10 Differences Between the American & European Land-based Casinos

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Are you a frequent casino visitor, or player? Do you love to have fun online and in actual land-based casinos? Nowadays more & more kinds are opening across the world, and each of them is unique and different in its way. Keep on reading to understand the main difference, as well as similarities when it comes to the US & European casinos.

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10 Differences Between the American & European land-based casinos

1. They have a different house edge

The first difference you might notice between these two is in their house edge. Everyone has heard or even used the following saying ”the house always wins”, but what does this actually mean? Well, it means that the casino will always win since it has an advantage. American casinos have a higher house edge on most of their games than the European kinds. The best example can be seen in a game of roulette. In Europe, the edge can be lowered from 5.26% to 2.70%

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2. Some gambling laws are different

Gambling laws are complex, hard to understand, as well as different everywhere in the world. In America, these laws can differ and depend a lot from one state to the other. Each state can have its own approach and different rules. In some parts of the USA, you can enter the casino if you are 18, and some will need you to be 21 years old. In Europe, players are not as lost or confused since you are allowed to gamble at the age of 18 + casinos are government-controlled, which answers loads of questions.

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3. Variety of different games

Gamblers in the US and Europe enjoy playing different kinds of games. People in America enjoy playing craps, while you will struggle to find craps in most casinos in Europe since this game is not as trendy or popular. Some are differently set up as well, where you will see that roulette in the USA has two green slots, while the European one has one. This will all depend on the size of the casino since bigger places will have more space to offer for newer games while still staying practical.

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4. You can find more slots in the US

Did you know that there are around one million slots in the US?! This makes this game one of the most popular & go-to options for Americans who are eager to try out their luck. Europeans are not that in love with this game + there are not as many slots available either. Europeans prefer table games, and their favorite one tends to be roulette.

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5. In the US gambling can be forbidden

You will also see a difference in the audience, its players, as well as people who are enjoying these games. Cultural differences and our surroundings will vary quite a lot. In fact, did you know that some states don’t allow for this activity? Hawaii and Utah have no casinos or betting houses of any kind.

In Europe, people are a lot more relaxed & quite liberal, while most casinos are welcoming, as well as to foreigners.

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What about the differences between the UK & American casinos?

Do you live in the UK? Planning on visiting sometime soon, but you’re unaware of its regulations & rules when it comes to casino games? Here is how they differ!

1. They have different taxes

When it comes to gambling in the UK, you will be happy to know that everything you win is yours! As long as you are a player from Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, or England, you will walk away home with a huge prize!

US citizens will get their money without the tax. Your gambling winnings are generally subject to a flat 24% tax.

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2. The venue itself

Some places are bigger than others. Most casinos in the UK and on average are around 50,000 square feet. In the US, almost every casino is bigger than 100,000 square feet. If you prefer that extra space and you’re a fan of gorgeous places just know that in America, the variety is unbeatable.

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3. Different dress codes

Dress codes are now a lot less strict than they used to be, and this especially applies to the UK area. Years back you would have to wear a suit & tie, while nowadays most casinos will kindly ask you not to wear hats, sunglasses, slippers, or tracksuits.

However, the US casinos are quite flexible and are okay with that casual look.

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4. Their opening hours

In the UK you will have clocks placed all over the place + there is an opening & a closing time for 90% of casinos. You will get a feeling and a sense of responsibility with their casino, and you will have to obey the law.

In the USA casinos work 24 hours 7 days a week + most places avoid the use of clocks since they want you to get ”lost in time”.

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5. Different approach + different games

Last, but not least, some people will play games differently depending on their location. The most obvious difference can be seen in roulette & poker.

In roulette, the main difference is in its odds, number of slots, as well as wagers.

In poker, the rake can vary a lot for the UK & USA. American casinos will take 10% of 5 dollars, and the UK casinos have a rake of 10% up to £/€20, which is a lot more money.

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What about online casinos?

The online casino industry has experienced tremendous growth and popularity in both the United States and Europe. While there are similarities between American and European online casinos, there are also significant differences that distinguish them.

One of the key differences is the legal landscape. In the United States, online gambling regulations vary from state to state. Some states have legalized and regulated online casinos, while others have strict restrictions or outright bans. This fragmented legal framework can result in a limited number of online casinos operating in the US market. In contrast, European online casinos have more liberal online gambling regulations, allowing for a larger number of licensed online casinos.

Another distinction lies in the game selection. American online casinos often focus on popular games such as slots, blackjack, and roulette. These casinos tend to prioritize flashy graphics and immersive gameplay. On the other hand, European online casinos offer a wider range of games, including traditional European games like baccarat, craps, and various poker variations. European casinos also tend to provide a more diverse selection of live dealer games, which enhance the real-life casino experience.

Furthermore, payment methods differ between the two regions. American online casinos typically offer a narrower range of payment options due to regulatory restrictions, often relying on credit cards and a few e-wallets. In Europe, players have access to a broader array of payment methods, including popular options like PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and local bank transfers.

Do you know where & how to have fun?

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