5 Most Common Soccer Betting Mistakes All Rookies Make

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Do you dream that you will make a lot of money betting? Think twice before you enter any sports betting place. Remember what their purpose is – they are here to take your money. If everyone who played won at betting – betting shops would certainly not exist. But still, some people make very good money from betting on soccer.

They say there is a tactic for everything. Is that really the case – and what are the common betting mistakes made by beginners? Here are some answers.

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You Eager To Gain, But Loss Is Sometimes Inevitable

The betting industry is getting bigger and bigger. Betting shops make a living from a large number of small players – who rarely spend their winnings outside that very same place. Moreover, they usually lose even more than they invested. But all this doesn’t prevent people from pushing their luck over and over again. Some day, fortune will look at you – or so they say.

Soccer betting is one of the most popular – and at the same time the most profitable when it comes to betting shops. However, to be truly successful, you need to be informed, ambitious –  and you need to know what the most common mistakes players make, so you can avoid them.

Try to learn from other people’s mistakes. The most important thing to understand before you start betting – is that your bets may not always be winning. Losing is sometimes inevitable. However, with smart thinking and a little calculation – you can always regain what you lost, and make a profit.

How Much Do Your Mistakes Cost You?

It is crucial to keep in mind that every mistake will cost you money, but don’t let that bother you. In the end, you gain valuable experience that will help you become a better player. However, in the world of betting, inexperience can result in significant losses – so you should be careful. What’s worse, you may miss the opportunity to make big money.

No one is immune from making mistakes, and they happen equally to professionals and rookies. The first thing you want to make sure of – is to learn the basics of betting and find out about different aspects of betting on soccer games. That’s something you can do by visiting www.ufa.bet, which specializes in it – and we’ll show you the most common mistakes rookies make when betting on football/soccer matches. Therefore, try to avoid them.

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1. Betting methods

This is a question of all questions – to which there is no right answer. Countless texts have been written with different approaches to this issue. Therefore, we can understand that soccer betters can be divided into:

  • Supporters of singles – that is, betting on only one game, or a certain coefficient
  • Supporters of system betting
  • Supporters of multi-match betting

Both the second and the third have reasonable arguments for their views. Players who play singles point out that singles have the highest probability of winning. That is of course true – and this is also the strongest argument for betting on just one match. How dangerous singles are for sports bets shops is made clear by the fact that this method of betting was introduced relatively late. Players who practice this way of betting have those who play single tickets and those who play systems.

In the system type of betting – the probability of winning is higher. However, the gain is proportionally lower. The combination of systems and singles is the best way to bet in the long run. With systems and singles – gains can be made, but with one thing to remember: You have to think long term.

2. Misunderstanding of the coefficients

Not understanding the value of odds is another typical mistake that rookies make when betting on soccer. It is this mistake that is considered the most expensive you can make. A low quota does not always mean a secure profit, and a high one does not necessarily indicate a loss. Feel free to follow your opinion as long as it is well thought out and argued.

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3. Adherence to a losing strategy

This kind of mistake is actually very difficult to avoid. After all, realizing that you are losing money with your strategy – why not just stop using it? But things are actually more complicated here. In fact, no system, strategy, or tactic is working properly. Sometimes even the best strategy will disappoint you. It is important to remember that success will never come if you discard any system that you have lost at least once. Being determinant and patient is what will lead you to success.

4. Blindly following someone else’s opinion

Since soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world – there are always many people who are ready to give their expert or amateur opinion. The point is that many betters, especially rookies, mostly rely on the opinion of such ‘experts’ when betting. But in soccer betting, analysis is more important than what anybody says. Therefore, it is better to do analyzes and learn – to influence your final decision.

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5. Impatience

If you want to be a player who makes successful football bets, you have to be patient. To be truly successful and not just count on luck, you need to have patience. Over time, you will gain experience and be able to place more expert bets – significantly increasing your chances of winning.


Let’s be clear – getting rich overnight is not something to strive for when betting on soccer either online or in a betting shop. Sure, you’ll come across a couple of success stories when people won a fortune with one bet – but those situations are rare. Instead, your focus should be on profit. Most experienced players are happy with 10% or 20% of revenue at the end of the month. If you want to become an advanced player – then think of betting as a long-term game.

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For those who decide to try to play a professional better – it is important to avoid various sites and groups on social media where individuals claim to have tips. These are classic scams, where the authors of such posts extract a one-time profit from those who invest money believing in their story. After that, these scammers shut down sites and profiles, and all trace of them is lost.