How Often Does a Commercial Boiler Need to Be Serviced?


Since every boiler unit with a power of seventy kilowatts is considered a commercial one, there is a broad application of such units in the world. Lots of businesses are relying on commercial boilers, so there is a high need to keep them in optimal condition.

Imagine how much of a disaster it would be for a business to have its boiler broken during working hours. It affects the honor of the company, disrupts the everyday operations and potential revenue as well as being a threat to the health of the employees.

In this article, we’ll talk about commercial boilers and how often they need to be serviced. With that, you will ensure perfect functionality and prevent such disaster situations, making your business a better working place for everyone. Keep reading and find out more.


The perfect service frequency

The stated work-life of commercial boilers is ranging from ten to fifteen years. However, most business owners tend to sleep on this information thinking that is guaranteed, especially if the boiler is currently working great.

In order to maintain the performance and keep the longevity of the system, occasional check-ups and services are essential. When we say occasional, we mean at least once every twelve months. Due to the heavy use of boilers, they are prone to damage. However, they do not break before they show some of the symptoms indicating damage.

Signs indicating needed service

The importance of the symptoms is huge since you can spot them and quickly call up a professional servicer to aid you and fix your commercial boiler. However, neglecting these signs will lead to small damage becoming a large and serious problem that can easily turn into a financial disaster.


Temperature drops

The first sign that you get noticed is the temperature drops. Be sure to first check the radiators and see if the problem lies in them, if not, your boiler is faulty.

Higher bills

If your boiler is not working properly, you will notice a trend of increased bills for gas. This is because the unit will be using more gas than needed, while still working insufficiently. A mistake that most business owners do is getting a new supplier rather than checking the functionality of their boiler.

Strange noises

Whenever you notice strange noises coming out of your boiler, it is not something you neglect. Instead, call your servicer and ask them to visit and give you an opinion on whether the sounds are normal or if you need a service.

However, running a business is often filled with busy days where the noises are difficult to be heard which is the reason why certain damages proceed undetected.


Who should do your commercial boiler service

To be completely sure of proper maintenance, you have to hire heating professionals. They are engineers who have been trained for servicing Commercial Boilers Minneapolis, following all the necessary regulations.

What goes under commercial boiler service

While what servicing means is clear, we cannot emphasize enough its importance. Running your business without stress and knowing your boiler is perfectly functional along with its components. To achieve that, the service process consists of a few elements which we’ll pay attention to in the following.



The first part of the process is a visual analysis of the boiler and all its components. The installation of pipes is observed as well as all the flue. In addition, the ventilation and the flames are analyzed as well. In case there are spots of corrosion or any places with present leakage it gets noted.

We are talking about commercial boilers, and some regulations are different from domestic appliances. During the service, everything is checked to ensure appropriate use.

Verification of components

After the inspection, the outer shell is removed so the components can be accessed. The technician is looking for signs of damage and is parallelly checking the functionality of every important component inside the system.

If there are faulty parts they are replaced, if everything is properly working the boiler is cleaned up and is getting close.


After the inspection and verification, the next step is tests done to see the functionality of the system. The performance is being compared to a standardized metric. In case of issues, everything is repaired and noticed.


After the service is done, there is extensive documentation that the professionals will provide you with. This includes everything that has been noted and tested during the service as well as faulty parts that have been replaced. In addition, you will get notified about potential faults in the regulations of gas.

In case you are curious about something, feel free to ask the professional servicer. Your business is at stake, so be sure to get informed about the things you can do to elongate the life of your boiler. Lastly, you will need to sign the document they’ve created, so be sure everything is matching before you put your signature.


The importance of frequent servicing

We mentioned how hazardous is to keep working with a commercial boiler that does not work properly. In the following, we’ll go through all the benefits that a frequent and timely service can bring.

The first and most important benefit is the safety of your workers and everyone using your business. For example, if there are any leaks of gas or improper ventilation inside your facility there can be various health hazards including CO poisoning.

Paying smaller bills than usual is a financial benefit for every business owner. This is achieved by using an efficient and functional commercial boiler. In addition, you’ll also save a lot if you spot the issue while it is still small than waiting until the problem becomes big and too big of an expense.

The insurance that most business use makes it essential for you to check your boilers every twelve months. The documentation is sent to them so you don’t violate the policy and keep the contract. Lastly, having a completely functional and timely serviced unit prevents law issues and keeps you working stress-free.