Tips for Creating Your Own Private Backyard Paradise

Being engaged in the arrangement of the backyard, we solve many issues, and often the landscape design is on the list of the latter. But the site at your dacha is no less important than its interior.

Where to begin?

Before creating projects, drawing plans, and diagrams and selecting plants, it is important to determine the functional purpose. Are you planning to grow vegetables and fruit crops? Or do you enjoy meeting friends outside the city for a barbecue? Or maybe you want to equip a playground? Or do you plan to sunbathe in the summer on the plot, lying on a sun lounger, and step to the pool on a soft lawn?

The design of its landscape largely depends on the answer to the question of what kind of activities your backyard involves.

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Competent zoning

Most often, not one function is assigned to the specific area, but several at once – and in this case, you cannot do without zoning. Zoning is worth doing at the initial stages of developing a landscape design plan.

Several important points related to this:

Dimensions proportional to the ratio of zones. With this moment, it would seem that everything is simple: decide on the number of functional parts of the site, set priorities – and according to them divide the space into zones. But in fact, the size of the site does not always correspond to our needs, so it makes sense to think about how to “save” space, use it more wisely.

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For example:

  • vertical flower beds and beds allow you to place flower beds and planting herbs and vegetables as compactly as possible;
  • children’s complex playgrounds (for example, in the style of a “treehouse”) make it possible to arrange a sports and entertainment area for toddlers in a relatively small area;
  • arrangement of a summer cottage deck can eliminate the need to allocate space for a lounge area on the site.

Multifunctional zones. Folding garden furniture, for example, can transform a spacious play area with kids or pets into a sunbathing area or outdoor dining area in minutes.

Methods of zoning. You can separate one functional part from another in different ways, for example:

  • mobile partitions and non-mobile structures;
  • hedge;
  • columns;
  • paths;
  • lighting;
  • different coverage (by the pool, for example, a wooden flooring or an artificial sandy beach can be provided, and in the children’s play area – an anti-traumatic coating or a soft lawn).
  • fencing; According to Active Fencing and Retaining, an established company from Adelaide, you can simply divide zones with fences that not only protect your backyard from passers-by, but they add a design element to your yard, depending on the fence you select. Also, you can use fences in combination with hedges, for instance.

Design style

Another choice that will need to be made in the process of decorating the territory is stylistics. There are a lot of options: from graphic minimalism to colorful eclecticism, from a classic garden to a high-tech mini-vegetable garden.

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Plant selection

The selection of plants for a summer residence is an individual moment, which involves taking into account a whole set of factors. Among those that can influence your choice:

  • necessary climatic conditions;
  • the soil;
  • the level of hilly territory;
  • the difficulty of leaving;
  • compatibility (by color, style, flowering or ripening season);
  • life expectancy (there are annuals, biennials, perennials);
    fashion trends: now among the trends, for example, tropical plants with large leaves (most often they are placed in tubs or in gazebos – winter gardens) and conifers

Functional content

Depending on your wishes and the size of the territory, you can use a variety of functional elements in landscape design, for example:

  • swimming pool;
  • alcove;
  • grill area;
  • benches;
  • swing, hanging chairs;
  • hammocks;
  • outdoor lounge area;
  • outdoor dining area;
  • vertical flower beds;
  • tubs with plants;
  • hanging pots;
  • flowerpots;
  • sun loungers;
  • sandbox;
  • sensory garden;
  • garden lamps;
  • pet house and accessories;
  • pergola (a kind of canopy).
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Decorative elements

The decor of the site is even more individual moment than the selection of plants and the choice of style. There can be many design options, here are just some decor ideas:

  • fountains;
  • artificial reservoirs;
  • garden figures;
  • statues, sculptures;
  • imitation of a well;
  • rock gardens, rockeries (rocky flower beds);
  • ridges (narrow, long flower beds);
  • bridges on the territory;
  • garlands;
  • decorative carts;
  • clay vases;
  • stones;

Landscape care

It so happens that the ideas of landscape design for a backyard, which seem almost ideal in photos and videos, may definitely not suit you in terms of care. After all, the space around a country residence is not easy to arrange: it must be regularly maintained in order.

That is why it is important to understand in advance:

  • how careful you should be with  the selected plants, flowers, garden crops require (it is one thing to regularly mow the lawn, and quite another to cut fruit trees, spray them from pests, and harvest on time) – you can learn more about it here.
  • will you be able to maintain the landscape design in the country with your own hands, or will you need the services of professionals (for example, to care for numerous flower beds, trees, artificial reservoirs);
  • how often you will need to devote time to putting things in order (even if you entrust this to specialists, it would be good to understand how often you will have to contact them). In order to help you find the best pond fountain for you, we considered dozens of the most popular fountains on the market today. You may consider that offers the right products for your needs.
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Control Test: Viewpoints

It is not difficult to check how beautiful the landscape design of the summer cottage turned out to be. To do this, look at how harmonious the view opens from the so-called viewpoints – key places and zonal centers of the site of your residence (this can be an entrance to the territory, a house terrace, a recreation area, an outdoor dining group).

Beautiful landscape design of the cottage: current trends

Vertical flower beds and beds. A compact and effective solution that allows you to get much more, even from a miniature country garden. Most often, such beds and flower beds are supplied with an automatic watering system, which makes caring for flower beds and growing vegetables and aromatic herbs even more comfortable and unobtrusive.

The effect of an untouched corner of nature. The deliberate negligence of landscape design is a direct echo of the general trend towards maximum naturalness and a tribute to the comprehensive popularity of eco-style.

Blooming all year round. One of the favorite tricks of professional landscape designers is to pick flowers and shrubs in such a way that as soon as one faded, others bloom immediately.

Minimalism. Graphic, minimalistic design is among the enduring trends.

Source: Rome Sentinel

Glazed gazebo – winter garden. A trendy and functional solution for a country residence is the arrangement of a gazebo or a veranda, which can be completely open in the warm season, and in the cold, it turns into a glazed winter garden (often with heating).

Plants in tubs. Another option for all-season gardening, which allows you to acquire even the most whimsical tropical plants in the country.

Trees and shrubs that don’t require careful maintenance. The modern rhythm of life does not always allow to allocate time for caring for the territory. In such a situation, the most unpretentious trees and shrubs will help out (focus on those that are most typical for your strip).

Fruit orchards. Despite certain difficulties and the need for regular maintenance, the orchard remains a popular format for arranging the territory at a country house (regardless of the number of acres).

Playgrounds. For families with children, the current trend is the arrangement of a functional playground at the country house with many activities for kids.

Mini-vegetable gardens and mini-farms. A decade ago, a small vegetable garden and a mini-farm at a suburban residence would have been atavisms, but today, in the context of a general desire for organic products and controlled quality, they are at the top of current trends.

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Landscaping “for life”. Design ideas based on the simple joys of life are also in fashion – design “for life”. This can be a hammock, pool, outdoor barbecue area, or yoga and meditation gazebo. The main thing is that it meets your wishes and needs.
Decking. This method of the porch decorating is very useful, it doesn’t only look fabulous but also it can live throughout the years. But it should be made by professionals, so it should be made with attention.