Dating in France – Quick Guide on How to Get It Right


If you are visiting France for the first time, you will experience exciting challenges when dating out there. French dating rules are quite different when compared to most other European cultures. Cultural stereotypes can make you think that they are romance and seduction gurus, but the reality differs.

Generally, French people are confident and daringly pursue their wants. Their attitude towards dating is less hostile than most other cultures. French people prefer to meet via social circles, and blind dates are rare. Men and women get to know one another in person.

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There is no word for ‘date’ in France. They say, ‘I am seeing someone’ and not ‘I am dating.’ Another way to find a sex partner in France is through social circles & friends. On weekends, guys, ladies, and LGBT people go out for dinner parties with their partners and have a great time together.

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Important things to know about going on a date in France

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A typical dating scenario in Western culture involves dinner, movie, or a coffee invitation. In France, couples meet each other for dinner, without any romantic or sex implications. It is normal for two people of the opposite sex (or same-sex) to meet, and eat meals with a few drinks together. It doesn’t matter if one is married, single, or in a relationship.

In the initial meetings, things are kept casual. It is not different from meeting some friends for a cup of coffee or for a walk in the park. It is not interpreted as a romantic situation. They are rather keen on getting familiar with one another before getting involved in a relationship. If they feel that the partner is incompatible, they will let the person know about it. French people are direct, where the heart is concerned!

Cool Casual Flirting

French people keep things casual and non-romantic at the start. It does not mean they don’t flirt. Expect to see plenty of amorous behavior around, irrespective of marital status. In France, flirting is art for both genders. The French women show their gorgeousness and desire to get appreciated for their wittiness and exquisiteness. She smiles, blushes, and laughs during the conversation, as she plays with her hair.

While French guys consider flirting to be an innocent game, which they toy with, even if they know their fling will lead to nowhere. They find a fling game imperative than the catch.

If you are new to France, then you need to be familiar with the flirting flair in France, as you could get trapped with the wrong idea. Flirting does not define interest. If you are confused, ask them directly. Of course, you can always choose to go out with a lovely escort if you are not looking to build relationships.

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Don’t get desperate

When French people identify potential romantic interest, they take a step back like not showing their eagerness, and keep some cool distance. They turn up late on a date. ‘Le quart there de politesse’ is an expression in French for being tardy. It means quarter an hour of politeness.

Arriving late or being cool does not mean they are ‘not interested,’ as it could actually mean the opposite. Stick with your partner for some time, and the person will certainly start showing up on time. Never expect a flower bouquet, either. It is thought of as an overly romantic gesture, and also a sign of official dating, which French people don’t do!


The French community is proud of its manners and hospitality. Men hold the door open for their date, ensure she gets home safe, pulls out the chair until she slides in, etc. Besides, it is the French women who determine if they want to date the guy or not.

Men are expected to make good attempts to win her. It can take several dates before committing to him. Groundwork is fairly important, so French guys have a reputation of being determined and charismatic with ladies.

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General conversation

While dating French men or women, you must expect a specific level of culture, intelligence, and sophistication. Therefore, talking about politics, while sipping on coffee, is a big NO. In France, however, politics is a crucial conversation topic. It will certainly pop up, so you need to update yourself regularly about current affairs.

Kissing after mutual agreement

On the first date, French guys never initiate physical contact like kissing on the lips. He first asks her approval before kissing. Kissing seems to be an understood agreement that you are initiating a special relationship with someone. Therefore, never kiss someone if you don’t desire to bond in an exclusive relationship. It sends the wrong signal.

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Avoid bill-splitting

French people consider money as vulgar, so splitting bills at the bars and restaurants is not a common practice. On the first date, he will pay, and she will pay on the next dinner date. Splitting bill is thought to be tacky. A person who values their independence will feel equal while dating someone.

Getting intimate

Generally, French people are honest and open with their partners, so they never feel ashamed to discuss intimacy first. Kissing and sleeping with a partner for the first time, carries a special meaning in France.


Meeting family & friends

French people are independent, so it takes time before they introduce their dates to their friends and family. Never think it as a sign of discontent. They prefer to maintain privacy in their dating lives, especially at the beginning of their relationship. When they take you to meet their close friends or family, it means the relationship has turned serious.

Family plays a significant role in French dating culture. Expect to spend lots of time with your partner’s family. Relationships get strengthened as days go by.