Discovering Topsail Real Estate: Is It Right for You?


The southernmost town on Topsail Island, which is located off the coast of southeastern North Carolina, Topsail Beach is the perfect place to own a vacation home or to live year-round. This beautiful area is ideal for those who want to relax on sandy beaches, swim in sparkling water, and take in local shops located in a tight-knit community.

Think Topsail Beach real estate might be right for you? Here is more information about the area and the real estate market to help you make a sound decision.


Why to Love Topsail Beach

Those who own Topsail Beach real estate rave about the community’s charm and the friendliness of all those who call the area home. The island experiences all four seasons and each has its own unique benefits. While summer has temps in the 90s and is perfect for sunbathing and water sports, the cooler spring and fall months are ideal for hiking and golfing while winter gives residents a break from the outdoors and allows them to explore breweries, indulge in spa services, and cozy up with loved ones.

Topsail Beach is also popular with people in all stages of life. Not only does it make a perfect retirement destination, but it’s ideal for families with dogs or children. The island has plenty of dog-friendly businesses and dog parks and pooches are allowed on the beaches. Families also love the delicious restaurant options such as Shuckin’ Shack and Baked Pizza Co. as well as family-friendly activities like visiting the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Hospital, mini golf at Patio Playground, and surfing lessons at On Shore Surf Shop.

Residents of Topsail Beach also love the convenient location. You can get to the mountains in around five hours, Southport and Wilmington are close by, and you can get away to South Carolina gems like Myrtle Beach in less than two hours.

Unlike other beach communities, Topsail doesn’t get overloaded with tourists during the busy seasons. This means there won’t be long lines for restaurants, lack of room to put down a lawn chair and umbrella at the best beach spots, or tourist trap-type shops or activities that can be annoying to the locals.

Types of Real Estate Available on Topsail Beach

There are many different types of homes available in Topsail Beach including townhomes, condos, bungalows, and oceanfront single-family houses. Whether you plan to live on the island full-time or you’re looking for a vacation home, Topsail Beach has something for you!


Real Estate Market in Topsail Beach

The market in Topsail Beach is currently in favor of the buyer with homes staying on the market longer and prices being lower than in the past. The median sold price of homes in this area is $480,000 and there are currently more than 20 homes for sale ranging in price from $599,000 for a two-bedroom, three-bathroom townhouse up to $2.5 million for a six-bedroom, six-bathroom oceanfront home.

Working with A Topsail Beach Real Estate Agent

If you’ve decided you want to start exploring homes for sale in Topsail Beach, don’t wait to reach out to an agent. Working with a buyer’s agent doesn’t cost you anything and it can save you time, frustration, and money. When looking for an agent, consider the following:


The Agent’s Experience

Has the agent worked in the area for a good amount of time? How many homes have they sold? Do they do this part-time or is real estate their full-time job? An experienced agent will know the market, have valuable connections in the industry, and will be able to provide you with guidance throughout the home-buying journey.

Their Online Reviews

If an agent has a number of five-star reviews online, it’s a good indication they are focused on customer service. Check out the agent’s Google, Facebook, and Yelp reviews to see how past clients would rather them.

How They Treat You

When talking with an agent, pay attention to their listening skills and the types of questions they ask you. Do you feel comfortable with the agent? Do they return calls or messages promptly? You may end up spending a lot of time with an agent as you look for your perfect home, so it’s vital that you enjoy being around them and that they treat you with respect.


Preparing to Buy A New Home

Before you even begin looking at homes with your agent, you need to get pre-qualified for a mortgage if you plan to take out a loan for your purchase. The pre-qualification process is quick and straight forward and can help you determine your budget as well as show sellers you’re a serious buyer. It will also streamline the buying and mortgage processes.

Other preparations you need to make include deciding what you will do with your current home if you plan on relocating to the island full-time. Will you rent it out? Or, if you need to sell, will you start that process now or wait until you’ve secured your new house and are ready to move in? If you do decide to wait to sell, figure out how you will make your down payment as you will not be able to use the proceeds from your home sale. Options include HELOC loans, bridge loans, or leveraging retirement accounts.

Topsail Beach Real Estate: Is It The Right Choice for You?

When deciding whether you want to own a home on Topsail Beach, consider whether a family-oriented, tight-knit community is right for you. Do you like the slower pace of life that is synonymous with island living or will you miss the hustle and bustle of the city? If you’re on the fence consider spending a few weeks in one of the island’s vacation rentals to see if this is the right environment for you and your family.

When you’re ready to move forward with buying Topsail Beach real estate, reach out to a local real estate agent to see what’s currently on the market.