How To Detect A Spyware In Your Smartphone

These days, the issue of digital privacy is both problematic and ostentatious. The public is being blunt that the government has been doing blatant prying on their phones, laptops, and other electronics.

Of course, there’s a truth to this claim. Even your social media networks, search engines, and other service providers may have the means to access your data without your knowledge. Meanwhile, your phones are vulnerable to spyware. As its name suggests, spyware is a kind of software that lets someone acquire your information secretly.

What Is A Mobile Spyware

You do many activities on your smartphone. Sometimes, you don’t realize that your life is actually revolving around it. You use it to buy stocks, search FIFA coin details, and other interesting stuff. You even use it for online banking.

At the same time, it also stores records of your phone calls, emails, and messages. And some of this data is something that you don’t want others to know.

Whether you are using an Android or iPhone smartphone, there’s a good chance that others can put spyware on your device. As mentioned, spyware will track your activities on your phone.

Specifically, mobile spyware (or stalkerware) can be installed on your smartphone. Once on your device, this software will track your phone’s activities–even your location and browsing history. There are even cases where it can snap photos and record conversations without you knowing. Spyware is designed to be hidden. But it can be discovered as long as you can identify one.

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How To Detect A Spyware In Your Smartphone

One of the biggest problems when dealing with spyware is the latter’s “invisibility.” Specifically, it is designed to be hidden. It has built-in stealth capabilities that prevent ordinary users from seeing it.

Fortunately, there are still means that would let you discover spyware. Hence, put your phone in a nice mobile mount and start some digging.

1. Unknown Applications

Most of the advanced spyware is hidden by default. However, there are others that utilize applications like parental control to spy on someone’s phone.

If there are people spying on your device using these apps, there’s a possibility that the spyware is just on the surface. Here, you should scan your phone for apps that you didn’t actually download. Apps like Kaspersky Safe Kids, Qustodio, and Net Nanny are among those apps that can be used as make-shift spyware.

2. Jailbroken or Rooted Device


When people root or jailbreak a device, there’s a possibility that they can bypass the security of app stores. As a result, they would be able to install apps that aren’t registered on Google Play or Apple Store.

If your smartphone has been jailbroken or rooted and you are not the one responsible for it, there’s a big chance that there’s something sinister going on. There’s a way you can check if your Android device is rooted. Simply download the Root Checker app.

If you have an iOS device, the app that you need to look for is Cydia. Cydia is an application that lets you install software on rooted iPhones. If this application is in your iPhone, then the latter is probably jailbroken.

3. Quick Battery Consumption

Phone batteries can drain quickly, depending on the things that you do in it.. For instance, using multiple apps at the same time drains your phone’s battery fast. Hence, it is recommended that you check the essential ergonomic accessories here so that you can use your phone better.

The natural degradation of your battery would result in the gradual deterioration of its performance. However, you should be wary if your phone is still in good condition and there’s a change in your battery health.

If you have noticed that your phone is draining fast, check for the status of your existing apps. You need to rule out that they aren’t the cause. If they are working normally, there’s a chance that a hidden app is working full-time.

4. Phone Gets Hot All The Time


Of course, this phenomenon is explainable if you are running multiple apps, such as games. However, if your phone isn’t doing anything and it is still hot, there’s a certainty that spyware is running secretly in the background of your phone.

This matter also coincides with the sudden decrease in the speed or performance of your phone. Spyware can exhaust your phone’s operating capability. You can notice this if your phone gets too laggy or unresponsive, even if you aren’t doing anything.

5. Suspicious Data Usage

The data usage of your phone can also indicate if there’s spyware installed. Usually, spyware requires data for transferring information. Of course, the perpetrator wouldn’t be able to receive the stolen information if your phone is offline.

A sudden spike in data usage suggests that there’s something going on. Fortunately, you can always check your phone’s data. For iPhones, follow this path: Settings – Mobile Data. For Android phones, go this path: Settings – Network and Internet – Data Usage.

Here, you should check the data history of your phone. Unusual spikes may mean that there’s hidden software in your device.

6. Difficulties In Shutting Down Your Phone


Spyware apps are notorious for interfering with the functions of your phone. One of the things that it can disrupt is the shutdown process of your device. Sometimes, the apps will prevent the device from shutting down. In other cases, there’s a delay in the process.

Whistleblower Edward Snowden said in 2014 that NSA has the technology to prevent your phone from switching off completely. In this way, the government agency can still use the device to listen to conversations secretly.