How to Cure Popeye in Betta Fish


Fishes are great pets to own because they don’t require much time and effort to care for them but on the other hand, they suffer from diseases that we might not notice and their end could quickly end. Other than being a great pet, they also make our home more beautiful with the tank with colorful designs and the atmosphere of them swimming.
To have a fish as a pet also means to take care of it whether healthy or sick.

If you notice something unusual on your pet or in this case some changes in the eyes you will need to react pretty quickly because a quick reaction can make the treatment easier and will make the chances of survival higher. We made this article in order to show you how to manage this situation if you have a problem like this one. Other than just the treatment, we will talk a little bit about preventing it since that is the most important thing.

What is actually a popeye and what causes it?


A popeye is a condition where the eyes of your fish get bigger, protruded or you may describe them as swollen. This may be a condition that affects a lot of fish, but bettas are especially prone to it. Visit here if you want more information regarding the betta fish. The causes can be many and differ one from another.

First of all, it can be an infection caused by contaminated water in the aquarium. The dirty water has other bacteria besides the good bacteria that protect the aquarium’s environment that can cause damage to your pet, and what will suffer first? Of course, the eyes are the most exposed part of their body. Secondly, your fish can hurt itself while swimming if you have put too many things in the tank and there is not a free space for it to swim freely. Especially if you have clogged the space with sharp objects that can penetrate the eye easily.

Last but not least, your betta can suffer internally and you can’t see that. The bulging eye can be just a manifestation of a more serious problem. This is actually the scariest cause because it can be untreatable and your fish can die regardless of your special care.

Precaution of the disease


Thinking before time can be beneficial not just in this case, but in general life as well. Instead of spending extra time and stressing about treating your pet, it is way better to prevent these things from happening especially in situations like this when it is not just possible but is also recommended. If you are wondering how can you prevent this from happening, here is what you should do.

We have talked about the causes of this disease so now you know what topics to affect more. First was a bacterial infection and that is mainly from water that has not been changed in a long time. The fish dispose of materials that are toxic and that promotes the growth of the bacteria. Then, the bacteria get bigger in numbers and will infect the eyes first, then there can be more serious problems. That’s why we should change the water regularly at least once a week. Make sure that it is at room temperature because if it is too cold or too hot that can cause greater damage than good.

If you have bigger aquariums with a lot of fish, you will need to install filters in order to keep the water clean for a longer period of time because more fish equals more disposed materials. If you already have filters you will need to maintain them. Regular maintenance requires cleaning them often through clean water so you unclog the filter pores. Also, you will need to change the filters a couple of times a year. The second cause was physical injury either from the fish itself or caused by your carelessness. In order to stop the betta from hurting itself, you will need to minimize the things in the tank that can cause damage. Think of sharp materials, plastic that your betta can poke itself in the eye while swimming.

The third cause is the most dangerous because you can not prevent it. If your fish has other diseases that you can’t notice on time, the chances of survival become slim especially if that problem is untreatable.

How to cure this condition on your bettas


Just like we talked about how to prevent it, we will go through the same things but in this case, if your fish has been diagnosed with popeye. If you notice a change in the eyes especially if they become bigger, it is better to start off with the treatment as soon as possible hoping for the best results. The treatment will be different for every cause of the popeye. First, the infection occurred because you didn’t change the water frequently enough. In order to cure your betta, you will need to change the whole water a few times a week to get rid of some of the bacteria. You will need to add an antibiotic solution to the water to kill the bacteria that are sensitive to it. Depending on the bacteria the antibiotic can differ but this condition is caused by few types of microorganisms so you will have no problem choosing the antibiotic, just make sure that you use it just like it’s written on the manual.

Second, if your betta has popeye because of an injury that was caused by the fish itself. If you notice that your betta has a popeye make sure to eliminate the sharp object from the aquarium to prevent it from happening again or aggravating the situation. Then you will need to add special types of salts to treat the wound, disinfect it and relieve the pain. For the third cause, there may not be a cure.


A lot of bettas and other fish also, are at risk of developing this condition either because of irresponsible owners or other reasons. If you happen to notice that your fish has this problem, treat it quickly in order to heal quicker. If your betta is still okay, make sure that you prevent these things from happening by getting information on how to care for a fish either at the pet shop or on the internet.