Digital Marketing Trends In 2024 – Rules That Don’t Change

Search engine algorithms are constantly changing, so anyone with a website should keep up with the trends in digital marketing. Not only is new technology changing the way people search the internet, but search engine scrollers use different criteria to rank sites. Implementing these trends in SEO marketing will help every business remain competitive in 2024 as well.

Technology In Digital Marketing

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We know that year after year the trend of increasing the budget for digital marketing is much more applicable. Today, we have faster interaction, more channels of communication, more accessible technology, artificial intelligence, etc. As trustactivity noted, the technology in digital marketing is changing too fast and it has become extremely difficult to keep track of changes, but consumers expect us to apply those changes. They expect us to be available with as accurate and personalized information as possible. It’s not always so simple, so trends in this area must be followed. If you want to be successful in business – you have to be up-to-date with all the things that accompany this marketing sphere.

Importance Of Following Trends In Digital Marketing

Needless to say, it is impossible to run a successful business today, or even exist at all, without several types of digital marketing –  whether it be websites, social networks, or any other online advertising method. In recent years digital marketing has become a “must-have” and who doesn’t use it is not IN. Because the time has come in which the ways and types of online advertising are constantly changing, it is extremely important to be aware of upcoming trends in 2024. We present to you some of those we consider important.

1. Live Video – Adoption And Creative Use

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The growth of live video form could be traced long back to 2015, and it has not stopped since then. It was primarily due to the rise in popularity of live Youtube streaming and Facebook’s Live service. Forms of marketing promotion through live streaming service are very powerful and exciting. Instantaneous and spontaneous live video gives you the ability to show your brand or company through streaming behind-the-scenes and short live reports that engage your social media followers to interact with the company at a more direct level. Therefore, you can provide them with a better sense of belonging.

Are Requirements For Such Marketing Forms Demanding?

This type of live video requires very little in terms of equipment costs and preparation time – and gives you a more natural way to communicate with your audience. On the other hand, it also allows you to create more polished types of shows, with multiple cameras, scenarios and a prepared studio if you want to stream a particular event or broadcast a conference that might otherwise be unavailable to most of your audience. You can schedule these live events on each of the platforms and keep track of the number of people watching them. The audience can participate in the discussions within the comments. After the streaming is complete, the video is saved and you can change its name, add captions and additional information, as well as other options – such as the Call to Action button on Facebook Live videos.

2. Native Advertising and Content Marketing

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Traditional advertising models are becoming less effective year by year, and the past year has not given us any reason to think that things will get better. In contrast, native marketing has gained in popularity and the number of investment companies have made over the last few years and has expanded across several different online platforms. People generally like the idea of ​​getting their ads organically and engagingly. That means without too much impact on their experience on the platforms and with a barely noticeable difference from the non-advertising content of a site. Users are also more willing to follow the promoted content, especially if they see it as useful and if the content is targeting a good demographic in the right way. Another form of personalized targeting and audience reach is content marketing, which is gaining in its importance.

Importance Of Content Marketing

Content Marketing allows your company to build interaction with your audience and gain trust by offering them useful and relevant information at a regular pace. Content marketing is a technique that is feasible for any company or brand, as it can cover almost any topic and can be done in many ways. The key to successful content marketing is consistency in brand presentation, type of speech and approach. Of course, we must not forget about SEO optimization, which is of great importance. With a good SEO partner like EZ Rankings, you can expect very good results and better positioning that you need to complement with some high-quality content. You should also have a high level of presentation at a steady pace, with a focus on the true purpose of your content. If you make your visitors feel interested and well informed – they will come back and monitor your content in the future. Visit Techslang to learn how their team of professional writers can help you achieve this.

3. Influencer Marketing


We have seen a rise in popular online personalities with a large number of followers. They mostly reached them through their blogs or by interacting on social networks. Therefore, they may be a great “tool” to advertise to concentrated interest groups. The past few years have been particularly “strong” in terms of this type of marketing, as large companies have regularly used influencer services.

Personal Recommendation Always Has An Effect

Marketing through influential personalities is gaining more and more significance, as their natural style of conveying information through personal recommendations allows you to generate great interest with potential clients. Choosing an influencer for your focus audience can significantly affect how successful your marketing campaigns will be, and how many positive reactions you can generate.

4. Mobile Integration, Augmented Reality And Temporary Content

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Mobile Integration

Mobile integration itself makes the whole marketing plan focused on speed. Over the coming years, we will see a further increase in the popularity of mobile media usage, so you should initially include this in your marketing plans.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a very promising segment of technologies that are available to almost everyone right now. There are already many wearables and other products on the market that offer unobstructed advertising options for companies – such as smartwatches, rings, glasses, etc.  It’s still not clear what can be classified as augmented reality, but there are already apps that provide you with a good method of advertising according to your current location or by connecting to a camera on your phone and recognition software.

Temporary Content

Temporary content can be seen as a similar concept to online marketing, and Snapchat is making major strides in terms of popularity and number of users. It can be used in a similar way to live video services but should be seen more as a mobile-focused platform. Marketing through the Snapchat app, along with ideas taken from the live video service, can also be done through influential personalities, promotions and prize competitions.