Top Places to Reach on a Day Trip in The Riviera Maya


Besides the beautiful beaches and tourist attractions in Cancun, the city is also well known as the entry of most destinations in the Riviera Maya and to reach them there are different options of transportation like buses, taxi service and private transportation provided by local companies.

Private transportation is getting more popular these days due to the security of not having to share the vehicle with other passengers or delay your transfer making constant stops along the way. Get to know the most popular destinations near Cancun and plan your itinerary to visit all of them.

Puerto Morelos


This little town, located 38 km far from Cancun, conserves a unique atmosphere and Bohemian style that let you enjoy all the natural attractions and have a pleasant time avoiding the crowds of big cities like Cancun or Playa del Carmen.

Since Puerto Morelos has worked on keeping the fishing village style, there are no big hotel chains and resorts downtown, but there are other local options to stay. Puerto Morelos is also very famous for its barrier reef along the coastline, the second largest in the world and perfect for snorkeling or diving.

There are different spots to explore the colorful reefs and diverse fauna and flora like the Snorkel Native Park that offers different excursions with expert guides. Thanks to the reef, the water of the beach is very calm, which makes it ideal for small children.

However, Puerto Morelos is ideal to practice other water sports like fishing or paddle boarding. If you want to enjoy the beach with good music and drinks, spending the day in an exclusive beach club is also a great option for couples and families.

Playa del Carmen


One of the most touristic destinations in the Mexican Caribbean, full of beautiful beaches, energetic nightlife, Mayan ruins, and theme parks to enjoy. Whether you want to have a relaxed time or experience adventurous activities during your stay, Playa del Carmen has different options for you.

Walking through Fifth Avenue is a must during your visit, especially at night, when more bars and restaurants are open. On the extensive 4 km long street, you can find handcraft stores, very aesthetic coffee shops, delicious restaurants and exclusive brand stores.

Even though Playa del Carmen has its own beach, located just behind Parque de Los Fundadores at the end of Fifth Avenue, there are other beaches nearby like Xpu-Ha where you can also enjoy the view and the crystal water. However, you can also visit the cenotes close to Playa del Carmen, most tourists plan the visits to the cenotes along with the archeological zones to take advantage of the journey.

To go to Playa del Carmen is just 1 hour and 5 minutes drive from Cancun, either you decide to take a taxi or bus or get private transportation. For more information click here, to know more about private transfer options to Playa del Carmen to plan your itinerary.



Akumal is just the perfect destination to get in contact with nature, with different activities that involve interaction with the different species living in this little town. Swimming with turtles is the most famous attraction in Akumal, you just need your snorkel equipment since you can find them just by swimming near the beach.

However, if you want other spaces to do snorkeling, you can also go to Half Moon Bay to watch the turtles and other marine species. As most of the destination listening, there are plenty of options of cenotes near Akumal, about 3 km from downtown is the Cenote Yal-Ku, an absolute treasure that is home to different marine animals and the access cost about 15 USD.

Also, do not miss the opportunity to visit the Akumal Monkey Sanctuary, a shelter for monkeys and other rescued animals that offer guided tours to know more about the different species living there.



A magical town with a Bohemian style, turquoise water beaches and Mayan ruins that is perfect to let the noise and crowds of Cancun and Playa del Carmen behind. It is said that the most beautiful beaches in the Yucatan peninsula are in Tulum, with crystal water and white sand perfect for snorkeling and exploring the coral reef.

Tulum is home to one of the emblematic archeological zones of the Riviera Maya, with a privileged location in front of the Caribbean Sea. You can easily visit El Castillo and the other emblematic ruins by yourself or by getting a tour with bilingual guides. Some tours also include the transportation and visit to a Cenote, that are other tourist attractions that you cannot miss on your visit.

If you are a party animal, parties in Tulum are like no other in the Riviera Maya, with a completely different environment, it is a great destination for electronic festivals or events with renowned DJs. Now, if you want a more relaxed activity, Tulum is an important yoga destination, there are several yoga studios for those who want to learn or practice at the seaside.

Since it is a really small town, the best option to explore the most emblematic places is by bicycle. There are plenty of places to rent a bicycle or scooter, and some hotels also offer bicycles to guests. Tulum is located 131.3 km from Cancun and to get there you just need to choose among the different transfer options.



This is the farthest destination, located 345 kilometers from Cancun, but not less beautiful. Bacalar is a little town famous for its lagoon, called the Lagoon of the Seven Colors that you can visit getting some different tours offered by locals, whether you want to explore this wonderful attraction in a boat or kayak.

Since it is a distant destination, there are not so many tourists, however it is gaining more attention lately. It is perfect for a 1-day trip, but you can stay more days to relax and enjoy the tasty seafood.