What Are The Classes Of Motorhomes?

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Since sunny days are slowly approaching, more and more people are finding a break from everyday life going on nature trips. Camping has been increasingly popular in recent years, and motorhomes or as many would say, “houses on wheels” are ideal facilities for people to replace classic homes with those in nature. Although motorhomes used to look similar to one another – today, the situation is much different. You can find them in different classes but one rule always applies – they are not cheap. However, the enjoyment they can offer you cannot be measured by money.

What Can We Consider A Motorhome?

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A motorhome is practically a home on wheels. They can be of different sizes and equipment. We can find them in a wide variety of types. There are those in simple and small varieties. Also, we can find the medium-sized ones, which are most common, and have what is most needed for a longer stay in the countryside. But today, we can also see some ultra-luxurious ones which provide all the comforts of home in nature.

Benefits Of Motorhomes

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Some of the most important benefits of camping vacations are:

  • Convenience – especially for families with young children as it provides the opportunity for complete relaxation.
  • This is the cheapest way to go out or go.
  • There are always plenty of kids at the camp that your kid can play with all day.

It is especially fun if you are camping with friends to who you like to hang out with and who will also be thrilled to go and spend some time in nature with you.

What Types Of Motorhomes Can We Most Often See?

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Although today there are a large number of types of vehicles on the market, the most prominent of which are luxury refurbished buses – on roads and in nature we will most often see caravans or campers. Although significantly smaller in size, these vehicles can also exude luxury. However, on the roads, you will most often see standard-equipped campers that are an indispensable pleasure for their owners.

Most claim that having a camper is not a way of driving but a way of life. Anyone who is interested in this model of living can find out more at skoolielivin.com. However, we will take a look at some motorhomes which are slightly more luxurious and harder to reach for us, ordinary mortals.

Transforming Trailers – Increase Their Size By Pressing A Button

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Trailer camping is not a form of “cheap” tourism, but the ultimate form of enjoyment known only to true hedonists. Could a caravan be like a small apartment? Certainly. As a matter of fact – it can be even more than that. It is no longer necessary to have a classic, bulky trailer to enjoy true camping. There are also various mini caravans on the market that you can hook up to your car and embark on a summer adventure. A common feature of all these trailers is that they occupy a minimum of space until we use them – and when we arrive at the desired destination, they transform into a standard-sized caravan. One of them is Tipoon, which, when not in use, has very compact dimensions: 4.5 m in length and only 1.7 m in height and width. Small but practical, since it has beds for 4 people, a kitchenette with a fridge, shower and a toilet. With a simple push of a button – the usable space is magnified three times and the trailer is ready to use very quickly, so the vacation can start.

Ultimate For Hedonists

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The biggest enthusiasts of camping and luxury motorhome driving would be delighted with Ketterer Continental vehicles. These are luxury motorhome vehicles made in collaboration with Mercedes Benz, Scania, etc. These vehicles allow you to bring all the luxury with you on a journey. These luxury motorhomes have everything that can come to mind, even the things you never dream of. There are huge living rooms that can comfortably accommodate many people and a luxurious hot tub. And not only that! Can you imagine designers thinking about everything? Horseback riding enthusiasts can also take their horses with them, as these vehicles have special units that can accommodate your tall four-legged pets. Yes, you can transport 4 to 6 horses at a time.

Can It be More Luxurious?

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In case you forget for a moment what luxury you are riding in – there is a garage that some of these vehicles have. You heard right. Some models have a garage space large enough to carry your car with you. Logical – because how would you and visit all the beauties of some places if you can’t park your modern giant? Also, some models come with an optional multifunctional trunk extension that extends with the push of a button and you get 6 square meters of extra storage space for your gear or extra luggage. The driving cabins of these vehicles look like the cockpit of some private aircraft so that the drivers are provided with comfort and incredible comfort while driving. With this kind of vehicle, you can travel anywhere, and the benefits of such a trip are irreplaceable because you can stay in another place every day. You don’t need a five-star hotel because when you buy a vehicle like this you get all the luxury you can imagine.

Do You Like Rivers And Lakes? You May Find Just The Right Thing

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The camping vehicle market is constantly evolving and offers many great trailers, campers, vans or buses. However, one camper stands out – it is Departure One. This is a German vehicle which is a combination of a camper-boat. This vehicle can be used on land and in water and is the perfect solution for people who safeguard and value their freedom and independence and strive to have different options when travelling. The entire camper is nine meters long and offers enough space for four people on two comfortable beds located in the front. Just behind the sleeping area, there is a cabin that the driver uses to operate the vehicle when in the water – controlling the direction and propulsion of 15hp. Inside, there is another room with a kitchen as well as a dining corner, and more sleeping space can also be made there. There is also a small terrace on the back. The vehicle is designed to European standards and meets the highest safety criteria on land and on water. The company that makes it has the ability to modify it to make Departure One legal outside the Old Continent. When not connected to the mains, this caravan is cooled and heated by a special gasoline-powered system. Of course, there is a shower inside as well as a toilet.