)

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The popularity of online games started to grow together with Internet technology. People of all ages play various games and one that became popular among others is Clash of Clans. If you have never played this game before or you still do not understand it, then this article is for you. We will explain here each hero that you can pick.

Before we start with hero reviews, it is good to say that we will highlight 3 different heroes that players can pick. Each of them has different advantages and that is something we would want to analyze.

The Barbarian King

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Well, the players should know that this is the first basic and unlocked hero that you can pick. However, there is a reason why this hero contains the word “King”. The King Barbarian is stronger, bigger and beefier. When a player boosts his Town Hall to level 7, it gets an opportunity to build the Barbarian King Altar.

Barbarian King is a melee, ground unit, just like his fellow Barbarians. This means that he only can attack the ground structure and units. However, this is not a disadvantage. This feature makes him extremely vulnerable against air troops on both ends of the attack.

This Clash of Clans hero gets a new ability when he reaches level 5 – Iron Fist. There are three benefits of this “reward”. First of all, the Iron Fist gives him a fixed amount of HP back. Despite that, it spawns Barbarians around him and enrages his friends and him as well. It is important to say that Barbarian’s spawned depends on the ability level. Their level is always the same as the regular Barbarian level in the lab.

When we talk about his offensive strategy, it is important to say that his damage is too low. His HP pool is high and there is no better way to use it than tanking. Believe it or not, his tanking room is 11 664 in total. It is “made of” regular 3400 HP and 8264 base HP at max level. You won’t be able to find the tankiest single-unit in the Clash of Clans. Additionally, his spawned Barbarians take a shot or two as well.

So, how to use the Iron Fist in the best possible way? You need to let him take some damage before everything. In that way, he will recover HP points.

Let’s go now to the “opposite side” and analyze his defensive skills. As we already mentioned, this unit has the most HP in Clash of Clans. The first thing that we want to mention is that his altar should be somewhere near the Clan Castle. The reason for that is simple. A proper whooping might take a bit more time when he is at the max level of 8264 HP. The attacker is always focused only on resources and there is a big chance he will ignore the King.

The Archer Queen

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The photo does not say a lot about this Clash of Clans hero. So, let’s start with some important facts.

First of all, Archer Queen has its Altar as well. However, you firstly need to reach Town Hall level 9 to build it. When you do that, you will have the Queen unlocked. The Queen itself looks just like a regular Archer. Yet, it is a lot larger than it.

Before everything, we need to say one thing. This unit is the hardest hitting one in Clash of Clans. Her offensive range is 5 tiles while regular Archers are limited only to 3.5. This feature gives her a colossal advantage. More precisely, it allows her to reach the base without having to break through or jump over the Wall.

When you boost her to level 5, she gets so-called Royal Clack ability unlocked. Thanks to this ability, your hero will become untargetable for the enemy defense. She protects the archers around her as well. The number of Archers spawned is directly associated with the ability level. Their level is equal at their level in the Lab. It is good to mention that the maximum level, in this case, is 16.

The Grand Warden

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Well, if the photo doesn’t say too much about this Clash of Clans hero, then the name itself sounds strong just like the hero. You will be able to unlock this hero only if your Town Hall is at level 11. The price for boosting the Town Hall to this level is 6 million Elixir.

So, here is the thing that you need to know. This hero is not going to help you a lot offensively. Yet, he has two abilities that are helpful a lot. The first one is Life Aura. This ability boosts the HP through the bonuses. All the ally units will get these bonuses without any excuses. The second special skill is Eternal Tome. Thanks to this advantage, he grants them a temporary immunity to all incoming damage.

So, there is one interesting thing that you should know as well. You can set hem in two different modes – ground and air mode. Our suggestion is to set him in the air mode when you attack with air units. In that case, he won’t take damage from the ground defenses and ground traps. On the contrary, we suggest you set up the ground mode when you are planning an attack with ground troops.

TH12 CoC Hero

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Before we say goodbye, there is one more thing that we want to say and share one piece of advice. It is not a secret that many players would want to find out the best possible attack strategy that will bring them the best possible results. The competition on TH12 is tough and it is hard to dominate the competition. Because of that, we want to suggest one article where you can find many useful pieces of advice. If you want to become an expert Clash of Clans player, we suggest you check this blog post.

Despite that, it is good to mention that there are also two more heroes that you can pick – Battle Machine and Royal Champion. However, we highlighted these three as the most powerful ones in the game.