Does Cryptocurrency Have Trading Hours


Unlike any other type of trading stock, the cryptocurrency market is the only one that is not traded on a regulated exchange. This comes will so many different benefits because every cryptocurrency market is open and available to users 24/7 across a huge number of exchanges. Therefore, this is very good news for the ones that are very attracted by investing and trading crypto and they simply can not stop studying crypto analysis and following crypto markets.

Crypto trading is expansive in that way that the market is never closed. In general, there could occur some problems, however, it depends on the personal crypto exchange choice. In this article, we prepared a comprehensive guide about crypto trading, how does it work, and everything you should not for getting into it.

What time does the crypto market open?


The Crypto market does not have particular trading hours, which means that this market opens literally at 2:00 am and run through to 12:00 pm. Therefore, when you decide to trade crypto you can open and close your positions 24 hours a day. That is right, even on the weekend you can practice this activity. The Crypto market is spread across a decentralized network of computers, which means that there is no type of exchange that would regulate the operation and working of the crypto market. Therefore, 365 days in a year you can trade crypto.

What time of day is crypto most traded?

This is generally one of the most common questions that people want to find an answer to. Statistics show that cryptocurrencies are most commonly traded between 8 a to 4 pm, in local time. This means that even though the crypto market is open and available to people 24/7, they should know that trades are going to be executed more likely when there is the lightest level of activity noticeable – which refers to the time from 8 am to 4 pm.

Outside of this particular time, you can assume that trading activity is actually lighter, so it can be challenging sometimes for people to open and close trades. One more significant thing that we want to highlight to you is to be aware of news and events that would be relevant for the trading activity. More precisely, when you are familiar with the newest trading information regarding the crypto market, you can make a clever decision. The price of cryptocurrencies can easily fluctuate, which can make you a space to get some good trading opportunities.

Advantages and disadvantages of Crypto Always Being Tradable


In general, there are some noticeable pros and cons of the fact that there are no specifically defined crypto market hours. During the time when only a few people are trading crypto on the market, you can assume that this will affect general crypto exchange liquidity. This means that values are going to be much more volatile. Contrarily, the hours when the crypto market is open and closed make the whole process of researching and executing trades for you more convenient and effective.

What are the advantages of 24/7 Crypto Trading?

They are generally some benefits for you as a trader when the crypto market is constantly being open. For instance, this provides you a high convenient level to trade crypto when you want. Additionally, you are going to receive higher potential returns since the market is bigger and there is a huge number of traders on it which refers to the term of market liquidity. Finally, you as a trader can access any market anytime and anywhere, there is absolutely no limitation for you. This gives you plenty more opportunities to make a huge profit.

What are the disadvantages of 24/7 Crypto Trading?


There is an others side of every story, which means that there are a couple of potential downsides when it comes to the fact that the crypto market is constantly available and open for traders. This can mean that some platforms can actually limit market access to certain times if there are so many traders available. Additionally, you need to prepare yourself that there is an even higher risk of volatility on particular days and times. Finally, we must highlight one more disadvantage that refers to the fact that there is going to be a lack of regulated market hours. In other words, people that are performing trading activities can actually miss some big market movements that they could take advantage of in their favor.

How Do Weekends Affect Crypto Market?

As we mentioned above, you need to accept that crypto markets are generally volatile if you are going to conduct with the trading activity. However, many people are asking what is the situation during weekends. In general, the crypto market is even more volatile during the weekends. There are a couple of reasons why crypto values are crashing these days. For instance, there is less trading volume activated. People are generally using weekends to relax and not think about the business, therefore, they are not active on the weekends in terms of crypto trading. Therefore, the volume of trading is lower and when it is lower, the trades are executed, especially the huge ones.

Additionally, since you know that all trades trade crypto on marking, this means that they are borrowing money in order to execute trades. At the moment when prices drop, a margin call can be triggered and those margin trades will be required to repay their loans. Basically, traders are forced to try and move some money around, however, since banks are closed during the weekends, the whole thing is much more difficult. Therefore, it can happen that crypto values fall even further.

How to start with crypto trading?


In general, the first thing that you need to do in the process of becoming a crypto trader is to choose an adequate trading platform. Primarily, you want to research available crypto platforms and choose the most reliable one. Factors such as exchange liquidity and fees are some of the crucial ones that are significant in the process of choosing the right platform for selling and buying crypto. If you are looking to maximize profits on the crypto market, you need to prepare yourself to think fast and to make moves fast. Since there is a wide range of available crypto market platforms, we did a little research and find the reliable