Tips for Designing the Best Festival Wristbands – 2024 Guide


Are you struggling to find great ideas for festival wristbands? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

In this article, we’ll provide you with some useful tips to help you design the best festival wristbands that will surely make your guests feel special. Get ready to impress your guests with awesome and unique festival wristbands!

Essential Elements of a Festival Wristband

Wristbands are a great way to give your festival an elevated level of professionalism while ensuring everyone attending receives the same level of access and security. When designing your perfect wristband, there are certain elements you’ll want to include:

-Brand Styling: Ensure the font, color, and logo of your design match the style of your festival.

-Name & Location: Set out to impress with a sophisticated header that can feature the name and location of your festival.

-Bar/QR Code: For easy entry upon scanning, including a bar or QR code lets event staff know who is allowed access for the duration of the festival.

-Dates & Serial Numbers: Trackers such as dates, serial numbers, and seat numbers all help you stay organized on an administrative level.

-Variable Data Symbols (VDS): Variable data symbols are micro-text fonts that contain non–readable information like unique text or symbols that only scanners can read. You may also utilize RFID technology or scannable images in order to collect custom data from every attendee at your festival.

Types of Wristbands

Festival wristbands are an important part of a successful event, not only keeping guests safe and secure while they enjoy your festival’s entertainment offerings but also allowing them to make memories to last a lifetime. Choosing the right type of festival wristband is essential in ensuring both style and functionality for your event.



Tubular wristband technology has completely revolutionized the industry of security and cashless payments at festivals, with these durable plastic badges easily snapped onto wrists for a comfortable fit. In addition to providing superior safety measures, tubular bands can also be used for tracking entry information or even as transportation tickets on buses for VIP guests!


Vinyl bands offer one-time-use designs great for single-day or weekend events. When adhering individual passes directly on vinyl wristbands, they must be scalable in order to prove admission ticketing to staff members. These vibrant yet economical labels have set themselves apart from the crowd by combining high security with eye-catching style and affordability.

Cloth Tyvek


Tyvek is a paper-like material that’s lightweight, waterproof, and highly durable; perfect for long events such as music festivals where exposure to elements like water or mud would normally damage tickets made from paper or card stock. Additionally, these eco-friendly personalized cloth armbands come in bright colors and eye-catching patterns that help reinforce your brand identity while allowing event staff quick visual identification of attendees who have been granted access to certain areas at your festival.


Fabric wristbands are a great option to consider instead of plastic tubular bands, as they offer more comfort and breathability, especially when worn over extended periods of time. This is particularly important during multi-day performance art festivals or music concerts. In addition to being more comfortable, fabric wristbands are also more cost-effective than specially designed vinyl jointed passes. This is because they come with adjustable fastening straps, which allow for a wide range of size changes while still maintaining their credit card length security features when scanned. All in all, fabric wristbands are a practical and versatile choice for those looking for a comfortable and secure way to manage access at events.

Designing Tips


Festival wristbands are an essential way to distinguish festival goers from the general public, easily giving everyone instant VIP status. Effective wristbands should be creatively designed to best represent their purpose and add to the event’s unique appeal. There are many design elements to consider when creating the perfect festival wristband.

Backing: Wristbands can come with a variety of backing options ranging from one-use adhesive strips to snap locks. Make sure you have the appropriate backing for your desired use on hand before the event starts.

Customization: Having an eye-catching design or logo isn’t enough without customizing them with a personalized message or QR code so that attendants recognize it throughout their stay at the festival venue as well as long after it’s over.

Packaging: Attractive packaging can also promote excitement and give off clues as soon as attendants obtain their wristbands for what kind of event they are about to participate in during their stay at the event venue.

Sizes & Colors: Remember that when selecting sizes and colors you should go for something bright and bold so visitors can identify them instantly, even from afar! Additionally, offer extra sizes besides adult and children’s versions since this will improve accessibility of your event overall.

Printing Options


It’s important to select the right wristband printing options when designing wristbands for an event. This is what will set you apart from your competition and ensure that your branding stands out.

The printing methods available can range from traditional silkscreen printing to thermal or digital printing, depending on the types of materials used in your wristbands. Silk-screening allows for large logos or typesetting with a wide variety of ink colors on some band materials while thermal or digital imprints are better suited for images such as full-color photos. It’s also possible to use hot-stamp foiling in which the image is stamped onto the material using heat and pressure resulting in a permanent metallic finish.

Additionally, you can emboss letters, logos, and artwork into a silicone band material using molding processes. Embossed leather bands are another elegant option and offer a unique look that won’t be replicated by other events. With any of these processes, several printable areas on each band can be used to share important information such as event dates or pricing details. It’s worth exploring all the different options when styling out your personalized bands as there are countless possibilities!


Designing the perfect festival wristband takes time, effort, and a whole lot of creativity. But when it’s done right, you can create something truly special to commemorate a concert, party, or celebration.

No matter what your festival is about, your guests will appreciate being able to show off their wristbands—so make sure you think carefully about all of the design elements from branding to production options. With these tips in mind, you can design the best festival wristbands that capture your event’s identity and make it unforgettable!