6 Common Emergency Home Repairs and How to Deal With Them – 2024 Guide

Home emergencies happen quite often, and every time they manage to worry us, even though they’re not as complicated to deal with as they look like from the surface. Of course, there are some exceptions, such as house fires, but even if you experience something like that, remaining calm and not panicking is the best way to handle things.

Sometimes these emergencies happen because we made a mistake, but sometimes they’re completely spontaneous and not our fault at all. But, in the end you are left with a problem that needs to be solved, so it doesn’t really matter why or because of who it happened.

It’s very easy to cause a home accident these days, especially in these modern times when we have all sorts of electrical gadgets, kitchen appliances and devices spread across our house. As much as technology helps us live the best version of our lives, it also increases the risk for an accident. Almost anything can happen in your home, and although the chances for most of these things are quite low, you should still never take it for granted. In today’s article were going to list the six most common emergency home repairs and will tell you how to deal with them properly.

1. Kitchen fire

Source: ASEC

One of the most common emergencies in today’s modern society that a person can experience at home are kitchen fires. These can sometimes be very serious, while other times they’re just alarming and a bit frightening, but end up being solved without any significant damage being dealt.

Kitchen fires can be caused by numerous different things, but mostly due to human error. If you have a faulty stove, and you believe that the problem was caused by it, there are a few things that you need to do. First, make sure that you unplug the stove and take it out of the kitchen after you make sure that there is no fire hazard while you’re in there. Upon taking it out to a safe place, completely unplugged from any electricity, you should wait for it to cool off and try to find what the problem is. If you’re not experience with electronics, hiring someone else to do this for you is advised.

2. Water pipe burst

Source: Parallel Plumbing & Gas

One of the most common, but also scariest home emergencies are pipe bursts. These are quite frightening even if they happen during summer. But, when they happen during winter, they are even scarier. If you experience a water pipe burst in your home, what you should do immediately is turn off the water supply to your house by using the valves. After you make sure that no water reaches your home, it’s time to start draining the water from the area where the pipe exploded.

You can use all sorts of methods for this, so if it’s lighter flood towels and rugs are a viable option. But, if were talking about a more serious flood, you will have to use buckets and maybe a water pump as well. Do not attempt to seal off the crack in the pipe all by yourself. If you’re not sure what you’re doing, you can cause an even bigger problem by thinking that you sealed off correctly.

3. Broken garage door

Source: Creative Door

Most homes nowadays have an electronic garage door, and these things can sometimes stop working in the most crucial moments. Handymangaragedoors.com is a website where you can take a look at a few examples of garage door repairs and services. If you are currently in such a situation, and you really need to use your garage door, we honestly think that there is no better solution than to call a professional to arrive on the spot and fix the problem for you.

But, if you have some basic knowledge in garage doors, and the right tools and equipment as well as a bit of enthusiasm, you can try fixing the problem on your own. Sometimes the issue is in the hinges or the signaling system. Try checking out these things first before anything else.

4. Pest infestation

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Pests are not always an emergency, but sometimes they can be a huge pain to deal with. Depending on the type of pests you have in your home, you may or may not need a professional exterminator. You can start dealing with the problem by using basic methods.

For example, setting up pest poison in multiple locations. Make sure to keep it out of reach of any children. If this doesn’t work, call an exterminator. Analyzing the type of pests you have in your home is one of the best ways to know how to prevent further attacks in the near future.

5. Faulty wiring

Source: John Moore Services

Faulty wiring can be a serious problem, and unfortunately it’s one of the most common home emergencies that people face. If you’re dealing with something like this, and you notice some sort of burnt-like smell, we suggest that you completely cut off all electricity in your home and immediately call a professional to help you. There’s not much that you can do without the required safety equipment and skill for this particular emergency. Paying a small price to avoid risking your well-being is an offer that’s you should take.

6. Broken water heater

Source: Pomona Valley Plumbing

Last but not least, water heaters are a very important element in our lives, so when they end up breaking, we can truly call that a home emergency. Usually, it’s the heating parts in these appliances that break. Replacing the heater inside of the device is a simple task but requires you to purchase a brand-new heater from a hardware store, and then use the right tools to replace it. Once again, if you don’t know how to do this fix on your own, hiring a professional is advised.


By no means do we want to scare you off or make you feel less safe in your home, but when it comes to home emergencies and repairs, we have to speak the truth and open up your eyes. It can happen to anyone to leave the stove on or forgets to let water drip through the pipes in the winter. When such things happen, there is nobody to blame. The only important thing is to deal with the problem.

In the content above we mentioned some of the most common emergencies that people nowadays face. This guide will help you understand them better, as well as teaching you how to deal with such situations. We hope that what we wrote was useful. Best of luck in the future and remember to stay safe.