Digital Game Keys – Cheaper Alternative

The gaming industry has witnessed a digital revolution in the past decade. Digital game keys are gaining momentum in the gaming market, becoming a popular choice for gamers who want to save their funds as the alternative is far cheaper and more convenient in terms of shopping. Such game stores as Eneba are well established digital gaming marketplaces where users can buy video games in the form of product keys. These retail gaming stores offer a wide selection of digital gaming products such as video games, gift cards, skins, bundles, DLCs, and so forth.

If you happen not to be acquainted with digital game keys, the article is bound to clarify what digital CD keys are and what benefits they harbour.

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What is a digital game key?

A CD key is an alphanumeric code that requires activation on a designated gaming platform – once redeemed, the key allows you to download the game or the gaming product into your account library of an authorized platform. All gaming platforms support digital code redeeming, so your options are vast when it comes to digital shopping. Once the game key is activated and the game is added to your library, it belongs to your account permanently – that way you can store your games in one place for the sake of your own convenience.

A key can be redeemed once per account, meaning that you cannot use the activation key twice. However, there is no use either as the game you redeem is linked to your account permanently, and the purchased gaming service lasts until its expiration date unless renewed (bought another subscription key, for instance). The same applies to other gaming products you can buy: DLCs, gift cards, bundles, packs, and similar.

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How to buy a game key?

Purchasing a game key on a digital retail store is simple, you just have to pay attention to the region of the activation code. When in-store, click on the game you want to buy, check whether the product can be activated in your region, choose the best offer (typically you will find several options), and click away the purchase button. The convenient advantage is that you get your code relatively fast, typically it arrives within minutes of your purchase, so you can begin gaming as soon as you buy the key.

Depending on the store you have chosen to buy from, the purchased key code will appear on your screen or will be delivered to you via email you have provided during the purchase process. Usually, digital retail stores support at least several payment methods, such as PayPal. These provide buyers with a chance to buy digital game keys from other regions if their local payments are not supported. For this reason, most third-party game stores sell activation codes worldwide, making their products better accessible (however, you must always check that the product you are buying is not region-restricted).

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How do digital keys work?

One of the most frequent questions that people can ask is whether buying a resold game from third-party stores is legitimate and supports game developers. Technically, yes. In the majority of cases, the keys being sold on digital stores by merchants were purchased from the original supplier meaning that developers are supported by the original transaction, so you don’t have to worry about that, you’re not ripping the creators of the game.

In fact, you can buy more than just games: gaming services and gift cards for respected gaming platforms can also be purchased in the form of product codes. A digital key is a product meant for digital use solely, of course. The gaming community and marketing are inevitably affected by the digitization of a global scale, turning to the prominent use of virtual products, games, services, and gift cards included. Most merchants are choosing to invest in digital products, resulting in the dramatic increase of CD game keys sold across the world.

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Why are digital keys cheaper?

The first and foremost reason as to why they are cheaper is that you are paying only for an activation code, instead of buying a physical box where you also pay for the package and what comes with it – digital production most often costs less. Another reason is the numerous discounts and sales provided by the selling platforms so that the gaming community has the chance to purchase game keys at significantly cheaper prices. The benefits of buying digital game keys are not limited to merely cheaper prices. There are plenty of reasons to consider buying activation codes:

  • Delivery. Once you buy the digital game key, you are provided with the activation code right away, so you can enjoy your game instantly, without having to wait for the product to be shipped to your home or several hours until you receive an email with the code.
  • Convenience. The digital format means that the game, after the code was activated and linked to your account, is to be yours permanently unless you lose the account in possession.
  • Accessibility. In most cases, you can store your digital games on one platform or link them via several different gaming platforms, so it’s much easier to navigate your library.
  • Safety. Retail stores selling game keys aim to maintain a secure shopping platform to earn the trust of buyers for future repurchases and help more and more people to get into gaming.

There are many advantages to buying digital game keys and the demand for digital keys is growing rapidly in the gaming market, vouching for the security and value of activation codes. It is clear that digital game keys are a fine alternative for budget gamers that want to save their funds since these products can be bought cheaper. Overall, digital game keys are a secure alternative bearing many benefits that gamers can opt for easily, so it merely comes down to the individual preferences of gamers.