7 Tips From Dallas Nugent From Canada For Finding General Contractors For Your Project

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Are you thinking about remodeling your bathrooms or adding another room to your home? Whatever you’re planning on doing, you’ll definitely have to find and hire a reliable and reputable general contractor for the project. But, with so many options out there, how can you choose a suitable company for the job?

To put it simply, there will be a lot of things that you’ll need to consider, and luckily for all homeowners that found themselves in the same situation, we’ve talked to Dallas Nugent Canada about some of the top tips for finding a general contractor for your project. Here is what you must know and look for:

1. Determine What Needs to Be Done

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Before you even start browsing through the different options you have, the first thing you must do is to determine what you want to do. According to Dallas Nugent from Canada, think about various things, from the fixtures you want to install to the number of rooms a contractor will be working on. Knowing and writing down this type of information before you even talk to a particular company will help you explain what you want.

2. You’ll Need Help From an Architect or a Designer

Once you determine what you want, you should find a suitable architect that’ll help you draw up a plan for your project or several of them. This must be done before you start searching for a contractor mostly because they’ll need a plan to provide you with a price estimate. Keep in mind, the plan you make must be as detailed as possible, especially since this can prevent any problems and miscommunication in the future.

3. You Might Require Permits That Have to Be Obtained Earlier

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When you start looking for a contractor, one of the first things that you should ask is whether or not you’ll require a permit or permits for the project. Dallas Nugent explains that this will indicate whether or not they’re familiar with the industry, thus, if they’re aware of the permits you’ll require, they’re quite reliable for the job. On the other hand, if they tell you that you don’t need one – but you know you do – you should definitely avoid hiring them.

4. There Are Various Types of Contractors Available on The Market

Just as you would find a wide range of chefs specialized in different cuisines, you’ll also find a wide range of contractors on the market. You cannot really hire a contractor that is specialized in roofing if you require remodeling your bathroom. Hence, depending on the project you’ve planned some of the most frequently hired contractors include electricians, plumbers, roofers, tilers, drywallers, painters, landscapers, carpenters, cabinet makers, HVAC experts, as well as masons.

Besides these types, you might also require some other contractors suitable for smaller tasks such as installing sinks, light fixtures, doors, drywall, tiles, or large appliances. By knowing exactly what type of contractor you’ll require, you’ll make the entire process easier, less daunting, and more importantly, you can ensure that everything goes according to plan, without any issues or hindrances along the way.

5. Your Budget Must Be Set Before Hiring Someone + Stick to it!

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Again, no matter what you’ve opted to add or change in your home, you’ll have to determine what your budget will be. Besides determining how much you can spend, you should also expect to have some additional, unexpected expenses along the way, hence, instead of planning below your budget, always plan above it. Keep in mind, no home improvement project is cheap, so, if you don’t have the necessary funds right away, wait a bit to start your project.

6. Referrals, Referrals, And Even More Referrals

Everyone is well aware that word of mouth referrals are the best, which is why you should ask your coworkers, family members, relatives, and friends about whether or not they did some home improvements recently, and more importantly, you should ask them about the company they’ve hired. Don’t forget, asking about the name of the company isn’t the most important thing, the experience they had while working with them is.

If you cannot find any referrals, you could always use online platforms such as sure-bid.com that’ll allow you to easily and quickly find the services you need. Also, most of the companies listed there are experienced and reliable, which means that you won’t have to worry about their professionalism, instead, you can opt for someone that suits your requirements, needs, and of course, the budget you’ve established for the job.

7. The Reviews Are a Determining Factor

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Whenever you want to buy something online, you most likely first look at the reviews left by previous purchasers – and the same needs to be done for a contractor. Of course, the first place you’ll check is the official website of the companies you’re looking at, however, Dallas Nugent also suggests that you look at some independent review websites, blogs, forums, or platforms, mostly because the testimonials there tend to be more honest.

Naturally, if there are more negative than positive testimonials left by previous clients, you’ll want to skip hiring that particular company since it’ll be quite clear to you that they aren’t reliable, experienced, or suitable for a particular project. Another site that you can check is the BBB since the testimonial there are definitely written by individuals that have hired a particular organization for improving their home.


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As you can see, there is a wide range of things that you’ll have to consider, look for, and find in a contractor. But, if you choose to follow some or most of the tips that were provided by Dallas Nugent from Canada, you’ll ensure that you pick someone that is entirely capable of executing the project you have.

Since you now understand exactly what has to be done, you really shouldn’t waste another minute of your time. Instead, you should start looking for a contractor that’ll help you with improving your home, and don’t forget, apply all the tips we’ve mentioned above so that you can ensure that you choose right!