Difference Between Depilator and Epilator

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We all know that there are a number of different hair removal methods. Women go for each method according to their likeness and ease of the method. Yet there are women who are confused between different methods. Young girls who are new into hair removal might wonder about different methods. In this article, we are going to let you know the basic differences between the two of the very commonly used methods. One is epilation while the other one is depilation. Both of the names are usually intermixed. Many women think that both methods are same. But there is a huge difference between the two.

Let’s discuss one by one.

What is Depilation?

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Depilation involves removing of hair from the surface of the skin. It does not involve pulling of the hair follicles right from the roots. It usually involves the application of a chemically based cream on the surface of the skin. These creams break down the hair strands on the surface with their strong formula base and remove the hair.

Types of Depilation

There are basic two types of depilation, chemical and non-chemical.

Chemical Depilatories

Such depilation involves chemical based lotions or creams. These products contain hair breaking down formula in them which soften the hair strands so they can be easily cut from the surface. They do not reach your hair follicles, thus not are damaging to them at all.

These creams sometimes can cause irritation as well. These can be allergic as well. So if you have sensitive skin type, you need to be very careful while using such creams. You must do a patch test before apply the product on all the area.


As the name it self is enough to describe that it does not involve any kind of chemical based creams or lotions. Rather it involves tools that like razors and tweezers which cut the hair from the surface. It involves lesser risk of reactions and allergies. So it is completely safe for the people with sensitive skin types.

You can easily remove hair from face, legs and arms with these depilatory tools.

If we talk about the time period within which new hair come back, then chemical depilatories are good to go with. They allow hair follicles to grow slow than the non-depilatories. So if you want to keep unwanted hair away for a longer period of time, then chemical based creams are way too better to be used.

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Pros of Depilation

  • It is less expensive
  • It takes less time
  • The non-chemical method is less damaging to the skin as compared to any other method of hair removal
  • It is one of the convenient methods everyone can use easily

Cons of Depilation

  • Hair reappear very soon
  • Chemical depilatories can cause skin irritation and allergies

What is Epilation?

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Epilation is quite a deeper way to remove your unwanted hair. It usually involves tools and products to remove the hair. Epilation is though a little painful process in comparison to the depilation. It pulls off the hair follicles from the roots, so you can stay hair free for longer. Another additional benefit of this method is that it makes the hair strands fine. So the next time you get thinner and lesser hair. Hence in comparison to depilation, epilation takes it longer for the new hair to come again.

Types of Epilators

There are many types of epilators ranging from waxing to electric devices, according to InStash.com. Whatever method you are going for, it involves pulling off hair from the roots. Hence it can be a little painful and tricky for the beginners.


Waxing is a little time taking process. There are two types of wax, cold wax and hot wax.

  • Cold wax can be used directly on the skin. It remains soft even at room temperature. Apply a thin layer of wax on the skin in the direction of hair. Put a wax removing cloth, or a wax strip on that area. Pull off it immediately in the opposite direction and you are done.
  • While hot wax must be used after warming up a little. It works well when melted. Rest of the process remains the same.

You can stay hair free for at least 2-3 weeks. It also removes dead skin cells from the skin. So the skin becomes soft and smooth once you are done with hair removing process.  If you are unsure how to wax properly you can visit www.WaxingCourses.com for help.


Similar to the waxing, sugaring also involves pulling off the hair from the roots. Sugaring mixture is usually made at home with all home ingredients. It contains sugar, lemon juice, and some water. The mixture becomes a sticky gel kind of which easily pulls off hair once applied on the skin. The process is less painful and less damaging to the skin. This is because the mixture only sticks to the hair and pulls it off directly instead of sticking to the skin.


Threading is another epilation method involving the thread to remove the hair. It is usually used for small areas such as upper lips and eye brows. The method is usually used for shaping the brows so must be done technically. The method is less painful and targets only the area of interest.


It involves high heat laser to remove the hair. You obviously cannot perform it at home. Dermatologists who offer laser treatment usually claim that lasering will make hair disappear permanently. But this is not the case. Rather it only makes the follicles dead for a longer period of time. So new hair reappear after very long which are thinner and finer than before.

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Pros of Epilation

  • Removes hair from the root so it takes longer for the hair to reappear
  • Also helps remove dead skin cells
  • Makes hair follicles thinner and finer

Cons of Epilation

  • Costly as compared to depilation
  • Painful
  • Ingrowth can be seen

What method you should go for?

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As we have already discussed each of the method in detail along with their pros and cons. All you need to know about is the skin type you have. Secondly you must know the type of hair you have. You will go accordingly. For more information you can find better reviews on each of the method on aaplusreviews.com.