How to Detect and Stop Cryptomining on Your Computer – 2021 Guide

No person has not heard of cryptocurrencies and who did not want to enter them to earn extra money. However, many things prevent them, some are not brave enough to invest money, others do not know how to do it and who to turn to, and most of them are afraid of being deceived. Of course, for a reason, because the market is full of scammers and fake platforms that are only there to steal your money.

On the other hand, we have a saying that says – who does not take risks, does not profit. Then why not take a little risk and invest, but in a smart way, we also protect ourselves as much as possible from fraud? But how can we do it?

First of all, we have to know there are many ways to invest the money in cryptocurrencies. Some people prefer trading and investing in shares, but others prefer mining. Crypto-mining is becoming more and more popular, but this market is still insufficiently explored. In mining, the main role is played by miners who are in the role of bookkeeper. Mining is so complex that even those who understand the technology are not able to fully understand how it works. Many currencies are suitable for this type of investment, but we can say that Bitcoin is the most suitable. There are several methods of mining – CPU, GPU, and ASIC, but we can say GPU is at the moment most popular.

As in any other sphere, here we have people who will try to get your earnings in any way – a cyber-criminal. Being true IT experts, they will do anything to gain unauthorized access to your computer to mine your crypto money. Fortunately, there are many ways and applications to prevent this, which you can read by clicking on

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What is crypto jacking?

By definition, crypto jacking is the unauthorized use of someone else’s computer to dig up cryptocurrencies. However, the good news is that this way hackers cannot access your data, but they can shorten the life of your battery.

How to check if you have been affected by crypto jacking?

One of the first signs of suspicion is that your computer is overheating. Another sign is that the CPU load is higher than 70%, unknown processes running from Task Manager, as well as the fact that the computer is much slower than it was. In addition to all these signs, you will notice that Windows opens more slowly and that the computer takes longer to respond to your commands. Also, game fans will be disappointed, as they will not be able to start or will often block. What will still be noticeable is that, as you type, the text will appear more slowly on the screen.

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How can I prevent it?

Assuming your computer doesn’t have a malicious mining-program installed, there are many ways to block mining while surfing.

  1. Ad blocking – By installing this blocker you can prevent hacker attacks.
  2. Web filtering tools – If you suspect that a site is running cryptojacking scripts, disable access to it. You can do this with ESET products.
  3. Disable JavaScript on certain pages – If you already have a suspicion that someone is using your computer for mining, block JavaScript. This may result in the inability to load other pages, such as Facebook
  4. Mining blockers – There are also many mining blockers by blacklisting well-known mining scripts. If you still made a mistake about a page, you can easily remove it from the blacklist. They are regularly rewarded and very easily oases of “intruders”.
  5. Anti-malware software – Unfortunately, not everyone is yet adapted to blocking cryptocurrencies, but there are some like Malwarebytes, which does a great job.
  6. Frequently changing and using strong user passwords will prevent crypto jacking. In addition to this, it is good to lock the RDP access.
  7. What you can still do to protect your computer, and it is very simple and effective, is to run programs in the sandbox, carefully open emails because they hide a great danger of hacker attack, the macro in MS Office should be disabled, and so on.
  8. You also need to be aware of some newer methods you can use to protect your computer system from hackers, and just a few of them are CoinDesk, TodayOnChain, and CrytoSlae. Of these three, CoinDesk is currently the leader.
  9. Security training – You and your IT team (if you have one) need to know how to recognize crypto jacking right from the start. Use a variety of methods to achieve this. Also, if you own a company, try to educate your employees about the potential danger, explaining to them that opening the wrong email or clicking on a suspicious link can do irreparable damage.
  10. Patch your systems – Beware of new updates as outdated applications and operating systems are the first to attack.
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The fact is that you can easily fall into the hacker trap if you are not careful or do not know how to protect yourself. However, that does not mean that you give up the idea of making money with cryptocurrencies, but that it awakens your consciousness and that you approach it more carefully, that is, do everything in your power to prevent that from happening. The network always needs to be monitored for suspicious activity and to dig up the cryptocurrency, we know it takes a lot of communication.

In addition to this, your cryptocurrencies must be securely stored in a cryptocurrency wallet. Many already know that there are two types of wallets, hot and cold, and that cold is more expensive, but also safer because it does not require an internet connection, so your money is protected from attack.

It is also wise to use applications that will make your job easier on a daily basis but also point out the potential danger we have talked about so far.