Complete Guide to Online Roulette


Online roulette is one of the basic activities offered by every casino these days. Although this game is often regarded as simple and highly luck-dependent, it leaves plenty of room for strategic thinking and requires a player to possess deep knowledge of the rules and mechanics to succeed.

This article will introduce you to the basics of the game and explain how to master it in a timely and efficient manner. If you need assistance with picking a reliable operator or completing the registration/login procedures, consider visiting

Sustaining Your Winnings in Online Roulette

Much like its physical ancestor, online roulette is based more on luck than on skill. However, there’s one important difference between the 2 versions: when you play in a web casino, outcomes of rounds are determined by a random number generator, which produces absolutely unpredictable results.

While physical roulette wheels might have some design defects, making the game’s outcome foreseeable, RNGs are perfectly random and free of any flaws. Therefore, trying to forecast patterns in online roulette isn’t a great strategy. Instead of predicting the outcomes of rounds, pros suggest concentrating on adjusting your bet size to the current conditions.

There are several systems that have proven to be more successful than others; these strategies will be discussed in great detail further in the article; so, stay tuned!

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Introduction to Online Roulette

It’s worth noting that online roulette comes in 2 variations: digital and live dealer ones. The former is a computer-simulated version of the game, while the live dealer version refers to the broadcasted activity run by a professional croupier. A digital variant of the activity is provided by the vast majority of casinos, but the live dealer section is seen less frequently.

The basic rules of web roulette are quite simple: a player makes a wager on a given outcome (a single number or a group of numbers) and waits for the RNG to determine the winning tile. Different types of bets involve drastically varying payouts as the odds seen in the game may range between 11⁄18 to 1 and 36 to 1. It’s worth noting that your chances of winning depend on the variation of roulette you’re playing; European (single-zero) and American (double-zero) types have different house edges on all wagers.

Wagering Options in Roulette: A Guide for Newcomers

Roulette provides you with plenty of betting options, allowing you to design complex strategies for every round. However, once you login to a casino and read some tips from expert punters, you’ll see that you don’t need to apply any complicated systems to win. Unlike other popular games, roulette allows using simple steps to secure your winnings. Successful strategies involve betting on outcomes that pay out as 1 to 1. They include red/black tiles, numbers 1 through 18 or 19 through 36, and odd/even numbers. Other variants appear way too rare to come up with a solid strategy.


Types of Bets

Let’s review every type of bet offered by the game. For your convenience, the list is categorized based on the payouts; actual odds against the player may differ depending on the version of roulette you’re playing:

  • 35 to 1. Wagers that pay as 35 to 1 include all single numbers, zero, and double zero (when available) tiles.
  • 17 to 1. Bets on two adjacent numbers, including zero and double-zero wager, pay out as 17 to 1.
  • 11 to 1. There’s only one bet that pays out as 11 to 1 – 3 horizontal numbers.
  • 8 to 1. This payout is possible if a bet on four neighboring numbers wins. In the European version, you can also make a so-called Top line wager (also known as European Basket) – 0, 1, 2, and 3.
  • 6 to 1. A 6 to 1 payout is only possible in the American variation of the game; an American Basket bet (0, 00, 1, 2, 3) is required.
  • 5 to 1. A row of 6 numbers pays out as 5 to 1.
  • 2 to 1. All wagers that involve 12 numbers (3 dozen and 3 column bets) pay as 2 to 1.
  • 1 to 1. The most frequently seen wagers pay out as 1 to 1 – red/black, odd/even, and 1-18/19-36 bets. This category is utilized in every betting system applied by professionals.

You can make several wagers on a single wheel spin; however, mathematically-proven strategies suggest making only one bet in every round.

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Strategic Thinking in Roulette

A widespread misconception states that roulette is a completely luck-dependent activity. This opinion is shared by the majority of newcomers and professional players, as the game is completely unpredictable. Fortunately, you don’t need to know how each round will end to benefit from gambling. Instead of trying to find patterns in wheel spins, focus on developing a solid betting strategy. This is why wagering on outcomes that pay as 1 to 1 is so important; you’ll be able to control your bet size and adjust it precisely depending on the current in-game situation. Finding a suitable playing style requires some hands-on experience, but there’s no need to risk your own money. Most gaming sites such as, offer the possibility to practice for free without the need to go through the casino login procedure.

The Most Widespread Betting Systems

There are several betting systems commonly utilized by punters; these strategies have proven to be the most successful solutions (out of fair ones, of course). Here are some of the best betting systems around:

  • Martingale. The most popular wagering strategy, the Martingale method, involves doubling up a player’s bet after each loss. Such an approach definitely won’t make you rich quick; in addition, it’s extremely risky as a sequence of losses will lead to tremendous damage to your bankroll.
  • Labouchère. This strategy is much more flexible than the Martingale as it involves changing the wager amount based on a sequence of bets.
  • D’Alembert. D’Alembert’s system is quite simple to utilize – just add one unit to your wager after a loss and deduct one after a win.

It’s worth noting that the above systems don’t guarantee success in the long term; unfortunately, achieving a 100%-win rate in roulette is mathematically impossible.


Adjusting Your Bankroll

The importance of proper bankroll management is stressed by all professionals; make sure to set up a limit and avoid going over it by all means. All operators provide special tools for limiting the maximum amount you can spend within 24 hours; don’t hesitate to utilize these instruments if needed. It’s generally suggested to bet around 2% – 3% of your general budget at a time. In case you’re using an aggressive style, betting more might lead to losing the whole bankroll after a relatively short sequence of unsuccessful rounds.


Overall, digital roulette is a great choice for those seeking a fast-paced, entertaining activity. It leaves some room for strategic thinking but doesn’t require you to memorize multiple complicated rules. The game is extremely widespread; you’ll find several tables in any casino on the web. Don’t hesitate to apply some classic strategies to increase your chances of winning!