6 Ways A Concrete Driveway Can Add Value to Your Home

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A house without a driveway will always be hard to sell. According to a Homebuyer Habits Survey, a whopping 84% of home buyers wouldn’t even consider purchasing a property without a driveway! However, investing in a driveway doesn’t always guarantee the added value to your property. Today, we’ll be discussing one of the most popular and the cheapest types of parkways: concrete ones.

They can be a valuable addition to your property if you’re trying to learn the quickest way to sell your house for cash, so keep on reading to see whether you should invest in one or not.

1. It’s a private parking spot

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If you live in a densely populated area, then you’ve certainly encountered the issue of having nowhere to park your vehicle at one point. It’s a huge inconvenience, especially if you’re forced to park your car somewhere a bit further away from your home. You’ll need to walk from your car and back, and besides, it puts your vehicle at an increased risk of theft.

According to patternconcretesurfacinguk.com concrete driveway can eliminate this issue forever! Potential homebuyers will undoubtedly be prepared to pay more for a home that comes with a private parking spot.

So, yes, one of the most significant ways a concrete parkway can benefit your property is by providing you with a beautiful parking spot in front of your home.

2. It offers great value for money

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Concrete is probably the most durable choice of material when it comes to building a driveway. Besides, concrete is extremely cheap, which means you’ll get excellent value for money if you opt for one. This means that the value of your home will increase significantly, but you won’t need to spend a fortune on the investment.

Other than that, as these parkways are extremely durable, you won’t need to worry about replacing yours in the near future. So, your investment will last you for years to come, which is perfect if you’re not considering selling your home just yet.

So, overall, if you’re looking for a fast and efficient way of increasing the value of your home, installing a concrete driveway might be the perfect solution! It’s cheap, durable and it offers incredible value for money.

3. Stylishness

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Contrary to popular belief, concrete structures don’t have to be grey and boring! Today, you can replicate almost any style, color, and pattern using concrete materials, which means you can build something that lines up with the aesthetics of your home perfectly! Be creative and talk to a professional concrete paving company such as ConcretePavingOahu.com to assess your options.

Now, your driveway is the first thing people see when they visit your home, and first impressions matter! Having a custom-made concrete driveway can add to the style (and the value!) of your home simply by making it look a bit more stylish.

Of course, for this to work, you’ll first need to find a reliable contractor. Look for companies with extensive (and proven) skillsets who offer a variety of different options. Don’t limit yourself to those basic designs, as they’re much less effective, especially if you’re placing your property on an exceedingly competitive real estate market.

4. Stand out from your neighbors

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If your neighborhood generally doesn’t have a lot of driveways, installing one is a great way to stand out. Similarly, if you’re the only one without a paved driveway in your neighborhood, your home might be seen as less appealing to potential homebuyers.

We all know that average property prices largely depend on the type of neighborhood you’re living in. A high-quality driveway can be a game-changer when it comes to property value, especially if your neighborhood seems to be lacking in those.

All in all, if you’re looking for ways to stand out from your neighbors, building a stylized concrete parkway in front of your house is one of the best ways to do it. Even if all of your neighbors already have their own paved parkway, you’ll ensure your home stays competitive on the market.

5. Concrete is low-maintenance

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If you were a homebuyer, would you rather buy a property that requires excessive maintenance to look good or something entirely low-maintenance instead? We think the answer is quite obvious!

So, instead of opting for something that takes a lot of your time to manage (like grass or gravel), concrete may be the safer option. It appeals to a wider range of buyers, especially since it can withstand bigger loads without suffering damage.

Again, make sure you hire experienced professionals for the job. The higher the quality of your driveway is, the more value you’ll get out of it. So, do some research until you find trustworthy contractors to build your driveway for you.

Lastly, don’t forget to consider other options too. In some cases, other types of parkways may make more sense. Consult with a local real estate agent to find out more information.

6. Long lifecycle

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When you’re making an investment as big as building a driveway, you’ll want it to last long. Perhaps you’re not planning on selling your property at the moment, and you want to ensure you still have the extra value once you decide to sell it. If that’s the case, then concrete may be the perfect fit! It has lower up-front costs than any other type of material, but it also lasts much longer.

It does require occasional resealing, but it’s nothing compared to other types of parkway materials. So, if you want to get a lasting increase in the value of your property, look into building a concrete driveway as soon as you can!

The bottom line

Having a concrete driveway can increase the value of your property in more than one way. Whatever you do, make sure to consult with a professional paving company before starting any installations. Proper installation is key to a long-lasting, durable, and stylish parkway, so be picky when it comes to choosing your contractors! As long as you choose carefully, you’ll enhance your home’s value and keep it competitive for the years to come.