Divorce Statistics And Facts

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When the global situation is taken into account, then we come to the first fact – divorces happen very often. Everyone knows at least two to three divorced couples who have had some marital problems. Yet, despite being so common, breaking up a marriage is not such an easy decision, a process, or a procedure.

Divorce – Depressed Ending Or Happy Beginning?

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On the scale of the most stressful events in a person’s life, the divorce comes second, just after the death of the spouse. No wonder about 35% of divorced women and men are more likely to consult a marriage counsellor than people who are married. Divorced people smoke more cigarettes and reach for a glass more often. Whatmore, morbid statistics suggest that people who have gone through a tough divorce often suffer from depression, mental illness and other illnesses than those who are happily married.

An Agony Called Divorce

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Of course, children are mostly affected by family breakdowns, but sometimes, it does not affect them as much as you think. Children from broken marriages respond differently to a new situation and sometimes often turn out better than children whose parents live in a harmonious relationship. Some children simply manage better in a dysfunctional family than in a perfect family structure because, simply – they have grown accustomed to it through growing up. The dire consequences of divorce, such as financial problems, frequent conflicts, and parental psychological distress – directly influence whether a child will be deeply disturbed by his or her parents’ bad relationships or get rid of problems with a positive attitude.

Can It Be Any Different?

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When given priority to children and given the necessary attention – the grey clouds of divorce can be scattered. Still, it does require some maturity and sensitivity and good hiding of the emotional trauma that parents experience within themselves. Breaking a marriage is a much more acceptable thing today since its consequences are not surprising at all. Most couples first go through years of agony trying to save their marriage – before finally divorcing.

What Signs To Look For?

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The periods in which couples are “torn” for disagreements that most often lead to divorce are at the very beginning of the marriage and when the children are at a young age. The first three years of marriage are an extremely sensitive time. Spouses make wrong moves when romance dies and insurmountable differences surface. However, some couples may take a few more years to take a radical step. The attorneys of this speciality claim that people visit them the most often once – purely to consider whether they can afford to think about divorce at all. They return with a clear decision on average after two years. 5% of marriages end five years after the birth of their first child, and parenting is often the bond that keeps a marriage alive.

The Younger You Get Married – The Higher Are The Chances For Divorce

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Youth is an ideal time to reproduce, but it is not a good time to make lifelong connections. People change a lot when they become parents, so they try to do a lot more than they used to. There is less time for love and romance, in which case, loneliness becomes a good friend. Often the problem is money, so people are turned more to working and making profits. Also, problems that often occur are connected to time spent with the child and then sex. In this situation, communication between spouses inevitably breaks under the pressure of family life. Those who feel the ruin of marriage on their skin always sense the bitter taste when fail to make a happy family story.

What Do Facts And Probability Say?

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It’s hard to believe that someone we’ve chosen as a life companion isn’t really what we thought. It is hard to accept that our marriage was something transient and incomplete – that it was wrong. Still, life goes on, and many have found a person who fully suited them after their divorce. So – there is always hope. Here’s what the most important facts say when it comes to divorce.

Couples Who Have No Children Divorce Slightly More

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This should be quite logical. It is much easier for these couples to draw the line somewhere. However, the percentage difference is not large. As many as 47% of Australian divorcing couples have children under 18 years of age. Besides, some couples have joint property, and if they have been married for a short time, a good law firm will be hired on both sides. In such cases, mediation is almost an indispensable thing.

Law firms such as O ‘Sullivan Mediation – deal with precisely that part of the business where spouses should settle all possible disputes out of court and in a peaceful manner – from custody to property division. In such situations, there are no protected parties, because everyone is primarily concerned with children and their well-being. That’s why these couples can sometimes be much harsher and can be cruel to their up-to-date partner. They absolutely forget about the love they were giving and what was being provided to them – and are focused only on the bad things. Such couples can later have very bad relationships, and the divorce process can take a very long time. It all depends on the ability of the lawyer, but also on the desire of the parties in the divorce process to reach a compromise.

People In Australia Most Often Divorce In Their Forties

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People in Australia most often divorce in their forties. According to the Bureau of Statistics, the median age of female granted divorce was 42.5 and while in men it was 45.2. These are probably the years when couples have already gone through some situations in their life and when they have concluded some things. Maybe such a decision has been cooking up for a long time. Therefore, when a spouse has decided to cut it out – he or she usually contact a lawyer and file for divorce. So, these are not exactly the things that are happening suddenly.

Divorce Is More Often Initiated By Women Than By Men

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Divorce lawsuits are often filed by women than by men. This can be somewhat logical, given factors such as adultery or even violence against women, which is still present in many countries. However, it is not easy for these women to go to a law firm alone and ask for a divorce. It is not easy to start the whole process. When it comes to global statistics, the situation is quite clear: 27% of women are suing for divorce, while this percentage for men is about 16%.