6 Tips for Creating an Authentic Brand Story

Brand stories are what forms the connection between the owner of the brand and the customer base. For example, whenever someone mentions Apple, the first thing that comes up in our minds is Steve Jobs, the person who is praised by everyone trying to make it in the business world. And why is that? Because Steve Jobs has a story that every other college dropout in this world finds inspiring and motivational. Some people purchase Apple products out of sheer respect for the things Steve Jobs managed to acdecomplish throughout his life, and the legacy he left behind that forever changed our world.

If you own your brand, then you are probably aware of the importance of creating such an authentic brand story. Wondering how to achieve the same connection Apple has with its audience? Well, in today’s article you’ll learn more, so buckle up and enjoy the ride. Here’s what you need to know.

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The reason behind creating authentic brand stories

The reason for creating authentic brand stories is simple. Making your customers feel like they are part of one large family and making them feel special for being on this journey alongside you. When your customer stops feeling like they’re just a number in your account, that’s when you’ve reached the highest point of marketing. DesignBro is a website where you can read more about this in detail. Wondering what are the things that make a customer feel like that through a story? Check out these useful tips.

Tips for creating an authentic brand story

  • They have to be what the audience wants to hear

Your stories have to be what your audience wants to hear, and most of them want to hear that it’s possible to build an empire out of nothing. They want to hear that hard work and dedication pays off. They want to hear how you managed to pave the road for them and now you’re showing them the secrets to success. It has always been like that. The greatest storyteller is the one who tells people exactly what they want to hear at the moment.

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  • Your brand’s story has to be authentic, people will research it

Nowadays everyone has access to the internet and if your brand starts growing in popularity, people will start doing their research on you. Make your stories authentic and don’t make them up. It’s important to be real and truthful to your audience. Of course, through years of storytelling, some parts get exaggerated but leave that to those who will spread your story for you, don’t do it yourself.

  • The story needs to be simple and understandable

Simplicity is what makes the world go round. People want to be inspired and motivated by simple stories yet ones that speak of immense success. We’re not saying that you should hide details in your story, but make the beginning and the end simple. When people think of Apple they think of a person who started working in a garage along with his two friends, and then fast forward a few years they’re all billionaires. A simple beginning with a simple end. Those who dive deep into the story will understand that all this was achieved through countless sleepless nights and health sacrifices which were the necessary thing for success, but those who want simplicity will forever compare the garage with the huge corporal Apple building. From rags to riches, that’s what people want to hear.

Now if your brand is something else, a different approach is probably recommended. For example, The North Face brand doesn’t have to speak of success, instead, it needs to sell its mantra which is “never stop exploring”, and they manage to do that by selling you clothes that are meant for exploring. Something that makes you explore with greater ease, comfort, and convenience. So, they motivate you to go on a journey, then sell you what’s important for you to enjoy that journey.

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  • It needs to show progress, that’s what inspires the most

People want to know how you succeeded, how you progressed from zero to something. How you had a problem and managed to find a solution to it, then managed to turn that solution into something that changed both your life and the life of many others. People get inspired by the progress of others. Some may feel jealous but jealousy is what inspires as well.

All of those names that we constantly hear in the business world, such a Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and all the others, are people who managed to progress, and in most cases, some of them managed to build an empire out of nothing. If your customers, audience, and followers see you as a leader, as someone who can show them the way to success, then you’ve created a successful and authentic brand story.

  • Your story needs to remind your customers that you’re like them

We’ll take the story of Steve Jobs as an example once again. Why is he so praised by teens and college students? Because they understand the struggle, they’ve been in the same place Steve Jobs once was. Stuck in their parent’s garage with no will to continue with formal education, is a huge need for money and a will to change the world with their ideas and innovations. It is something people can relate to, and that’s what matters the most when you’re telling the story of your brand. If what you are saying is not relatable, especially not to your audience, then you’re on the wrong path from the very beginning.

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  • When your audience starts spreading your story then you’ve succeeded

This is the final goal you need to have in mind when creating your brand’s story. People pay millions of dollars for marketing to make their story known worldwide. However, when you reach a point where people spread your story themselves, you’ve reached the highest point of trust and free marketing. This is why it’s so important to make your story trustworthy, emotional, and attractive so that people can end up telling it to others, satisfied with the fact they’re a part of your journey and what you managed to create.