Key to Create Engaging Video Ads That Convert Into Sales

People buy from businesses that market with videos. A video is not just the most preferred way to consume content but it also helps in making the purchase easier and simpler for the customers. A video ad that converts seems to educate and entertain the viewers.

What Makes An Engaging Video Advertisement?

The key role of a video advertisement is to create action, whether it is signing up for a newsletter, selling or buying used car for sale in Dubai and so on. Here are a few things that can make a video highly engaging.

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As rightly said by a famous person that people won’t remember what you told or did but they remember how you made them feel. This saying rightly applies in the case of the video advertisement. Therefore it is vital that you should make them feel something good about your brand and the services you provide. Although emotion is the key ingredient that drives the viewers to take action, it is vital that the excitement for any product should be bigger than the fear that the viewer has of moving forward. Almost everyone has a mental block that will prevent people from taking action. Therefore your goal is to break down that block and encourage the viewers to take a step ahead.


Video advertisements that generate curiosity create massive success. The leading marketers often use curiosity to have diverse views on their ads that promote their business. In fact, these ads can gain attention as well as drive viewers’ interests easily. For instance, a video ad may begin with a question such as ‘hey, did you know…’ or it can start with a pattern such as “Hey, let me show you….” and the let the advertisement dives into emotional aspects immediately after.

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Catching the attention of the viewer through curiosity is the key to a successful video advertisement but it is not the whole picture. It is not worth making an intriguing and emotional advertisement if you are showing it to someone with no need or desire for your own product. Putting a video advertisement in front of the ideal audience has not been easier. All you need is to ask yourself, ‘what does my prospect watch?’ or ‘where does my prospect hang out’? If they spend a good amount of time on a particular website then you should place ads there. Placing advertisements on the relevant websites not only garners a lot of views but also enhances your credibility.

If you are still not sure where your customers hang out, then you should use Google Display Network to find it out. It may tell you the best websites for specific keywords as well as searches. Another powerful tool that you can use can be the Google Keyword Planner tool. This particular tool helps you to check out the number of times one keyword or even keyword phrase is searched out on the internet. Finding out what people are currently looking out for can help you to have an edge in making a successful video advertisement.

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Well, you have an emotional advertisement and you also know where to post it. Now, it means there is only one step left and it is called targeting. The specific targeting options offered by the leading websites allow you to advertise to the viewers based on their gender, interests, income, age and more. In order to get the right targeting, you need to know your customers such as how old they are, about their interests and so on.

In a nutshell, making video ads that sell involves a bit of science. However a key to ensuring that any video advertisement is seen lies with answering three vital questions. These are what videos to be promoted, what particular websites to be advertised as well as the prospective clients to search for.

Once you have these questions answered you may ensure that you should also take the following steps:

Within five to six seconds of an ad, you should encourage viewers to identify their problem

Then the next step is to follow up that question by showing how their problem may be solved

Lastly, you need to resolve that issues as well as ask for their contact details.

Certainly, video ad has gained popularity especially in the recent times. More and more people are now jumping on board as they see its potential to generate millions of views as well as revenues. Moreover, the video advertisements are as vital just as the platforms that they are on. It signifies that the more the platforms develop, so do the video advertisements.

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Few statistics highlight on the significance of video ads for generating sales

Nearly fifty nine percent of the professionals remark that they prefer to view a video instead of a text. Another study also highlights that fest that people can retain nearly ninety five percent of any messages whenever they view a video but they retain only ten percent when they read the same in the text format. Almost fifty percent of online users look out for videos on service or product before they go out to any store. If a video is included on a landing page it can enhance conversion rate up to eighty percent. Those who view demo videos are 1.81 times likely to purchase than all the non-viewers. Also the consumers would like to view a video on a product or service almost four times more instead of reading it once.

How to choose best website for video classified ads for used cars or other second-hand products in Dubai

Undoubtedly, the most preferred option is to select a reputed website and also the one that is perfect for your products and also has an excellent client base. It is advisable that you should pick up one that allows you to post ads at free of cost. Online platforms viz. can be appropriate to post eye-catching video advertisements. They allow video classified ad posting for used products in Dubai at free of cost. With numerous advertisement categories, they offer suitable platforms either for buying or selling or even searching for thing. For more, you can go to

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By introducing a new form of promoting things to people, these websites adopts a unique approach of marketing and advertising with posted things being displayed in real-time to eliminate any doubt from the mind of potential buyers if the post is real as described.

What makes them different from the market is that they makes the prevalent way of marketing products to the potential buyers in the best possible way with help of video advertising.