Dating a Mormon When You’re Not Mormon – 6 Important Tips


Unconditional love is what an overwhelming majority of the global population seeks from the day they are born. In a nutshell, the term encompasses everything an individual should need to bloom in contemporary society since “there is no new thing under the sun”; therefore, the rules do not change depending on an era one might live in. Still, both younger and elderly generations prefer spending some time with the ones they sympathize with before moving on to the next step. We are positive that you like someone from the Church of Latter-day Saints, thus, we suggest you go through the most important tips on dating a Mormon when you’re not Mormon we have prepared for you.

Alcohol Beverages

An absolute no-no when going out with a member of the LDS church is in question implies consuming any form of alcoholic drink. The calculus of this tip is relatively simple to comprehend since Latter-day saints consider a body to be a sacred temple, and fueling it with harmful liquids would contradict the agenda.

We are aware that people tend to drink alcohol to relax and feel better about themselves, but therein lies the catch. Namely, if you truly want to familiarize yourself with someone and share your thoughts and beliefs, would not it be wrong not to present them with your true self, rather than with your deviated form?

What About a Coffee?


A caffeinated drink might be a part of your daily routine and we dare not tell you what you should or should not do, but we should warn you that your LDS crush would not join you for a coffee if you would ask them. As we have already mentioned, preserving their bodies from external stimuli is considered sacred in the Mormon community.

To make a long story short, both tea and coffee drink are not welcome on a menu. Naturally, they probably would not get offended if you invite them for such a drink, but you should know an LDS member would rather opt for something healthier. After all, a cup of coffee is most commonly an excuse to meet with someone, but you should know that if you want to date a Mormon you would require nothing else but a pure heart.

Philosophy about Sex

If you intend on hooking up with your crush and making them your one-night stand adventure then you should forget about LDS members since they consider sexual activities as sacred as it gets. Sex is amazing and we should not discuss the pleasure the act itself brings to the table, but the LDS community looks a bit deeper than the vast majority of other religious organizations.

Namely, the sexual act is reserved for married couples, thus, engaging in similar activities before entering a holy matrimonial union is out of the question. The longer you wait, the greater the pleasure, which is a concept proved true not only for the LDS crush but also for every single individual craving for physical enjoyment.

Where to Meet LDS Church Members?


Individuals who want to learn more about where to find LDS singles often find themselves at a dead end. Interestingly, it has never been easier to get in touch with Mormons looking for a soulmate. Nowadays, you can either visit some of the online dating sites focused on connecting people with similar wants and needs, or go straight to the temple and not only introduce yourself to their beliefs and tradition, but also meet with single members willing to share their time and thought with yourself.


Not only is smoking bad for your health, but it also leaves a bad impression on the non-smokers around you, regardless if they are LDS members or belong to any other religious group. Still, we should warn you that tobacco consumption stays out of the question when dating a Latter-Day Saint is concerned, thus, we suggest you not spoil your potential date by lighting up a cigarette.

You might be amazed by the numerous prohibitions we have mentioned so far, but you should analyze them more thoroughly to grasp the idea that all of them serve the individual to become a free man. The catch is not to be dependent on an external factor that reflects a sin, moreover, it is to be free of its consequences that burned the soul. In a nutshell, the freedom is to say no to something the rest of society potentiates as a trend.

Learn about their Culture


The best way to find out more about your Mormon crush’s lifestyle is to introduce yourself to the customs of their religion. If you would invest your time in finding out about their way of interpreting the world we live in, we are sure you would get your potential partner interested in hanging around with you.

A good place to start your quest would imply reading the Christian Bible. Since the chances you have already done that are major, we advise you to focus on other books an LDS community considers sacred. Naturally, you should pay close attention to the Book of Mormon, and complete your knowledge by reading the Pearl of Great Price and the Doctrine and Covenants.

Unquestionably, reading through the sacred LDS literature is not something one can achieve in a day. It would require both time and patience to understand everything on your own. Thus, make sure you speak with your crush about specific subjects and make them feel special by giving them a chance to clarify specific ambiguities you might be struggling with.

Hopefully, the aforementioned pieces of information and suggestions will help you win the heart of your Latter-Day Saint sympathy. The most important rule when dating a Mormon as a non-Mormon is to approach them with both an open mind and an open soul. The rest of the process should be ameliorated for you, especially if you follow the tips from the rows above. On the other hand, following the pieces of advice might work for you even if your relationship does not function the way you want, thus, we kindly suggest you give them a try!