Tips for Printing and Designing Customised Raffle Tickets – 2024 Guide


Welcome to the 2024 guide for printing and designing customised raffle tickets! Whether you’re planning a festive event or organising a fundraiser, customised raffle tickets can be an intuitive way to quickly generate excitement and bring in some extra cash. We’ll show you how to combine your creativity with some savvy printing tips for personalised raffle tickets that are both attractive and cost-effective. Let’s get started on a winning combination!

Tips for Designing Customised Raffle Tickets

Designing customised raffle tickets can be a creative and rewarding process, but there are a few basic guidelines you should keep in mind to ensure your tickets look great.

According to stubbstickets, it is important to choose colors that coordinate with the overall design elements such as logos, photographs and promotional text. Bright colors often stand out more than neutral tones, but it is important to consider the use of complementary colors that can help to draw attention to certain aspects of the ticket. Additionally, if you have different types of prizes or categories on your ticket, you may want to use color coding labels to distinguish between them.

The amount of text printed on this type of voucher may vary depending on its purpose. As a general rule of thumb, avoid using too much text or irrelevant information as this can make it difficult for people to read quickly and efficiently. Instead focus on concise phrases that capture the main theme of your event or raffle in an engaging way. Additionally, adding administrative information such as appearance times or distribution methods is essential for ensuring smooth operation on the day of your event.

In terms of artwork and graphics, many print shops offer templates and support materials that can help you create standout designs for your tickets. Using unique artwork or official logos allows you to add branding opportunities while encouraging creativity at the same time. For maximum colour printing accuracy when printing out tickets be sure to send artwork with set dpi levels and optimal colour names before sending it off for production – this will help guarantee quality results during the printing process.

Tips for Printing Customised Raffle Tickets


Printing them for events can be a tricky process and it’s important to get it right. You’ll want to make a good impression on your guests, so taking the time to ensure your tickets look professional and stand out are important steps. Here are a few tips that will help you create customised raffle tickets that will represent your event perfectly in 2024.

  • Design: Make sure you look through various design options and find something that suits the style of your event. Take the time to review fonts, images, paper stocks and more, so you have something visually pleasing but also one that stands out from other traditional raffle tickets.
  • Printing: Depending on the content of your ticket design, there may be certain printing options available such as foil stamping, digital printing or even die-cut shapes for added flair. Choose something that catches the eye of those attending your event and makes them excited to participate in the raffle drawing.
  • Proofread: After designing and printing, proofread each ticket thoroughly before use at every step of production! Spelling errors and typos distract from an otherwise professional presentation so double check before use to ensure accuracy.

Legal Considerations for Customised Raffle Tickets


Before designing and printing customised raffle tickets for your charity event, be sure to review any applicable laws and regulations related to the sale of raffles. Raffles are sometimes considered as a form of gambling so it is important to understand applicable rules and guidelines for your region.

In some states, a licence or permit may be required when selling vouchers on behalf of a charitable organisation. If a particular state or country regulates the sale of raffle tickets, potential organisers should contact their local government office to get the license or permit they need before beginning work on their customised vouchers.

Requirements may also include limits on prizes and winnings, how much in-advance tickets can be sold, dates of operation amongst other factors. Organisers should make sure that their raffle adheres to local laws before beginning the process of designing customised vouchers.

Additionally, the printing process itself needs consideration when creating a customised design. Most printers have templates that can be used as an easy starting point and many offer advice concerning text size and fonts so as to keep designs visible while conforming with local law regulations – this is particularly important if there are any requirements related to font size or voucher layout which must be followed in order for it to remain valid when legal considerations come into play. Be sure that all necessary details such as names, dates, places and conditions are included within the ticket layout before committing to a final design; these details must be clearly visible so that people know exactly what they’re signing up for when buying their tickets for your customised raffle event!

Utilizing online services 

In the world of printing and designing customized raffle tickets, online printing services have emerged as a convenient and efficient option. These services offer a range of benefits that can make the process smoother and more cost-effective.

One of the key advantages of using online printing services is the convenience they offer. You can easily access these services from the comfort of your own home or office whether you want to print catalog online or tickets, eliminating the need to visit a physical print shop. This saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your event planning.

Online services also provide a wide array of design options and templates to choose from. They often have user-friendly design tools that allow you to customize your raffle tickets according to your preferences. These tools enable you to experiment with various colors, fonts, and graphics, ensuring that your tickets reflect the theme and style of your event.

Many online printers provide competitive pricing options, allowing you to stay within your budget while still achieving professional-looking raffle tickets. Additionally, they often offer bulk printing discounts, which can be especially advantageous if you need a large number of tickets for your event.

Furthermore, online printing ensures high-quality results. They use advanced printing technology and premium materials to produce visually appealing and durable raffle tickets. You can expect vibrant colors, sharp images, and crisp text that will captivate your audience and leave a positive impression.



Creating them can be a great way to promote your upcoming event and connect with your audience. From designing colours and fonts to ensure every detail is perfect, it can be a long process. However, with the tips provided in this guide, you’ll have no trouble creating stunning raffle tickets that leave a lasting impression on your attendees.

To get started, decide what design elements you would like to include and research printers who offer custom ticket printing services to meet all of your requirements. Once you have chosen the best printer for you, submit your design draft and have it printed on high-quality cardstock or paper to stand out from other tickets. Additionally, be sure to also design a fun graphic or logo that catches people’s attention before printing them out.

With these simple tips and strategies in mind, you’ll be ready to create unique raffle tickets for any event and ensure everyone enjoys the experience of participating in your raffle!