Is There Any Difference Between a Mobile and Desktop Casino

For a long time, all we had were land-based casinos to enjoy ourselves, and then, everything changed when online casinos came into our lives, but in the beginning, there was only one option for us. We had to use our computers. Luckily, this is an industry that is evolving and for the better. Now, we have an alternative. We can use our mobile phones as well. And since this evolution happened, we also have so many more games to choose from, so it can be really hard sometimes, but a good kind of hard, since we have so many opportunities. After all, isn’t that the dream? For everyone to find that ideal platform and the perfect game that they can enjoy? If that is something that you are interested in, and you want to find the best selections of games, just click here, but if you are more interested to learn more about the difference between a mobile and desktop casino, simply continue reading.

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In a way, this is a really subjective topic. Let us say you are someone who has a habit of using only their mobile for gaming, or the one who only uses the computer for gaming. Any attempt to try out the other one can seem like the experiences are worlds apart. But sincerely, there aren’t that many differences between the graphics and the gameplay here. Some may think that using a smartphone can be more complicated, to play games or even to install the apps, and that may have been true once mobile gaming was just starting out, but it is definitely not the case anymore. There is even an option for having a phone without installing anything. Simply play directly from the phone’s browser. In the start, people only used their mobiles for online casinos when they weren’t home. Maybe they were traveling or commuting, and that still remains one of the advantages of using our phones. But today, there is no difference in gameplay or overall casino experience, and the only difference is that either we can play while sitting in front of our computer, or from the comfort of our couch, with the phone in our hands.

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Phone battery life

But there is one flaw that phones have that is not a trouble with our computers, and yes, we are talking about the phone’s battery life. Unless you are using a laptop, there really isn’t an issue with the battery when it comes to desktop computers. Phones, on the other hand, can have this problem. But there are a couple of things we should take into consideration here. First of all, if you are inside your home already, you can simply put the phone on a charger while playing. There is nothing stopping us from doing that. Besides, if you are outside, then it is not like you can use the computer anyway. So while this is something that everyone should be aware of, it is not really a flaw that mobile phones have, and computers don’t. As long as you keep this in mind and charge up the phone before starting the online adventure, there shouldn’t be any problems.


Screen size

Another thing that computers could brag that they beat phones at is screen size. It should be recognized that this is pretty much a personal preference. Some people prefer to have the option of staying mobile with their phones. To have the choice to move around and enjoy the online slots, from any place in the world, for example. Others don’t mind having to stay stationary if they can look at a bigger screen. About this topic, we need to mention two things. Firstly, it is nicer to look at a bigger screen. That is why cinema is so popular after all. Secondly, all of that has no impact on the actual gameplay and your chances of winning the game. So if this is something that bothers you personally, maybe stick to the big computer screen. But if this is not that important to you, then pay no attention to it since it doesn’t affect the actual experience. There is one more thing that to keep in mind when it comes to using mobile phones. When playing from the comfort of your home, both the computer and the phone use the same internet speed. But when you are outside, always think about how much data you have left, and keep in mind the package you chose.

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Browser or app?

Earlier, we mentioned that there is no need to install anything on the phone to enjoy these games. And that is true, but it should be mentioned that there are two ways to play with our phones. Playing via a browser is one of these options, and it is the fastest way, and it is simple as well. There is still a requirement of making an account, but that is understandable. After all, these registrations usually come with some bonuses or free spins. The flaw of this way is that it doesn’t provide the complete casino experience you could have if the correct app is installed. That doesn’t mean that the chances of winning are smaller, but it does mean that the full vision of the game creators shall elude you. That brings us to mobile apps. But don’t worry so much, most of them are free anyway. With them, we should be able to engage with the game much more. With a good online casino and the right app, you might forget that you are not actually inside of a traditional land-based casino. For instance, there are even options to have a live dealer, which means that there really isn’t anything different from an actual live casino.

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The verdict

As we have seen, there might have been a difference between using a computer or mobile phone for gaming before, but not anymore. As long as you consider all the little things that come with using the phone, like battery life, internet speed, and internet data, everything should be the same. Unless someone has a personal preference towards computers, there is no reason for not giving mobile gaming a try.