What Causes Climate Change And What We Can Do About It

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The world is going through variable temperatures and unpredictable weather patterns as of late. Many consider this a coincidence that just happened to occur. Yet, there are several that believe these are the effects of climate change happening. Climate change refers to the significant difference in the weather of certain regions over time. This change naturally takes many years to occur. Though because of human interaction, many fear this change is going to happen sooner than later.

The effects of climate change range from rapid flooding to extremely humid temperatures. Many places in the world are seeing this happening in real-time. Experts predict it is only a matter of time before the entire world sees it. There is no surefire way to stop climate change from happening as of late. But, there are ways to gain more time and allow it to subside. Below are several actions of humans that have accelerated climate change. Possible solutions are also highlighted upon.


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A very visible cause of climate change in the world is deforestation. This occurs in every country as wood and leaves are necessary components of many products. To obtain these raw materials entire acres of forest have been cut down. There are entire companies dedicated to deforestation and providing wood as a raw material. The effects of this as well as a possible solution are below.

The Effects

Cutting down vast forest land is not without its drawbacks. To obtain wood, many trees have to be cut down. These trees act as habitats for various animal and insect species. Cutting them down results in the loss of their home. Similarly, cleaning up the forest space makes it harder for animals to move around safely. There is no more free space for them to chart up as a habitat or feeding place. Cutting trees down is effectively increasing the risk for many animals and insects

Trees also act as a way to provide oxygen to the atmosphere. Cutting more and more of them down can reduce the oxygen level of the air. Another side effect is the CO2 absorbed by them will also be released back into the atmosphere. This has serious drawbacks to the protective layer around the earth. Further damage to it can cause harmful UV Rays from the sun to enter the earth. This is what helps accelerate climate change.

What We Can Do About It

The key to stopping deforestation is a lifestyle change. Some changes might be minor to you however are much needed. Avoiding products that use Palm Oil can reduce the demand for cutting down trees. The suppliers will have less incentive and in return avoid deforestation. It is important to conduct research and avoid any product that involves tree cutting. This will be an example for many and can effectively reduce deforestation.

Factory Pollution

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There are thousands of factories around the world. They are usually located far away from societies. This is because of the harmful tendencies they can release around the factory area. Below are the causes of this and a solution.

The Effects

Factories hard at work can release a significant amount of CO2 into the air. This is harmful to the air as it can damage the Ozone layer. Fossil fuels are burnt to add to the energy levels of the factory. This further pollutes the environment. Factory pollution also tends to create acid rain in the air. This can damage the soil and any wildlife around it.

Factories can also cause harmful chemicals to seep into nearby rivers or streams. This not only diminishes any marine life present there but can also be fatal to us. Any human who uses those streams as a water source will be poisoned.

What We Can Do About It

While the factories cant completely stop working, there are solutions. Working efficiently to gather as much output on low energy levels is possible. Factories can achieve this by implementing robotics. High-quality ones such as a pick and place robot effectively increase output at lower energy. Furthermore. Changing the energy source is preferred.

Fossil Fuels

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For a long time, our households and factories have been powered by fossil fuels. These are natural resources such as coal. They are burned to create energy and this causes problems.

The Effects

Burning fossil fuels naturally create smoke and CO2. These then pollute the air and harm any wildlife around. Fossil fuels burnt also tend to create fires or warm up the temperature significantly.

The biggest drawback however is that these are widely used. These resources are limited and will run out eventually. That is why using fossil fuels as energy means we are living on borrowed time.

What We Can Do About It

There are many new forms of energy being developed. Some are even available now such as wind energy through windmills. The most efficient one so far has been solar energy. Transforming traditional energy to solar can be a lifesaver. Factories and households can make the change necessary.

Solar power only requires an initial investment. This is to install the panels and necessary equipment such as an ACDB Box. Click here for more information. They can save costs in the long run. Most importantly these panels are not harmful to the climate and can help save it.


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Climate change is a real threat that is still not widely recognized. While companies are making the change towards electric vehicles and digital currency to mitigate it. We hope world governments also take a stand against it. This is not only our future at stake but our children’s future too.