5 Tips To Clean And Declutter Large Office Facilities

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For any office to function well, it is first necessary to maintain order. But sometimes that seems to be difficult – especially in large facilities where you have more people in the office. Now imagine the situation after the summer vacation. We’re all still mentally somewhere else – and work can’t wait – just like the mess around us. Therefore, we have prepared several constructive tips on how to clean and declutter your office facilities – especially big ones.

Office Cleaning Should Never Be Neglected

A clean and tidy office is a prerequisite for a successful business. Most business people spend more than 40 hours a week at their workplace. That’s why it is not surprising that you are not only filled with work but also piles of paper and layers of dust – and it is not a rare case that at the end of the week, under the mess made by office supplies, you try to find car keys or your mobile phone. However, for many of you, the issue of tidying up your office seems like a mission impossible. Still, you must know that a neat space directly affects the level of functionality at work. Therefore, do not neglect cleaning even if you have employees in your company who deal with it. You can do some things yourself – and for some, you might need the help of professionals.

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A Tidy Workspace Contributes To The Image Of The Company

Just as business styling and demeanor say a lot about you – so does your workspace influence the impression you make. Right at the entrance to the office, one look at the space is enough – so that your clients form an opinion not only about you but also about your business. The fact that cleaning and decluttering the office is crucial – is also shown by the fact that it is not a rare case that cooperation is abandoned if the client encounters a neglected interior. Also, cleaning the space has a positive effect on the health of the people who work there – because fumes, dust, and other harmful substances create stale air. Working in such a room can lead to the appearance of asthma, allergies, and various respiratory problems. Regular use of office maintenance products protects both your work and your health.

What To Do When It’s Time For The Big Fall Clean Up?

At the beginning of fall – we return to our workplaces, eager for new work victories. But what if we encountered the mess that was waiting for us during the summer period? To be honest, it all depends on the degree of the mess that we face. However, large office spaces where more people live and work – require more cleaning and maintenance. True, you can count on the hygienists you have hired, or even engage employees to tidy up the space. However, parts of the big office space such as floors, windows, glass doors, or other glass surfaces, as well as bathrooms, taps, and mirrors – are always the biggest challenge. Not to mention piles of unnecessary papers, plastic items, pens, or water bottles. For something like that – you will need days. According to Commercial Cleaning Minneapolis, in such situations, it is best to turn to professionals. Namely, with the help of special means and specialized machines – these companies will guarantee the atmosphere of staying in a clean and tidy office. However, if you have decided to deal with it yourself or with the engagement of employees – here are some practical tips on what to do.

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1. First, clear the space of unnecessary things

To even start cleaning, you should first declutter the working space. There are so many unnecessary things that we accumulate and do not use at all. Also, there are unnecessary papers, old pens that don’t work, and a bunch of other junk that needs to be decluttered. Here you can engage your employees who can help clean up the mess – or you can hire special services that deal with garbage collection and its proper disposal.

2. Removing cobwebs and dust from the ceiling and walls

The rule from which to start is that cleaning always goes from top to bottom. That means that walls and ceilings should be cleaned first – and after that, we should clean work surfaces such as tables, shelves, and chairs. In the end, we should do the floors and other tread surfaces. The biggest challenge can be high ceilings, secluded corners, or sensitive lighting that we cannot easily approach. That is why there are many professional tools for this purpose, and we certainly recommend different models of dusters that can be attached to telescopic rods of various lengths. This way, you will safely reach the inaccessible corners – as well as chandeliers, light bulbs, blinds, air conditioners, and similar elements on walls and ceilings.

3. Furniture cleaning

Thorough cleaning includes washing furniture for sitting: chairs, armchairs, sets, two-seaters, and similar pieces that we can find on business premises. That is very important because the furniture is often used – so maintaining hygiene at a high level is necessary. For a better overall appearance, the furniture can be additionally refreshed with professional steam cleaners and polished as desired, which looks especially nice when it comes to cabinets and tables made of wood.

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4. Detailed cleaning and maintenance of electrical devices

Electrical devices such as computers, printers, scanners, and other accessories have become an integral part of the regular setup of every office, regardless of the business. Given that the mentioned devices are used throughout the day and that each of the employees uses them personally – they can become a breeding ground for microorganisms if they are not cleaned regularly. Therefore, an important step in the professional maintenance of office premises is precisely the disinfection of all keyboards, telephone handsets, mice, screens, housings, and all other accompanying parts – as well as the electrical appliances themselves.

5. Washing windows is especially important

Professional window cleaning is especially important in offices – because windows get dirty much faster in bigger rooms where a lot of people stay. As for the entire cleaning process, you should adjust it to your office schedule. When it comes to window cleaning products and tools, the professional offer gives great results compared to what you can do yourself. So turn to the professionals or at least use some of the professional window and glass cleaners.

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The Bottom Line

Finally, we suggest you include your employees in maintaining the hygiene and freshness of the office space. It can be a simple list of a few things they can do every day – without disturbing their work schedule. Remind them, for example, that they should clean things like a telephone handset, mouse, or keyboard. It doesn’t take much time, and it can significantly contribute to the cleanliness of the workspace.