BC Classic Exists in the Different Timeline

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Why Do We Have Classics?

It is not common to see the older versions of the MMORPG games be brought back to live and supported parallel to the most version of the game. In fact, Blizzard has started this trend. Now we have other game developers doing the same thing – Lineage 2, Aion, and some other eastern MMORPG games have all followed the example of WoW Classic.

But why does this idea even works, and why is it also profitable to revive older versions? The simple answer is – the devs are playing on the fandom nostalgia feelings. This, of course, only works on a certain percentage of the said fan base, who are old enough to have played that original version all those years ago.

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For some, it was WoW. For others, it was some other games. And gamers like that like to reminisce on how much fun they had “back in the day.” Yes, back then, you couldn’t just go and get some ifcarry.com – something that’s very popular and available today. Back then, we also didn’t value our time as much as we do now. So, the answer is – nostalgia. It would appear that this feeling can generate lots of money if used right.

But it’s not just the cozy feeling of pretending to go back in time when life was easier. Lots of people aren’t happy with how the game is being developed today. We’re talking about the retail version. Being able to play alive, the official version of the game when it was at its best, just starting to conquer the gaming world by storm. Therefore, it’s not all about feelings. From a certain point of view, that game is more successful than the one we have today.

Old Challenges, Modern Solutions

Once you realize that, you start to see the Classic differently. Sure, compared to today’s standards, the version from 15 years ago is very simplistic to the point of being hollow. There’s not much to it. Classes and specs are simple. It’s easy to identify who’s good at what. Funnily enough, this distinction comes from the time when the game design was different. Today the devs want to make the classes feel equally powerful.

But what ends up happening is that classes in retail lost whatever made them unique. At least this was until the introduction of Covenants, which is also a controversial addition. But then, you knew well that if you wanted easy leveling, you’d pick Mage. If you wanted to be an edge-lord with the highest DPS, you’d go with the Rogue and so on.

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Everyone would find their class and stick by it, which generated tons of unique interactions. That’s why the whole raiding and late-game scene was so special. Because it was designed to bring people together. Today, you can do most of the endgame content solo. Unless you want to try the infinitely scaling impossible difficulty, where, whether you want it or not, you need a team. And there was no interface for that, or at least it wasn’t as advanced as it is now. You’d have to use the chat, ask players for help.

Anyway, the flip side of that is that today we can’t really go without all of these useful things. Once again, we can’t really put in as much free time into games as we used to when we were younger. Thankfully, services such as Burning Crusade boost, also known as WoW Classic Burning Crusade boost, solve a lot of issues, saving us lots of time. With it, going back and enjoying the things we enjoyed doing a dozen years ago doesn’t come at the cost of something more valuable than money.

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3 reasons to check out BC Classic 2024

Anyone who plays retail or is generally interested in WoW shouldn’t shy away from BC Classic. Especially if you already have a subscription, Classic is already included and you can take a look at it at any time without additional costs.

If you’re thinking of watching WoW BC Classic but can’t make up your mind, here are some reasons that might convince you.

1. Experience the game that millions have fallen in love with

Burning Crusade is already the first expansion, but still something like the “pure form” of WoW. Over the years, more and more new features were added to WoW and old features disappeared. If you ask “old hands”, some will say that WoW today has little to do with what it was back then.

Anyone who started WoW back then got to know a completely different game than what new players see today. But anyone who has played since then will tell you that they fell in love with the game in their day.

The fact that WoW was able to grow at all is due to the fact that it was already good for its time and has been one of the largest MMORPGs in the world for 17 years.

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2. Discover how WoW became what it is today

The Burning Crusade introduced a number of features that are standard in the game today. These include, for example:

Flight mounts that work in retail even all over the world

  • divided capitals for Horde and Alliance, a so-called “refuge”
  • different levels of difficulty for dungeons
  • Raids with fewer than 40 players

In addition, TBC later brought a dungeon browser, which over the years developed into the LFG tool that you know today. However, this is not (yet) available in BC Classic.

Many of the features that are taken for granted today are still real achievements and maybe you will see the current World of Warcraft from a different perspective.

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3. WoW BC Classic slows down

In Classic as in Burning Crusade everything takes longer – from leveling to traveling to visiting dungeons. There are no invitations via one click, learning to ride is expensive and you sometimes need several hours to climb a level.

So when you play WoW Classic, you have to take your time and want to take your time. But this also gives you the opportunity to fully enjoy the entire game feeling.